Posted by LocoRocker

Rocktober is going to be huge!

Posted by KillaMaStA

It looks rough. It doesent look like the technical end of this game isnt as good as it should be.

Posted by TheTemplar

The dialogue seems awesome, not really sold on the combat or graphics. But it will be a definitive buy for me.

Posted by cc23574

I'm definitly getting this.

Posted by delete3

That really does look awesome.... I wasn't expecting this game to be all that great but from this video it's looking a lot better.

Posted by praxis22

Mr Tim, with this awesomeness, you;re really spoiling us :)

Posted by gormers

Im not watching this since Im getting it anyway^^

Posted by Chaossebba

Hell yeah, now im getting this

Posted by Geiermaniac

awesome application of "Children of the Grave" in the background ;)

Posted by dagas

More and more this seems like a game I'm going to need to buy. And unlike some I still like Jack Black, not as much as I used too since he is kind of played out, but I certainly don't dislike him.

Posted by Ivanetc

Totally sold. Voice acting+lip movement seems terrific, game looks great and fun, and the combat actually seems interesting. Cannot waittttt

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wow, another quick look (posted) by Brad in which he doesn't die! :D

Posted by BloodAndBeer

This game looks fun as hell whens it drop?

Posted by snoopeasystreet

Playing through Grim Fandango at the moment. I love Tim Shafer's style of humor.

Rocktober can't come soon enough =]
Posted by Winternet

That look really awesome. Didn't expected to be that cool. Can't wait to play it.

Posted by GeekDown

I was really sceptical about this game at first, but now i'm sold...

Posted by Chris2KLee

Looks hot! I think Jack Black is doing a good job, not too over the top, but just absurd enough. And Schafer is THE MAN!!!

Posted by MjHealy

Dude, sold.

Posted by McPaper

Oh hey the girl sounds like Juni from Freelancer

Posted by ZmillA

wow this game is looking super promising

Posted by mrsmiley

holy cow this looks like a rock god of war!

Posted by TheKurgan

Wow, this game wasn't even on my radar.  I have heard great things about Schafer games before but have never played one myself.  This short look has sold me.  The game looks awesome - decent action but funny as hell.

Posted by pimsy

after watching this I want this game so bad

Posted by SunKing

"Oh, man, don't tell me I've been slaying hot girls this whole time." Brilliant.

I'm not a fan of heavy metal or Jack Black, but this looks like a pretty good game.

Posted by CharkeeFarlee

This, doesnt look half bad!

Posted by The_A_Drain

Looks awesome definately has the style I was looking for, but unfortunately, like Psychonauts, I get the impression it controls like shit. Oh well, hopefully this isnt the final build, some of the animations looked a little whack, specifically Eddie's walking animation at the beginning.

Still, the loss of Dio means this is not a day one purchase for me, but I will definately be buying it at some point.

Posted by Scorched

omg yes

Posted by ChickenPants

I don't like Schafer's style of humour much but I always love the artstyles in his games.

Posted by TheHBK

No I will not buy this game, Jack Black is not funny and a hack and slash game?  Oh man....another Schaeflop?

Posted by Xshinobi

Looks amazing.

Posted by SpanxMcFranks

This game is going to be classic. I quite sold until this quick look, now it is going to be a day one buy.

Posted by AhmadMetallic
@Alwaysrun said:

If this is half as good as Pscychonauts I'm sold. To bad no PC release but maybe some day.

Posted by RoyaleWifCheese

Yes. This is now on my "Games I'll buy in 2009 list"

Posted by ColinVI

Dear God,
 Please Make this come out this Year.... Please Smite the wickedness of Activision and their attempt to delay this game ...Glory Be to Rocktober, the Holy of Months.


Posted by SunKing
@The_A_Drain: I know what you mean. The guy controlling the car didn't make it look easy. Also, when he was running over the nuns the animation was a little funky, the way they got "pushed" and then sort-of collapsed. And I don't think I remember seeing any ragdoll physics, either. Still, it looks fun, and I do like the art direction and humour. It's not revolutionary or anything, but it's still good.
Posted by InFamous91

This game is so insane. Man, I totally need this game.

Posted by AllenGeralt

"looks like its working already"


Posted by Amorfati

I was getting really pissed because I couldn't figure out what song it was that comes on near the beginning.

It's Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave !

I hope they put more awesome music in the game; the theme of the game is awesome, I just hope the gameplay is up to scratch.

Posted by Carcharias

this game looks super awesome, hope there will be a PC release someday..

Posted by DBZ_Fanatic

lol and thats the end they all die, tim is so funny

Posted by MagikGimp

That was just the intro??! I'll impressed but then the amount of content in most games these days is insane. Oh, and Eddie from Iron Maiden NEEDS to be in this game, it's a must.

Posted by kallistosprom

so its this and ghostbusters on the 360 coming out the same month in the UK... god damnnit

Posted by Rhyno

OMFG Do want!

Posted by unholyone123

Wow! This LOOKS awesome. I'm still skeptical about how well it actually plays. That boss fight seemed lame and predictable.

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Oh man, I'm glad it didn't really spoil anything but the tutorial stuff and I can now safely say  this is a must by for me. October is going to be one hell of a month.

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Posted by leftyhijack

has a zelda vibe to it. LETs do this

Posted by Hilts

I was already anticipating this game. Now Im anticipating my ass off.
Its going to be a long wait until 14th October........Ohhmmmmm!