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Posted by empire_man

Look's good!

Posted by Luberik

very nice

Posted by macot79

No boost = No buy.

Posted by 8xBiT

Second! all this stuff makes me want to play burnout paradise again

Posted by Aeterna

That surely sounds like it could be much easier..

Posted by TwoOneFive

wow this is intense

Posted by Mooshu

Giant Bomb sure does like Burnout Paradise.

Posted by corgorav


Posted by unangbangkay

It's still hard to believe how well the game has held up against the competition even after a year's worth of releases. It still looks better than a lot of what's out there.

Edited by Itrytobreathe

What  car is Jeff driving at the beginning? Looks awesome.

Posted by lordofultima

Who doesn't love Burnout Paradise!

Edited by Death_Burnout

that's because it is hella good.

Dude whatever, the Thunder Custom is awesome. I dont care if it drives like crap, it just looks awesome.

Posted by AndrewB

Maybe it was the use of terrible cars, but the Cops and Robbers mode seemed not as cool as I had envisioned it being. Still fun, just not as fun.

Posted by HatKing

Tried to get back into BO:P but just couldn't do it, same problem as Jeff...I've spent 80+ hours in that city...new cars and modes aren't exactly what I'm looking for.  The new island should get me back into it somewhat...but I just couldn't see it being deep or big enough to really keep me long.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

lol @ the traffic hitting the wrecked Not Back To The Future car

Posted by DJ_Lae

It looks neat and all, but what I want out of Burnout is more to race on - not more to race on what's already there. Forza and PGR4 had the same problem with their DLC, doling out cars when they needed more tracks.

I realize that tracks and scenery take more effort to make, and something like this cops & robbers DLC takes an absolute minimum of effort to construct, but damn.

Posted by PapaLazarou

Any my Infogrames

Posted by JJOR64

That locked boost car looks awesome.

Posted by Agnogenic_delete

That was so funny. :D

Posted by coffeesash

The people not playing CAN muck things up, they can take you down but they don't know which team you are on. That combined with not being able to find any matches and when you do they might not even be matches or make you wait up to 20 minutes, makes Cops and Robbers really really bad.

Posted by chamin1

ha ha, looks ok, not worth ten bucks though, party play on burnout was a rip off, worst way I've ever spent my points.

Posted by KyleBaron

Thanks for showing some of the Legendary Cars. I've had some points left over and was wondering what to use them for after Broken Steel. :)

Posted by BlackPuma

10 BUCKS! that is just way to expansive for this.

Posted by carlthenimrod

I'm getting pretty tired of crappy lobby systems in games. Gears 2, Street Fighter 4, and now Burnout Paradise. I should be able to pick Cops and Robbers, then go.

Posted by creamclouds

are Criterion making a new game? or are they going to keep adding to this one?

Posted by Double0hFor

MOOOOOOMMYYYYY, Ryan swore! :'(

Posted by MeatSim

Cool cars but the Cops and Robbers mode doesn't look like much fun.

Posted by Peewi

Why isn't it out on PC? I want it too.

Posted by killdave

I like it just not enough to enter the same city / streets for now.

Roll on the new island ^

Posted by RHCPfan24

I love the peeks at the downloadable cars as well as this new mode. I want to actually buy the Legendary Cars now.

Posted by sfighter21

ZOMG!!!  A blue boost bar!!  Lock-on!  Gyro Drive.......wait a minute, nvm.

Posted by BenderUnit22

It's weird, I never really liked the racing aspect of Burnout Paradise, I had more fun crashing through gates and doing freeburn challenges. For me, the whole open-world, traffic-filled city thing made the actual driving feel meaningless because it was less about skillfully cutting corners and more about looking at the map and hoping there are no cars coming at you while you do it.

Posted by YoungDetective

Wow, Jeff has some good taste in music. Tchaikovsky? Saints-Saens? Good job.

Posted by Azteck

That's it. When my xbox comes back from the shop, I'm bying Burnout.

Posted by Mattalorian

"Oh, my car."
Your Final Fight reference did not go unnoticed, Ryan!

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

Not worth $10 IMO.

Shame on Criterion for trying to pawn something like this off for an Alexander Hamilton.

This is very much an Abraham Lincoln kind of purchase.

Posted by FlappyHands

Man I haven't played Burnout in so long, this totally makes me want to get back into it.

Posted by Baggykins

anyone else hear the rooster at 18:00? :D

looks okay though, don't think i'd buy it.
Posted by Bigandtasty

After getting 50+ hours out of Burnout on a $20 purchase this DLC seems like a poor value in comparison. The (not) DeLorean seems fun though.

Posted by HT101

Man, I need to play some more of BO:P some more.  I am working towards my BO: Elite license and have under 60 events I think.

Posted by Media_Master


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"Fucking balls!" lol

Posted by FrostTee

My favorite DLC so far

Posted by JackiJinx

That first Back to the Future wreck would've been perfected if a bicyclist had slowly crashed into the car, followed by an old lady walking into it.

Posted by Jason_Miami

Why didn't they just call it the "Calling All Cars Pack"?

Posted by KnifeySpoony

I think I've got around 38 or so events left in the city, a lot of those are the stunt events. I too am still terrible at them like Jeff. Sadly I won't be getting this DLC, looking forward to what else they have though.

Posted by Coleslaw893

Doesn't really look like its worth the 10 bucks. That last car looked awesome though.

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Oh! My car!

Posted by trimon

I love how the Burnout developers keep churning out free stuff for this game :)

So nice of them.
Posted by Impossibilium

I was going to get this but it's just a CTF pack with police skins. That's pretty lame. Robbers should not be chasing cops. Ever.

They should have made it so that your gang have to get back to the hideout and the cops have to catch you using deployable roadblocks, spike strips and ramming you off the road. At least give the cops standard police cruisers like Vics and Chargers and the lead scorer gets a Lamborghini for a round.

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