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Yes! I have been waiting for something like this for some time.

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wicked :P

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He looks weird while walking. Well, at the beginning at least.

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I want this game now more than ever. Brutal legend is going to have the coolest soundtrack ever, I just know it.

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Oh fuck yes.

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Really kind of takes away some of the funny when he says everything is going to be funny.

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I'm just going to pretend I have this game now, that way I don't have to wait anymore.

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If this is half as good as Pscychonauts I'm sold. To bad no PC release but maybe some day.

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I cant wait!

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Amazing. I can't wait for Rocktober.

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cant say ive been too terribly interested in this game but this actually looks pretty cool, will definitely be keeping an eye on it now

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This is going to rock!...no pun intended o.O

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The audio in this game is really bad quality.

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"I just tuned that thing." I'M SOLD.

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Well, I share a birthday with Jack Black so I'm already obliged to get this game, this confirms my assumptions that it is going to be great.

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Fuck year, Jenny Hale! Alright Schafer, now I'm in.

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I leik veri mucho

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@CowMuffins said:
" The audio in this game is really bad quality. "

I can assure you, that is just the video.
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Reminds me of Full Throttle. The feel of the game, not the gameplay. 

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This will be the best game of the year. Easily.

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easily my GOTY, i need this game bad

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Is that girl voiced but Jennifer Hale ?

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Man I want to play this so bad now.

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This looked alot better than i thought it would.


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Fucking Diabolical Dude! - I can't wait ^w^

Rock On

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S-O-L-D !

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Its not a "purchase" yet, certainly a rent though.

The car handling looked wack.

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Im sold.

Day one purchase.

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i totally just saw this on ign, i expected this Quick Look to be Giant Bomb playing the game, gutted

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still not sure if this is in my "best of 2009" games .... but it still is on the very top of my "have to play" list

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@gingertastic_10 said:
" He looks weird while walking. Well, at the beginning at least. "
Take in mind they still got til ocktober to tweak some stuff
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I can't wait to play a game with heavy metal music playing in the background. 

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Looks amazing.  And the car handling likely gets better with upgrades as mentioned.

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So, so, SO awesome! The music choices are badass. Killin' dudes to Children of the Grave?? Why has no-one done this before?? Tim Schafer, I don't know you, but I think I love you.

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Must....have....THIS BETTER FUCKING SELL!! Everyone needs to buy this so he keeps making games!!

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@chililili: Oh yeah I understand that. It just looked weird at first.
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hmmm... better than I thought it would be. Its comedy on a video game... SOLD!! BOOM!! lol

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its like a cartoony but awesome looking god of war clone with a sense of humor that rocks ( no pun intended )

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yes indeed, SOLD

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Not a real Quick Look but I'll take it.

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I am sold.
Pre-ordering this definately.

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I'm not a metal fan in the slightest, but this is heavy stuff.

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This game is mad Jack Black, I don't know what Carrie is talking about. I like Jack Black though, so not complaining just saying.

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This is definitely one of my most anticipated games of this year. Can't wait to play it looks awesome :D

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