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Oh god damn it you guys, now I need wings for dinner.

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Seeing food reminds me of the good old Happy Hour.

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Not really sure why anyone would purchase this....the mame 32 emu is free and all the games are also.......google is your search friend!!

Posted by KaneRobot

A band I was in stole the bass part in Trojan at the 22:42 mark. Ten years had passed at the time so we figured it was OK. We were wrong.

Posted by huss

I loved Legendary Wings so much (NES version). I don't think I ever made it very far, but I remember trying so many times.

Posted by thedrewggernaut

Good thing its wing night at capitol lounge

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I'm only watching this because the background for the video looks good and I'm hungry.

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It's neat seeing these early Shmups evolve from Galaxian et al (most arcades where I grew up were heavy on Brawlers and Drivers so I missed most outside of Xevious). Thanks Jeff.

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I usually download Quick Looks and watch them later, but Capcom Arcade Cabinet QL's need to be streamed immediately.

Posted by Ares42

Speed rumbler looks quite a lot like GTA.

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I played the shit out of arcade Side Arms as a lad, along with Psycho-Nics OSCAR; those two are pretty much companion titles in my mind.

Also, contrary to Jeff and Ryan, this is the first I've known there was an NES conversion of Legendary Wings. Love the arcade game - might have to track that home version down!

Posted by MoonwalkSA

I hope the next one of these opens up with Jeff spinning donuts in Speed Rumbler.

Posted by egg

omg this site is advertising chicken meat! Why not next time show a huge pic of tofu brocolli pl0x.

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Those wings look so much better than those games.

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Seeing Trojan takes me back. I remember playing that game as a kid on the NES. Always liked the music for some reason.

Posted by ripelivejam
Posted by Romination

Oh man, tell me a new Legendary Wings isn't something you'd play.

Posted by marbleCmoney

I love me a good wing.

Posted by bistromath

That still frame makes me hungry.

Posted by Wonloong

I would love to have some chicken wangs, yo.

OH! Chicken wings! Okay, yeah. I'd have that, too.

Posted by andrewboza

despite the title, I was kinda hoping this video would feature chicken wings :-(

Posted by DeviTiffany

Judging by Trojan's gameplay I'm guess it's the obvious precursors to Skyward Sword.

Posted by DriftSPace

Listen up, CAPCOM:

I'm only investing in this if you release Power Battle and Power Fighters, so snap to it!

Posted by ThreeRoneC

Tomorrow I am getting a bunch of wings! ...and play some videogames!

Posted by erockarmychk

Must. Eat. Wings.

Posted by theveej


That is the first game I have ever completed from start to finish (the NES port). I don't know about the way the arcade version looks, I liked 8-bit art on NES. If I remember it had some sick multiplayer also (don't think it was co-op, but might have been). This has been one of the most informative QL just because it made me remember Trojan which I had forgotten the name of.

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