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Hello, this game is gonna be so awesome.
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First foray into the future...
I can't stand waiting for October to roll in, this game looks really good.  I love how that big chrome-monster thing's hands are constantly rocking out.
By the by, I saw the intro cinematic elsewhere and they put the blood and gore filter on - when the beast roars at the three band members, their heads stay on and they faint.

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Cool wasn't expecting this.

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Interesting, wanted to see how this game actually plays

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Didn't expect there to be a QL of the demo, but I cannot wait for this game. Preordered as soon as I heard Dio was going to be in it, then he got cut...

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Aw, I got my first advertisement.

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yo word!

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I really hope there isn't too much RTS-style parts in it but I still look forward to it.

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Video ads, eh? Cool. And although I have seen this part of the game 100 times, I'm gonna watch it again just for the commentary. 

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Mmmm, seen this with Shaefer, lets see if Ryan and Brad can top his awesome commentary

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First UK ads? Pretty sweet ad tough.

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3 Inches of Blood!

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Ooo, this should be fun.

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Oh man, Brad's playing....

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I really want this game now.

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Damn, the Halo odst ads have finally reached the UK.

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There's no hole in the middle of the record. 
Cancelling my pre-order!

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OMG, best demo ever + the style and humour.  The game wasn't on my radar but now it's a must buy.

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Well, i was going to get Lost winds,buuut..
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Man this is the third time I've seen this part of the game and its still entertaining :D  Bodes well for the final product.

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That looked pretty awesome.  Makes me wish I was next-gen enabled.

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Brad made the car handling look a lot tighter than when Schafer played. Although, that might just be my impression of the thing.

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@Dynamitekyle:@Dynamitekyle said:
" Awesome! "
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@RollHard86 said:
" @Dynamitekyle:@Dynamitekyle said:
" Awesome! "
Awesome! "
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@RollHard86:@RollHard86 said:
" @Dynamitekyle:@Dynamitekyle said:
" Awesome! "
Awesome! "
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"I think I heard once killing nuns was bad luck."
That's so epic.

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Looks like one insane game.

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Judas Priest playing in the menu, great start i'd say

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The menus alone are nearly enough to sell me.  This looks awesome.

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That was amazing

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Pity those early demo access keys I got for pre-ordering are total garbage in Canada. Why limit a beta to only the US and then send out codes anyway? Sadists.

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@GagnarTheUnruly said:
" That looked pretty awesome.  Makes me wish I was next-gen enabled. "
You don't need to be next-gen enabled, just current-gen enabled. Cause Brutal Legend is coming out on the 360 and PS3, both of which are current-gen consoles.
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So who was it that said the Giantbomb staff wasn't into Brutal Legend? They seem almost as excited for it as me.
@Lazyaza said:
" Man this is the third time I've seen this part of the game and its still entertaining :D  Bodes well for the final product. "
I've watched this intro like 3 times and played the demo itself a good 5+ times and still enjoyed watching this. :P
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well Brad... well done.
You managed to avoid The List!

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Best. Menu. Ever.

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Day one.

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Dood, yes!!!  As a metal fan, this is fan service at its fucking FINEST!!!  Can I move to that place?!  It seems AWESOME!!! 
Also...I feel weird for saying this...but that chick was SMOKIN' HOT!

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That was fucking awesome.

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Really? The heads fell off? That's it? I thought they were gonna melt Raiders of the Lost Ark-style.
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Congrats, Double Fine, you have sold and resold me on your game.

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 So am I the only one who noticed that the dude dancing was doing the dance that the kid with the 'fro does in Psychonauts? Because that was awesome.
EDIT: also did anyone notice that the beast from the beginning has it's hands permanently fixated into the devil-horns gesture? My god I love all of the little subtle touches that Tim and the rest of Double Fine put in their games. 

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i want this so bad

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''There it is dead'  
Cracked me up! lol!

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You guys just sold me on the game.  It looks great.