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Posted by onanimasu

I took an engineering class in High School in which we used simulation software that was pretty much exactly what this game is. It was super fun then, and it still looks super fun now. I'd probably still rather play with that, though, given the choice. We could choose between different materials, guide wires, hollow pipes, solid pipes, beams, you name it. That software probably still costs a lot more than 10 bucks, though.

Posted by MrNeutron

Another quality VinCo™ product! Satisfaction guaranteed.

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jump those cars!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahaha best QL yet

Posted by megatronicles

Did Brad fall asleep half way through?

Posted by theveej

VinCo doesn't need physics, physics needs VinCo.

VunCo is Physics

Posted by ki11tank

unless on purpose vinny is surprisingly bad at bridge logic lol

Posted by davo

Classic Vinny. I welcome more Alexis.

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You've taken a bridge building game and turned it into the X games.

Posted by antlertail

This is the first time a Quick Look has made me immediately go buy a game on Steam, instead of just adding it to my wish list to consider later or wait for a sale. I couldn't even wait until the video was over!