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Finally got it!

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Finally got it!


Awesome an early Quick Look to watch while I eat breakfast.

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Is that Will and Ryan?

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Crazy lookin' piece of business.

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Is that Will and Ryan?

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Pow block

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Looks Okay from the trailer.

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Congrats duder!

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I'm sorry, but to this point, I'm 15 minutes into the video and see no appeal with this game. It's boring me to tears.

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Is Notch actually involved in this game? Might explain the blatant Minecraft imagery.

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Went and bought it 10 minutes into the video. $5 seems like a bargain.

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That's the most destructive silver Gamecube I've ever seen.

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Although the gameplay is different, the look of this game reminds me a lot of BattleBlock Theater.

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I never knew Vinny was a rapist :P

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Took a look at this on XLIG, didn't like because I was a little drunk and didn't know how to play. Seeing it now with the level editor, its going to be a Steam purchase for me.

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Such a great game. Got it on Xbox Indie games when it was released and its definetly a quality game. Good to see this getting a quick look.

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i got this the day it came out and never got to play it , now i wanna play it :)

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Looks like developers are at gunpoint.

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Oddly sexual.

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As expected, I found the OST on Bandcamp:


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Well this looks alright, kinda cute.

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@mropinion said:

I'm sorry, but to this point, I'm 15 minutes into the video and see no appeal with this game. It's boring me to tears.

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I was begging at my screen to see those user levels that got 200 thumbs down, but they flashed on the screen too fast.

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video is all green to me :(

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this is 5 bucks by the way since they didnt know

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I love that there were user generated levels called Honeydew and Yogscast.

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This looks super cool.

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Go Team Sweden!

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*yawn* this doesn't look very interesting at all

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@mropinion said:

I'm sorry, but to this point, I'm 15 minutes into the video and see no appeal with this game. It's boring me to tears.

Well, at least you're sorry. <3

It's the first step to admitting that you don't like a particular genre, after all. I'm sure puzzle fans would be all over this, because it seems like a pretty solid puzzle game!

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I am a little more into this quick look than I thought I'd be. 

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I am loving how much Vinny we are getting lately. Worth my subscription just to see Vinny in more videos on the site!

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New kids matter because they're from the block.

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Woo Jeff and Vinny

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ryan blocking people on twitter would only matter if he had anything worthwhile to say on twitter

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BREAKING: Internet people find interesting puzzle game "boring"

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@scarycrayons: I do like Puzzle Games. Maybe it's the fact that everything but the cut scenes looks like it was drawn in paint, or maybe it's the overall lack of animation, or I don't know...Heck, it might even be that I haven't seen deep enough into the game to see the puzzles that no longer make me say 'shouldn't this be harder?'

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"It's like Tetris meets Minecraft!"

"Does it actually play like either of those games or are you just using random buzzwords to describe what is, essentially, a flash game that's been done a thousand times before?"

"Shut up."

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@nail1080: God forbid they make it worth it for the people who are paying $50 a year by making actual content for them.

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This is a pretty bizarre little puzzle game. Doesn't look good or interesting enough for me to care much beyond this Quick Look though, but I could see some people loving this kind of thing.

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Always great to have a Jeff/Vinny Quick Look!

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I was just watching the moon landing level with the 2001: Space Odyssey music in my head...

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Vinny forgot about cock blocking.

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Block looks pretty- er, game looks pretty cool! I saw the teaser for it back whenever and was skeptical, but it looks like it's got more to it than I thought.
I found it funny that Vinny had to ask if all pieces had to have four blocks, and after that, if all pieces are Tetris ones... since the whole game is based on fours, with all the pieces made up of four blocks, and all possible shapes you can make with four adjacent blocks are represented in Tetris...

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"There's that blocking Ryan does on twitter"

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more like amalGAME!!! amiright?

And it is out on MAC as well.

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Vinny forgot about cock blocking.

Cockblocking and cock blocks are two very different things...

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Another game I first saw on XNA which is only getting coverage once its out on steam. Good I suppose, but it would be nice if the actual XNA marketplace could replicate whatever it is thats getting these games noticed on steam.

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Not sure why but I really like the running animation

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This looks pretty awesome