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Posted by Trnck

Slo-Mo Bitches!

Posted by OhdK

this is the most beautiful game i've ever seen

Posted by ElectricHaggis

The first Call of Juarez was a fairly enjoyable game, strange, but enjoyable.  Hopefully this turns out well.

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why wont you let me studdyyyyy

Posted by PeasForFees
OhdK said:
this is the most beautiful game i've ever seen
I hope you are trying to be amusing
Posted by JJGIANT

Loving all of these quick looks guys! GIANT BOMB RULEZ!!!!!!!!@

Posted by Aas

Pulled a Brad, did we?

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

look like a fuckin ps2 game. lol

Posted by Mattalorian

The original Call of Juarez was (surprisingly) a very entertaining and unique shooter... When you were playing as Reverend Ray (shooting dudes). The levels with Billy (stealth/platforming) were monotonous and unappealing.
From what I've seen, it looks like Bound in Blood will be largely focusing on the shooting aspect, and that's definitely a good thing.

Posted by Kraznor

Three deaths in 14 minutes. New record.

Posted by PureRok
@LiveOrDie1212: Yea, if the PS2 had current gen graphical capabilities. >.>
Posted by OhdK
@PeasForFees: yes, it looks like ass
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Brad is dire

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That rifle looks a little dubious somehow.  Looks like a later period weapon than it probably should be, or maybe acts like it?

And I think the old gatling was more treated like a cannon on the battlefield than a swivel mounted machinegun :)

Posted by IzzyGraze

I think Brad has died in every quick look so far.

Posted by CleverLoginName

For a second I thought those Union guys had a rocket launcher or something, then I realized they were chucking sticks of dynamite at you, which, totally makes more sense!

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i'm surprised anyone has played the original. I did, i liked it.

Evidently these guys never did! haha, you guys did this game no justice. And old guns are not lame, they're fantastic and dont look like toys like most do today.

Posted by Rhaknar

Brad dies a lot in his quick looks :p

Posted by FrumpyBiscuts

might put on my gamefly Q, but I doubt I will ever buy it.

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Pulling a Brad never looked or sounded so cool.

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please do a second quick look, this is not what the majority of the game is like. 

Posted by Puppy

I didn't know that Brad is from the South, but now that they mentioned it, I can definitely hear a subtle Southern twang.

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The first Call of Juarez was a lot of fun on 360.  That game's concentration mode was cool, the fire gameplay was good, I liked stuff like offhand dynamite.

I also thought it was nice looking and atmospheric, and this one looks to deliver even more.  I just hope it's as open as the first game was (wasn't really non-linear, but the areas were vast and you could take a few different fighting tactics in most areas).

Posted by Nasar7

I don't think Brad should be allowed to do any more Quick Looks lol. I really wanted to see the non-tutorial flashback stuff, bummer.

Posted by LiveOrDie1212
graphically and gameplay wise this game looks like shit.
Posted by VWGTI

This game looks terribly unappealing.

Posted by EmptyQuarter

Looks pretty cool and I like the setting, but man, I am so done with turret sequences in games.

Posted by Duck44

This game looks absolutely fantastic....period...end of discussion!

Posted by JokerClown88

Capture the Slave Jeff????  For shame

Posted by Sai
@JokerClown88: That quote brightened up my day, boy.
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That looks surprisingly fun and solid actually.

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I´ve always thought these "pull a Brad" jokes were kinda lame but..whatever..I´m gonna break down right here. Brad is totally incapable of concentrating on game and talking at the same time. Instead of taking cover and easily picking off enemies he talks and runs straight into something and dies.
You guys over there should seriously learn Brad how to talk about something while actually concentrating on what he´s doing with the controller in his hands =D

Game looks visually stunning, thats pretty much all I got out of this one. Damn fine looking game.

Posted by lolwot

I want a game where the majority of its budget is allocated to death animations and voice samples like "what did i do to deserve this", "oh no", "I see the light", "you murderer", "you've gone and killed me", "I'll see you in hell", etc. It would be morbidly hilarious.

Posted by Double0hFor

Brad is SO bad at these games, its painful to watch

Posted by Renegade

Brad dies a lot in the quick looks, yes, but he also provides the most insightful information about the game. It's a trade off.

Posted by kratos

hahaha capture the slave mode

Posted by fillmoejoe

Might check this out until Red Dead get released.

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looks so boring

Posted by Slaneesh
Rhaknar said:
Brad dies a lot in his quick looks :p
I think hes starting a trend, or maybe it  his catch frase
Posted by ImperiousRix

I think I need to get this.
I thoroughly liked the first one, and this one looks even better.

Posted by dagas

Keeping the tradition of pulling a Brad =)

Posted by Claude

The South will rise again. You heard it here first. I bought the first game through Steam and like most people thought the Reverend sections were a lot of fun... Billy not so much.

Posted by Blazer74

Capture the Slave Jeff said, lol

Posted by Sarumarine

It looks solid enough. The Civil War is an interesting setting but I thought about that divide between war games and the actual guns you can use in that era. It would be funny if someone actually did a FPS sequence where you had to use muzzle loaders. You could have a button sequence to reload and spend a minute between shots. Of course at that point, you're pushing it, and I'm pretty sure most players would resort to a knife or bayonette at that point.

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I want this game.  The first one was a good game, and this one looks much better.  Please do a second quick look sometime later, so we can see the wild west stuff :D

Posted by TheClap

At the very end: Where my skulls?

Posted by HatKing

I honestly hated the first game, but this actually looks really good.  I might have to check it out.

Posted by BillyBrush

That was hard watching....

...and not because of the game (which should be pretty enjoyable)

Posted by AllanIceman

Brad, Pulling a Brad. Several times. Great!