Posted by Conojo

wow, I was really skeptical about Jack Black as the main character, but this really sold me on him. More than ever I can't wait for this game

Posted by Deathinmusic

That looks KICK ASS! Please do a PC release............

Posted by innacces14

Black Sabbath's "Children of the Grave" is enough for me. 'sides. I haven't even bought a beat'em up yet, haha.

Posted by Jeffsekai

That unsold me on this game...greattt

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Posted by BadazzSC

hopefully they release this part of the game as a demo

Posted by Boyling

Truly, this is the Age of Awesome!

Posted by Dixen

Amazing, can't wait for this game!

Posted by IrradiatedTurnip

I wasn't quiiiiite sold before watching this.
But now I am. Really.
Just goes to show how great Jack Black is with a good writer.

Posted by EpicBenjamin

Dude, yes, awesome.

Posted by donfonzie

fricken children of the grave yeahhhhh!!!!!!!

Posted by HydraHam

am i the only one who has absolutely 0 interest in this game?

Posted by Gorkinlot

Fuck Yes! I feel this game was made for specifically for me.

Posted by Serker

ok. i want it now.

Posted by Under_Influenz

This is lookin very good.

Posted by GozerTC

Come on Rocktober!  :D

Posted by Musicom

I want to play this, now!!

Posted by ZombieHunterOG

cant wait 

Posted by Mats

mmmm. Chicks and metal

Posted by ververdan0226

FUCKIN' A, now that's why I'm excited for this game.

Also, who does the voice of that girl? She definitely sounds familiar...


I'm getting this day one, cut scenes look nice and stylized, combat looks sweet!

Posted by LokiZee

Adult Psychonauts with Axes and Blood and Metal and Hot Chicks and Giant Monsters and Tim Schafer with Years More Experience (Not that he wasn't AWESOME to start with) and More Backing And Advertisement And Jack Black And My Pre-Order with my Tenacious D Guitar and FUCK YES I AM SOOOOOOO SOLD!!!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to this one the most.....well, maybe after L4D2, and ummmm Bioshock 2. Wait, Brutal Legend, then L4D2, then Bioshock 2....yeah.....then Scribblenauts............yeah...........

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@ververdan0226 said:
" FUCKIN' A, now that's why I'm excited for this game.Also, who does the voice of that girl? She definitely sounds familiar... "
Thats Jennifer Hale.
Posted by spilledmilkfactory

with a little more polish it will be awesome. october will be fun

Posted by dopeman

looks so much better GOW3

Posted by mystakin

17 minutes that whizzed by without me noticing... definitely a good sign.

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Posted by Claude

It seemed too simple. What was that driving segment all about, so simple, where was the gameplay? I saw a little of God of War fighting, but I don' know. I'm still not sold.

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I like it :)

I just wish you wouldn't label a non-quicklook video a "quick look" video, quotes or no quotes.  Just like Aliens RPG being finished, this is a misleading headline.

Posted by TyphoonSwell

No thanks....

Posted by Zao

That was seriously impressive when the buildng came down!!

Posted by Mikado

OH FUCK YEA. Please let this game be as awesome as it looks and sounds like.

Posted by cspiffo

OMG!  Tim Schafer is officially my favorite game designer!  God I want this game!

Posted by Gahzoo

Looks good, but i think you would probably get the same enjoyment out of renting it.

I hope i am wrong.

Posted by Parsnip

Yep, this will be good.

And Jack Black doesn't sound like too much Jack Black, so that's a bonus.

Posted by Zeemod

Animation, gameplay, cutscenes and humor all very much remind me of the Tak games

Posted by Sly_Ry

LOL, the look he gives when he's getting breathed on is hilarious.

Posted by Media_Master

I'm oddly attracted to this game!!!

Posted by freakin

meh, a quick look that's just a designer selling his game.  Not what I watch quick looks for.

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Posted by buzz_clik

Yo, Eddie! Hit that ramp!

Posted by TheKing

Wow this game looks amazing!

Posted by ROLLON

daaamn! this looks sweet! kinda reminds me of Conker

and this guy sounds like a nerd

Posted by Origina1Penguin
@ROLLON said:
"and this guy sounds like a nerd "
Pump your brakes, kid.  That man is a national treasure.
Posted by DrVanNostren

Hadn't even been paying attention to this game at all, but now I'm pretty much sold.

Posted by WEGGLES

Seems to have trouble driving the hot rod.

Posted by ch3burashka

Sadly I haven't played any of Schaefer's games (yet), and I'm not that much into rock, but this was subtly hilarious. A definite buy.

Posted by Jost1

EVERYONE buy this. If you don't, you deserve your endless series of sequels and  clones, forever.

Posted by twillfast

So it's like an open world comedy god of war / guitar hero / overlord / driving game.
Yes! That's all the things I want in a game. Count me in!

Oh and I kind of wish Tim would join in on a GB quick look sometime, that'd be hilarious.