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Posted by floodiastus

no jackblack- fidelididdeliboodelididdeliboo - mouth guitar solo, thats a bonus too :)

Animation looks pretty stiff though, when are they gonna add some ragdoll to beat em ups....
Posted by Seventeenth

Somewhat disappointed at the intensity of the combat and the writing.

Posted by Ghostiet

This could only be more awesome if they had put there a shitload of metal and rock celebrities and make them fight against and with you.

Hey, wait a minute.

Posted by xionpunk

All of a sudden I can't wait for Brutal Legend.  

Posted by Daryl

It's all very stiff.

Posted by jtwalker

I really was not that into this game.  But now I am.  It looks freaking awesome.

Edited by RollingZeppelin

This video reminded me how awesome Double Fine is so I finally bought Psychonauts. If you haven't yet i highly suggest you do; it's $10 CAD on steam right now, so it's probably even cheaper in the States! I mean come on $10 for a complete and sick ass game! What more do you want?

Posted by Deusoma

Holy crap, this looks awesome!

Posted by John1912

Yea, did not have any hopes for this game, but it atually looks pretty awsome.  Too bad the car looks like it drives for shit thou.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Tim Schaffer stole our idea!! ;)

Nonetheless, a very cool video. I am looking forward to this game.

Posted by tmontana1004

Omfg this looks amazing! And hilarious =D Oh, and I think I heard some Motorhead in the background =D=D=D

Posted by tineyoghurt

Black Sabbath in the background! Hellyeah!

Posted by Myrmidon

Motorhead? I'm sold.

Posted by rotting

same here.
pc port pls.
Posted by Brockly46

Breath of fresh air, hope its as good as the video portrays