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Posted by Link43130

Nothing stops the Game Room Quick Look, not even the death of Game Room!

Posted by Skrams

I don't think we'll get the slide into depression like Game Room, but I still enjoy this brand of QLs.

Posted by fatalflame

More Jeff and Ryan looking at old arcade games! :)

Posted by Lyfeforce

Are the sewage pipes up to code?

Good. Let's get to going.

Posted by DaMisterChief

6:00am, insomnia comment

Posted by WulfBane

Oh no! It wasn't until I heard the start that it dawned on me this is Game Room v2.0.

Posted by IcarusFoundYou

New Game Room!

Edited by cmykjester

Black Tiger has to have some of the worst music ever. Just sounds like a sad trumpet over my rad adventures.

Edited by Dooley

Hey yall its early...

Posted by ZombieClem

I'm celebrating the arrival of this QL by standing motionless facing a wall with my arms stretched out sideways.

Posted by kortex

Avengers dude looks like a teenage wolverine

Posted by cabrit_sans_cor

I played 1943 on Saturday morning with some Japanese dude. That earns a thumbs up from me.

Edited by Doskias

I would absolutely play a Ninja Theory developed Ghost 'n' Goblins game. Now that's all I'll be able to think about for a week.

Posted by RobertOrri


Posted by DarkbeatDK

Man, the Xbox Game Room is some of the greatest video content on Giant Bomb. It started out with enthusiasm and dreams that gradually got crushed. It reached a point where Jeff had to con people into Quicklooking Game Room games with him by saying they were gonna play something else beforehand.

Posted by BBQBram

Great, more arcade games.

Do I want that?

Posted by PrintedCrayon

Good to see Capcom fighting the good fight and supplying our Game Room needs!

Posted by Ben_H

Oh hello Game Room Quicklooks, I missed you too.

Edited by DeathbyYeti

Did Capcom look at GameRoom and say "Let's make a half assed version of that with our lesser known games that we are sitting on with nothing to do"

Posted by Vuud

Oh no! Not again!!

Edited by stawnkald

I bought this. I'm a sucker for these sorts of things, it was 400 spacebucks, plus it's fun to share in the likely agony a la Game Room.

Fucking hell I miss Game Room. These goddamn games could have been PART of Game Room if MS hadn't forgotten it existed.

Posted by darkmagus517

Is it just me or is CAPCOM just not give a shot about these games? 25 dollars for 15 games that came out almost 2 decades ago. This is the same as the anniversary collection for the PSP why not just put ALL old CAPCOM arcade games in an ala cart service?

But why should I bother, I'll just play an emulator since its the only way I can play the arcade Dungeons and Dragons game aside from finding a cabinet.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

I think I'm going to be insane and buy the pack for all of them. I want an instant library of this stuff.

Posted by PosableActionFigure


Posted by altairre


Posted by Xero_Tolerance

Head's up, but each 3 game pack after the first is -800- points. I think somewhere down the line you'll be able to individual games for 320(?) points.

Posted by neohelbeast

The packs aren't five dollars each, they are ten and the final discounted price being in the range of thirty dollars. Only the first pack is five dollars.

Posted by Romination

This music in the background is incredibly bad in the main arcade screen

Posted by Blimble

Even though this is pretty cheap it does feel like a rip off for a bunch of roms most of which next to no one cares about

Posted by Rodiard

Man, now I really want Ninja Theory's Ghouls'n Ghosts / Ghosts'n Goblins / whatever featuring Arthur.

I also really want to play Super Ghouls'n Ghosts now.

Posted by melodiousj

Take me down to North Paradise City!

Posted by mrangryface

1943 is so fuckin boss

Posted by flasaltine

Argo won best picture.

Posted by DeathByWaffle

When Jeff said "Give me some reggae" at around 20:00, that combined with the level being named Paradise City left me with only one thought.

Posted by Perdido

Heck Yeah, 1943!! I wasted most of my allowance as a kid on that arcade cabinet.

Posted by kollay

I love me some 1943.

Posted by guilherme

Nothing stops the Game Room Quick Look, not even the death of Game Room!

Posted by MooseyMcMan

This makes me very happy.

Posted by bkbroiler

Ryan singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" to the National Anthem cracked me up.

Edited by Kosayn

This release made me very happy - one, because I loved playing Black Tiger as a kid at my local waterslide. It's funny how much its little set piece ambushes with a bait enemy to lure you in completely match the game design of current stuff like Dead Space.

Two, because I knew there'd be something like a Game Room Quick Look.

Posted by Solh0und

Nothing stops the Capcom Game Room!

Posted by SolongWrex

I can't believe Jeff got me to buy Jungler.

Posted by joshthebear


Posted by VarrosAnon

They just need to do more with these. I like re-releases of classic/vintage games when they're done innovatively. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but just slapping games that were subpar even then into a pack isn't at all interesting.

Edited by MeatSim

I miss the weekly Game Room Quick Looks. Long live Game Room!

Posted by Pudge


Posted by triple07

Nothing stops the Game Room Quick Look, not even the death of Game Room!

Holy shit I was just going to post that! You sorcerer!

Posted by TheMasterDS


Posted by The_Ruiner

I would much rather see a Platinum games Ghouls and Ghosts ...

Posted by ZombiePie

Quick Looks for classic arcade game compilations usually are videos where I look forward to seeing them checking out the menus and options. "Maniac" seems pretty crazy.

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