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Posted by WillyLo

I haven't played Burnout in a while, but this definitely makes me want to play again...

Posted by cc23574

Big ass ramps anyone?
Posted by Caddy

And that's 4 quick looks for one game! Burnout Paradise is awesome.

Posted by WEGGLES

The damn bridge alone is worth the 1000 Microsoft Bones

Posted by zombie2011

Woot more burnout.

Posted by safelybeds

Man, I need to start catching up on DLC for this game. They just keep adding new stuff!

Posted by JeffGoldblum

Is that a Chili's? Did you just pass a Chili's?
Quick Looks always answer the biggest questions about new games.

Posted by Dudacles

It looks cool, but not cool enough to warrant me paying for it, me thinks.

Posted by Fbomb

They need more ramps in that map...

Posted by KillaMaStA

Looks awesome, I wish it looked more tropical though. I want to drive through waterfalls an jungles.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

The saga of the possessed cars continues!

It's getting hard for me to keep track of all the updates for this game :)

Posted by Trace

I know that the Hawaii Five-O theme fit in an island-themed Trackmania course. It would *totally* fit in Big Surf Island.

Posted by AURON570

i should play more of this :)

Posted by evilhomer

love that picture cc

Posted by Nadril

Does anyone know if the DLC is coming to PC as well?

Posted by Sarumarine

Aw, I was going to make a "Yo 50" joke, but then I saw cc23574's picture and realized that captures everything I'd ever want to joke about with hitting big ass ramps. Winner.

As for Big Surf, looks like a crazy place. I like the nonsense parking garage and the crazy bridge. It almost seems like you could have duels jumping the bridge and trying to collide in mid air. Heh.

Posted by Magresda

Probably the best DLC I have EVER bought. It's amazing value, and a great example of how DLC should be done.

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

Ahaha, cc that picture is pure win, no doubt about it.
As for this DLC, ReTarDedFisHy just wants to say that it needs more big-ass ramps.

Posted by phlegms

I haven't become bored enough of the original Island to warrant buying this to be honest.

Posted by egads

Is it just me, or is the crash damage less intense on DLC cars?

Posted by Madara117
@cc23574: OMG DUDE thats hilarious
Posted by cc23574
@Madara117 said:
"@cc23574: OMG DUDE thats hilarious"

Well, thank you.
Posted by Mickey
@cc23574: Next Burnout Paradise DLC CONFIRMED!
Posted by Double0hFor


Posted by cc23574
@Mickey said:
"@cc23574: Next Burnout Paradise DLC CONFIRMED!"

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Burnout Paradise was an awesome game but I'm afraid that I'm a bit "Burnt Out" on it to actually purchase the expansion. Yes pun intended. Plus Big Island Surf looks too much like Paradise City from what I've seen here.

Posted by FallopianTube

My gamertag shows up 4 times in this video

Posted by spiceninja

It's Fallout 3 and Burnout with you guys all the time.

Posted by NukeGoBoom

Too short.
Not enough big ass hawaiin ramps

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Posted by TabooTongue

Kind of makes me want to check out Burnout, only played 3 for a tiny bit in the Hospital once.
Side note: I'm going to Treasure Island today to a party on 4th street...

Posted by SolidEyeSystem

Big Surf Island is awesome.

Posted by Demonstride
@PlasmaBeam44 said:
" It's Fallout 3 and Burnout with you guys all the time. "
But it's fun to watch.
Posted by El_Rickhead

oh Quick Looks, how i love yee

Posted by RHCPfan24

Looks pretty cool, I may drop $12.50 on this.

Posted by MeatSim

A parking garage without parking spaces, I am sure the tax payers are happy about that.

Posted by TomA

Looks fucking retarded. DLC should add more than new collectibles and new cars. Criterion fucked up big on this one. It also looks exactly the same as the old area. This should be free. Mind you i sold Burnout Paradise cause it got boring as fuck really fast.

Posted by spiceninja
@Demonstride said:
@PlasmaBeam44 said:
" It's Fallout 3 and Burnout with you guys all the time. "
But it's fun to watch. "
Well of coarse. I was just making a statement.

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Best $12.50 I've spent all year.

I thought the island was incredible value.  And then I started unlocking the cars.  Criterion has outdone themself this time.  I was giddy when I got the Toy 88 Special.  Specially since I didn't get either the Toy or Legendary cars pack - this is like getting both in one!
Posted by lordofultima
@TomA: It's a new island, with new cars, challenges, collectibles, jumps...I don't know what else you could want from DLC -- there's literally nothing else it could offer.
Posted by Hoursofbs

oh heya a quick look..

Posted by Yzzerdd


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Posted by MatthewMeadows

I would love to buy this, but £10 seems really steep. 

I'm not a fan of EA's DLC pricing - but I'm really caught in a trap, do I support one of my favourite developers (Criterion) by buying their non-free DLC after they supported the game so well when it was free, or do I protest at EA's high prices with my wallet. Tough call, but it does look cool.
Posted by MrFwankie

Yo 50!

Posted by agentboolen

Still against the ropes.  It looks fun but man if I buy this for $12.50, then I'm going to have to buy the Cops & Robbers pack which at the moment I don't even know how much that is.  The game is just a bit expensive on content.  It looks cool but i'm still not sure.

Posted by Duckbutter

oh gosh is Burnout boring. their major super greatest most fantastical jump on the Island is jumping through an open part of a Lighthouse.
i remember the first time the developer said "i gonna jump THROUGH a Lighthouse!!" and i was thinkin smashing through the light, broken glass everywhere, the light explodes, sparks fly but nope. same ol' boring Burnout jump. "wheeee- oh its over."

if Burnout was all about hittin a ramp and the ramp explodes while your car is hit by lightning and you're jumping through rings of fire that shoot fireworks and you crash through a wall of Ninjas and then the Ninjas explode then maybe Burnout wouldn't be so boring :( 

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@SubwayD said:
On behalf of all of Giant Bomb I thank you, young hero.
Posted by FourSerioux

I did just about everything there was to do in Paradise City and I can't say I've played it too much after getting the Burnout Elite license, or whatever the final one was called.  I wasn't originally interested in Big Surf but this quick look may have just changed my mind, seems like the first piece of DLC for the game that's actually worth the price.

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