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" afasdf "

Bet your heart was beating through your chest there for a second.
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Sorry! I saw the opportunity and banged on the keyboard and hit post !

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Sad I missed the live stream. Will watch now.  

Edit:Crap, 53min! will watch AFTER dinner. 

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"Dicktitsdicktitsdicktisdicktisdicktits" - Abe Lincoln.

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Aw, dick tits! Too late!

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Believe it or not, people plan on buying this.   =-/

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She is foul mouthed.
"Beat it, shit tits. I will to shit your dicks."
The old whip and kick will probably get boring quickly.

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Looks good.

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Everything else (especially the voice acting and writing)=FUCKING TERRIBLE

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Finally, been wating for this. Will watch and then bed.

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watched this live, that shit looks bat shit crazy!!!!

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Love full crew Quick Looks

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" @conrow said:

" afasdf "

Bet your heart was beating through your chest there for a second. "
haha :D
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"Videogame: The Videogame" is totally the best way to describe this game. I was really surprised at the level of quality in this game considering how dumb it is. That comment might sound weird, i don't know. However, I'm currently in Act 3. Holy fuck, THIS GAME DOESN'T STOP. Tons of variety! 

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Hopefully I can pick this up for 40$ or something soon.

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@MrKlorox: Yup that about sums it up.
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had to head to class just as this was starting live.

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looks like a mediocre shooter with a neat combo point system...ill pass.

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The voice actors in Bulletstorm are fantastic :) 

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After playing an hour of Bulletstorm, I found the best way to play involves muting the game and turning off the subtitles. I thought about burning my speakers to purge the stupid from them. 
Right now, I'm glad I rented it. It's decent action, but it's already getting repetitive.

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I want to know how it felt to be the guy typing in the text:  "Kill an enemy by shooting him in the ass."  
I bet that was a good day at work.

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An..hour...long QL?  *Tears of Joy*

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I enjoyed the demo but after watching this, I'm already kinda fatigued with the gimmick of the game. Have to give this a pass I think. 

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Calling it now. This is my game of the year. Everything about it is PERFECT. 
Tho maybe it should maybe be longer.

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Awesome! The video broke. Again. Christ.

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" Believe it or not, people plan on buying this.   =-/ "
People want good games. Weird.
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The gameplay looks pretty good but the style of the game and marketing have really put me off playing this. I'll wait until it's a little cheaper before I take a look, especially since I already need to finish about a half dozen other games.

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Pretty much sold me by the character lines to be honest. It's crude, its unapologetic, and for that reason this grabs me. XD

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@Blair said:
" "Dicktitsdicktitsdicktisdicktisdicktits" - Abe Lincoln. "
I KNEW I heard that somewhere before.  Crafty ol' Abe.
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hmmmmmmm gggguns

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I'm a wizard, and this game looks fucked up.

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I'm having a blast with this. The story is surprisingly good.

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Dumbass random meme sayings are only funny when they originate from GB.

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Man, I'm going to have to get this now.

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the PC version has multiplayer, it also has this bug with some nvidia cards which makes shadows and colors look weird, but if you lower post-processing looks fine, but makes the game less cool, waiting for a patch, I got to the part they showed in the QL. 

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Wow, this was over 50 minutes? Never felt that long during the stream.

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Was totally into this for a bit, but after watching most of the QL I kind of don't want to buy this anymore. It seems like it'd get boring.

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Despite how crazy all of this, I can't help but notice how Jeff usually resorts to straight up shooting dudes in the head or pulling them to him, kicking them and shooting them while in stasis. I imagine you would need to really focus on killing everyone differently to the point where it would just be too much work or too disconnecting. 
Also it looks very mediocre.

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The amount of awesome packed into this game is astounding.

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man now I really want this :(

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I was hoping they'd show a little more of the campaign, as they were getting very close to a pretty funny moment. Ah well.   
Also, I can't believe I never noticed the main character's resemblance to Huge Ackman. 

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This seems like something I might try to pick up cheap in like 8 months time considering the length of the single player campaign & the likelihood of me actually using the multiplayer.