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Posted by ShaggE

They're really winging it this week...

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Welp, now I know what I'm having for lunch today.

Posted by Evan_Buchholz


Posted by Aegon

@shagge said:

They're really winging it this week...

Oh fuck...the legendary double pun.

Posted by defordj

That bleu cheese dressing is a perfect square ...

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I'm high and without food. This helps. :/

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Fuck, I'm hungry now.

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Nothing stops the Capcom Arcade Cabinet Quick Look!

Posted by Demonsoul

20 March 13 and this video is just now going up? WTF

Posted by Trondood

Those genesis soundtracks make me hard.

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@demonsoul: They were kinda preoccupied with PAX East and GDC.

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@shagge said:

They're really winging it this week...

Posted by kjekkbart

20 March 13 and this video is just now going up? WTF

It's from yesterday. Unless they deliberately referenced April 2 as "tomorrow" just to fuck with us if it was recorded that long ago.

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Fuck watching this QL; time to go buy wings.

Posted by IcarusFoundYou

Wings over Giantbomb

Posted by OurSin_360

Easy mode, the way all games should be played...

Posted by doe3879

Damn. Watching quick looks on the phone just doesn't feel right.

Gona wait til I get home with hot coco in hand

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When they do the next pack, they should just fade in on Jeff doing doughnuts in Speed Rumbler. Establish some canon for Capcom Arcade Cabinet.

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@doe3879 said:

Damn. Watching quick looks on the phone just doesn't feel right.

Gona wait til I get home with hot coco in hand

chicken wing flavored hot cocoa?

Posted by UberExplodey

I bet they flush those wings down the toilet.

Posted by gbrading

I can take or leave Wings, but Band on the Run is pretty good.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I could go for some Wings right now.

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I love hearing them talk about older games.

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hot sauce, boss

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We want Eazy

Posted by Rodiard

Trojan is pretty rad. I've never seen or heard of it before.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

Mmmmh.... Breast Mil.... Uh, I mean Wings.

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Damn those wings. Now I'm hungry.

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8:08 Tucows?

19:46: Robo-Abobo.

Posted by LordAndrew

Trojan looks pretty good.

Posted by leebmx

Some tasty doughnuts after my wings.......lovely...

Posted by Hunkadunkasaurus


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Anyone else get that feeling like they were sitting in the Phantasy Star Online lobby when that music started playing??

Yeah me neither...

Posted by GaspoweR

I have not seen the quick look but all that picture is doing is making me want some WIIIIIIINGS.

Posted by spiceninja

The Speed Rumbler. OOOOOOOOW!

Posted by davo


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I love when Ryan and Jeff look at old games

Posted by AjayRaz

Quick Look: Chicken Wings

Posted by MeatSim

I came here for the wings and left to go search for wings.

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Posted by drevilbones

Didn't they already make a gritty update of Speed Rumbler? Oh wait no, that was Rage. I was thinking of Rage.

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Thought this was a Happy Hour video for a second there.

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Posted by Moonshadow101

Don't show me Buffalo Wings and call them Chicken Wings. It's assholes like you that make it impossible to get actual Chicken Wings these days.

Srs bsns.

Posted by oldenglishC

Looks like Unprofessional Fry-day went up a few days early.

Posted by cloudymusic

Best header image in the past, present, and future of Giant Bomb.

Posted by razgriz417

Damnit now I want wings

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Now please enjoy these motherfuckin' chicken wings.

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