Posted by Sooty

Oh my this game looks awesome! It also has an Emperor song in the soundtrack, that is sheer brilliance.

Posted by Death_Burnout

I swear by the time i get to play the beginning for MYSELF! i am going to be sooo bored because ive seen it too many times!
The menu's are way rad!
And bleeps can be funny, but they're not that great here, hearing Jack Black swear is infinitely enjoyable to me though, so that's why.

Posted by HT101

Man, I really want to play this game.  Also, Brad didn't pull a Brad.  Congrats for not dying.

Posted by Quacktastic

This and Uncharted on the same Efing day.

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Brad it wasn't Ozzy before saying Double Fine, I think it was Rob Halford who does a voice in the game too. Or at least in one of the trailers.
Edit: Holy shit the menu.

Posted by JoeOE18

Looks like it might be just as much fun to watch as to play. 
@Vorbis said:

" Damn, the Halo odst ads have finally reached the UK. "
But they're about 4 seconds long so I'm not sure what everyone was complaining about.
Posted by Chaossebba

Oh god, why can't rocktober come sooner!

Posted by Brackynews
@HT101 said:
" Man, I really want to play this game.  Also, Brad didn't pull a Brad.  Congrats for not dying. "
Braddy don't block, but 'tis just a demo.
Posted by Wandel

You guys really shouldn't let Brad to Quick Looks :P
I can't wait for the full game.

Posted by Sir_Subtle

First time I've pre-ordered based solely on a quick look.

Posted by SockLobster

Just switch to a new quality every time you watch a video, it skips the ad that way. Also Brad had me cringing in the boss fight section.

Posted by Shadow

........Endurance run material, maybe?

Posted by dvdwalker8

Definitely be renting this. Really like the look of the menus. I'd possibly buy this but I'm more interested in Alpha Protocol and Borderlands.
Posted by Nekroskop

Thanks for putting this up guys. It's nice to get a look at the demo before the real deal(which I didn't get even though I pre-ordered the damn game. Hurray for Europe)

Posted by wrecks

I agree. Amped 3 was awesome Ryan.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Best menu ever

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AWESOME!!! So much for me to love about this game. It's like Tim took everything my mind thinks about on a daily basis, and put all together in the most awesomest game evar!
After watching: Besides the obvious, I love the Spinal Tap and Psychonauts references. And I LOVE that Ryan was able to use the word "Tenacious" in context in this Quick Look.
Side note: ODST Quick Look coming soon? It's the least you guys can do after the bombardment of ODST the last couple weeks. =P

Posted by killdave

Ok, I'll buy it 
Lol, I wonder if anyone will be bothering with Uncharted 2 which comes out the same week?

Posted by JackSukeru

I'm gonna buy this game so hard.

Posted by Wes899

I've been in the dark on this game since it's unveling, and I must say I'm quite impressed. Definitely buying.

Posted by ashbash

I want demo!
I looks awsome, but I really want to know more on how it plays!
Also it comes out when Uncharted 2 does, which is stupid!

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@killdave: Uncharted 2 will almost certainly sell more than this. It has a fan base three times the size of Brutal Legend. Hell, I could have said "it has a fan base" and my statement would have been justified.
Posted by lordofultima
@Metal_Mills: It would make perfect sense if Ozzy did one too, he is also a voice/character in the game.
Posted by MattBodega

Okay. You've got me, Mister Jack Black. I'll play your little game.

Posted by Johnny5

Holy FUCK.

Posted by Bartman3010

I think that was Endurance Run favorite Teddie as the one who 'smashed' that guitar in the intro...

Posted by EdTwo

dude i need this game now

Posted by inspectah

i have beating the demo at least 5 times i cant wait for rocktober 13

Posted by ch3burashka

During the boss fight I kept thinking of the Persona 4 battle theme instead.

Posted by GalacticPunt

This guy got the vertical maw reference!   

Posted by makedonii

no no no no no! dont start with the f'ing adds included before the video!! thats why i HATE gamestop! if you gonna do it make it so i can fastforward it, like gametrailers!
btw, best quick look ever! :D

Posted by joslop500

this game looks awesome

Posted by punkxblaze

Okay. I'm sold.

Posted by Lassegp

Amped 3!!!!!!

Posted by GagnarTheUnruly
Oh, yeah, that's what I meant.  I'm so behind on consoles that current gen is still next gen to me.
Posted by CaptainTightPants

This game looks...Freakin SWEET 

Posted by Daryl

Argh, these adverts are slowly killing GB.

Posted by JazzMaverick

I had no interest in this game,but after watching that i may even pick it up.

Posted by Skogen

That is one fucking awesome menu screen.

Posted by empfeix

well it was good while it lasted, looks like ads are for everyone now

Posted by Brake

I was kinda on the ball about this game, but I think this just convinced me to get it day one.

Posted by DanielJW
@Daryl said:
" Argh, these adverts are slowly killing GB. "
Are you serious?
Posted by Dethfish

There's not many things hotter than chicks who like Metal.

Posted by NotARobot

This video sold the game to me.

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Posted by FLStyle

Looks awesome! Quinton Flynn's claim that Jennifer Hale can make any character sound sexy is still holding up I see.

Posted by Cube

So fucking annoying when you're trying to listen to the game but they just talk over it.

Posted by Navster

I don't even like metal but this is totally badass.

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Are you people whining about ads serious?  It's a five second ad on an extremely ad-free site.  I think they're being pretty conservative about it and if they gave you an option to completely ignore or skip them then nobody would want to advertise.  I don't understand what bizarro world  people are living in where they're expecting Giant Bomb to be completely ad-free but also not cost you anything to visit.
@Cube: I think you're missing the point of Quick Looks.  If you want to just watch the video there's a million places to find that.  I prefer these because I prefer the opinions that the GB crew has.

Posted by HarrySound

Ok i'm sold....this shall be mine....o yes....this shall be mine. 
Am C G D