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Posted by Belgo


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Good times

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Posted by Village_Guy

Nothing stops the Game Room v2.0!

Posted by IronScimitar

Damn I love it when they quickly look at old ass games. Mos def Game Room v2.0.

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Free gold weekend means Red Dead weekend.

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Bonanza is much better than Gunsmoke.

We're talking about TV shows, right?

Posted by mithical

Old games are hard!

Also, apparently when you go into casual mode in Gun.Smoke, the cowboy goes from bravely restoring order in the wild west to a psychopathic murderer on a rampage.

Posted by NoelVeiga

This led me to this other thing:

Which made me happy.

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Sunset Riders?

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I love the menu music. Or rather muzak.

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This led me to this other thing:

Which made me happy.

That guy is the best.

Posted by FiestaUnicorn

If Gun.Smoke seems too difficult going to Ghosts and Goblins isn't gonna be your thing.

Posted by fox01313

Always thought that too but never made the connection on how good the Japanese were at making western themed games like Gun.Smoke & Sunset Riders. Best thing to come out of the Ghosts & Goblins game was the Maximo series.

Posted by Qlanth

giant bomb dot smoke

Posted by JackSukeru

Man I should probably play one o' them Ghosts and Goblin games sometime.

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In the speed running comunity they've started doing torch runs of super ghouls 'n ghosts, about a year ago they thought the torch was the worst weapon in the game now a dude is doing it almost as fast as the world record it's crazy!!

Doesn't Ghosts 'n Goblins have multiple armors? weird, I thought it did.

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I died when the one bullet fired in the whole casual level of Gun Smoke killed Jeff.

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Also I need this main menu music, I love it.

Posted by TrafalgarLaw

Earth blew up...I thought that wasn't supposed to happen untill 2101 when war was beginning. :(

Posted by ArtisanBreads

I've never played Ghosts and Goblins but Ghouls and Ghosts is amazing. Watching a bit of here just reminds me of the classic Angry Video Game Nerd episode where he played it.

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everybody's initials on high score leaderboards should be either USA or TIE

Posted by Romination

I was always more of a Sunset Riders kind of guy, although that's probably because I've never actually PLAYED Gun.Smoke.

Posted by TehPickle

Literally NOBODY can say '2 weeks' without me immediately going to Total Recall in my head.

Its been like this for years, and these guys really don't help my affliction... >_<

Posted by gbrading

Arcade Cabinet continues to be Arcade Cabinet.

Posted by The_Ruiner

I prefer Super Ghouls and Ghosts

Posted by ArtisanBreads

@noelveiga said:

This led me to this other thing:

Which made me happy.

That guy is the best.

Holy shit amazing.

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Ryan "Koffing" Davis.

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Thank god they keep releasing these, because the combination of Jeff and Ryan playing old games, liking old games, and making fun of other old games needs to happen forever.

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Continue play?

Posted by guilherme


Posted by Ted_Mosby

That title screen music is so chill

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If Jeff and Ryan are not playing arcade games and slowly getting more and more depressed, my day is not complete.

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Is this the new Game Room? =O

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.smoke is the sequel franchise to .hack

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I don't even know what the screenshot is showing me

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Posted by SomeJerk

@jeff Your ears are good, Capcom CPS1 hardware and the unique board that runs Ghosts & Goblins actually has FM synthesis onboard, for G&G it's two YM2203 and a Z80.

(I'm spending too much time reverse-engineering classic game FM patches into my TG77)

Posted by jozzy

I died when the one bullet fired in the whole casual level of Gun Smoke killed Jeff.

That was extremely funny indeed.

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That Section Z music is fuckin rad.

Posted by utamaru

fucking_piano_man_play_this song_for_me_*hands over papers*.smoke

Posted by TheInsider

Anytime Tom Brier plays a classic game tune in ragtime I get goosebumps

Posted by antime

Never. Stop. Daggering.

Posted by TheHT

HAH. Still caught a bullet in casual mode.

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Who wants to take bets on the very last game never being released for Gameroom 2.0 Capcoms Arcade Cabnet.

Posted by Sarumarine

Digging the music of Section Z.

But like many have said, this is basically Game Room: Revengeance.

Posted by triviaman09

Jeff dying in casual mode was hilarious.

Posted by Blair


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Ryan said "They call him Master Winchester, but he's holding a shotgun?"

Winchester actually makes shotguns and have for a long time. I have a Winchester model 1300 12 gauge, that I got when I was in high school.

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