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Posted by Mijati

I need to get this, I loved the original :)

Posted by maladjusted

Brings you back....

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Loved this game, It was my jumping block from Tribes 2 to WWII FPS... After killing it for years in tribes I needed a smaller (non-battlefield) game.
One of the voice actors is also the voice of Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop... His name? Steve Blum.

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Wow, I need prestige stat! 
Also, Canada Rocks!

Posted by Heartagram

I remember thinking this games sounds and graphics were awesome when i played it back in the day

Posted by NotSoSneakyGuy

I've played the original COD within the last year and gameplay wise the game hasn't really aged gracefully in my opinion. I'm really not sure what to make of it...

Posted by Artemis_D

I LOVED Call of Duty, back in the day.  I also loved the Medal of Honor games back in the day, too.

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One of the best games ever.
Edit: GAH! So weird to see this being played with a gamepad. The huge button icons and clunky robot aiming are just off-putting.
Edit 2: Yeah, this was really the first *big* release with casual appeal that used iron-sights.

Posted by Kohe321

Looks cool, never played the original.

Posted by ahriman22

Canadians? Normandy? Wut.

Posted by AndrewB

A showcase of how voice acting (or, more accurately, voice acting budget) in games has improved leaps and bounds in a short few years.

Posted by Sarumarine

Either Ryan has mad aiming skills, or kickback wasn't as bad back then. Heh.

Posted by Cerza

Man I loved this game back when it came out. I still can't believe I was crazy enough to replay it and beat it on ALL difficulties, but it was an epic game back then. The United Offensive expansion on the other hand...not so much... Anywho it's good to see this classic getting some attention again. I've often felt that it's just been completely overlooked and ignored by most of todays gamers.

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Dawg it was all about Medal of Honor back then! COD was fer da fools!
Fun fact about d-day: Canada was the only army that achieved its mission that day and because we did we pushed so far behind enemy lines that we got surrounded and had to hold off until the other guys could catch up to us. 
Hope everyone is having a good remembrance day today.

Posted by ToxicFruit

Ohh I love this game

Posted by Valke

Modern Warfare: Origins

Posted by VWGTI

I remember this being so awesome back in 2003.

Posted by metalsnakezero

This was one of best WW2 games out there before it was getting old. I need to find a copy of this game one day and play it again.

Posted by HeavyMental

This weapon has no alternate mode to switch to.

Posted by Foshi

This actually looks more fun than MW2.

Posted by TzarStefan

It annoys me that they are always playing the xbox version on every multi plat game...

Posted by MeatSim

I still have this for my PC so I am good, I don't need this.

Posted by PhatSeeJay

omg LONG briefing!

Posted by fallen_elite
@Foshi said:
" This actually looks more fun than MW2. "
This quick look has me considering purchasing CoD on Steam.
Posted by Crono
@Meatsim said:
" I still have this for my PC so I am good, I don't need this. "
Same.  Was a lot of fun both off- and on-line as well.
Posted by TwoOneFive
@TzarStefan said:
" It annoys me that they are always playing the xbox version on every multi plat game... "
Posted by FireBurger
@crusader8463: Infinity Ward are basically the guys who made Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. COD was basically the true sequel to that game while MOH went steadily downhill afterwards.
Posted by Scooper

They can joke and laugh about the old fashioned briefs and reports before missions but that and the journals were really interesting to me. I find the 2nd WW incredibly interesting.

Posted by PureRok

How much difficulty that is being had while playing this game is disgustingly sad.

Posted by wrecks

mm mmm, delicious health.

Posted by Crushed

That first mission with all the B-52s, parachutes, and AA fire first came up... that was some seriously amazing stuff back in 2003.

Posted by Light_Bahamut

Dudes, it came out in '03, not '99. It was still quite good for '03, but it wasn't revolutionary, just really polished. 

Posted by DukeTogo

Wasn't there a part where you jumped out of the airplane in the beginning?  Shit, all those WWII games are blurred together that I'm getting them mixed up.
I don't really see people going out of their way to get this, seeing how outdated contrivances are still rampant and the now over-saturated WWII setting just make it feel like a relic.  It's also a game you can play on a crappy PC and can likely buy for a few bucks.  It was a great game back then, but it just feels decrepit compared to it's newest iteration.  Call of Duty was already a rehash of Medal of Honor, so that partly makes it feel older since those games go back to the late 90's.

Posted by SippyCupNINJA

Great video. You guys are hilarious.

Posted by zombie2011

Oh boy this brings back memories. This was the first FPS i ever played on my PC.

Posted by Rawrz

I just beat this game a few months ago. Sure it may be very dated but it was still a ton of fun with a bunch of awesome moments.

Posted by Hemlock

One of my favourite games. Honestly, I don't think they've ever surpassed this one, aside from COD4/MW2 multiplayer.

Posted by Shifty_Mcfly

Ha, hey Sergeant. 

Posted by Spiritof

Remember the time when WW2 shooters were a fresh idea and not so played out?
5 years ago feels more like 20.

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Anyone with a PC bought from just over six years ago should be able to play this game on there – the platform it was specifically designed for, where it looks better and has mouse-look. I'm not particularly shitting on the 360, but I can't see the reason anyone would want this unless they hadn't played the original at all or they have a Mac.
Interestingly, it looks a little rough around the edges, but it could also look a lot worse. The Quake 3 engine really was something in its day.

Posted by TzarStefan
@TwoOneFive:  They should make it equal instead of favoring one console
Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro

This will help protect you from the enemy. Oops! E is now melee!
Posted by bricewgilbert

I HATED the diary entry stuff back when I played these games. While I got past it in COD1 (because the gameplay was so damn amazing for it's time) it annoyed me much more in COD2. You felt no connection to the characters and anytime you even had the chance to the game would switch to a different characters years later. I love that in moving to a modern setting the games have a cohesive narrative structure (for the most part).

Posted by Droop

Xfire tracked 700+ hours of this for me :D Memories..

Posted by PosableActionFigure

CoD WAS a big deal when it was first released. It got mad praise for it's cinematic mission design and great audio, compared to games like Medal of Honor which at the time had very little in the way of immersion. Not played all the way through MW2 yet (currently in progress), but aside from the two poignant moments (you know the ones) in CoD4, CoD 1 & 2 single player was way more epic. I've heard the "defend the tank" mission in CoD4 brought up as something good, well the first two games had a few missions like that and all of them were better. Play that mission in CoD2 where you are following a platoon of tanks across the dunes  of an african desert, or the Russian missions in CoD 1 which had planes strafing you, machine guns blazing, explosions everywhere and all sorts of shit going down at once and tell me that CoD4 has anything like that, excepting the two big moments from that game.  Maybe it looks dated by todays standards, but CoD 1 & 2 were fucking amazing PC games.

Posted by JoelTGM
@Foshi said:
" This actually looks more fun than MW2. "
I don't see how you could feel that way, but alright then.
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This brings back memories. I hated that menu screen.

Posted by GoodKn1ght
@TwoOneFive said:
" @TzarStefan said:
" It annoys me that they are always playing the xbox version on every multi plat game... "
why? "
they have even said they prefer the xbox version cause all of their friends have it and they are playing this becuase they got the xbox prestige edition.....they only had this copy