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Edited by Crixaliz

Sorry for the pointless comment. I just wanted the quest.

Posted by ColinWright

The movie sucked

Posted by Briize

nice video

Posted by mrangryface

My Quicklook Cup runneth over. Last gasp before vacation?

Posted by MysteriousBob
@Crixaliz said:
I hate quests.
Posted by Lava

The movie wasn't terrible but Pixar has done much better.

Edited by bkbroiler

I've been hoping for some thoughts on this. I've been seeing a lot of trailers for it, and it actually looks pretty fun... wonder what Giant Bomb thinks.

Posted by HairyToeKnuckles

My kids would have enjoyed this quick look. Too bad the Giant Bomb crew never exercise any restraint with their colorful language.

Posted by Slaker117

Yo, you are straight up smoking those cars with machine guns and missiles. That's kind of messed up for a kids' game.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

@mrangryface said:

My Quicklook Cup runneth over. Last gasp before vacation?

Your quicklook cup must be small.

Posted by dungbootle

All cars go to Heaven

Posted by Jonathan

It actually looks...alright

Posted by Ben99

I just couldn't accept the idea of living ,breathing cars and making up a story for that . Never bothered to watch any of the movies .Guess it's meant for kids entirely 

Posted by blacklab

Took my son to Cars 2: The Movie last night. It's horrid. Worst movie Pixar has made.

Posted by Ooame

I'm buying this for my nephew

Posted by vhold

Getting Friday the 13th instead of Super Mario Bros 2 is probably what inspired him to review games, for the betterment of poor unfortunate bad video game having little kids everywhere, so they would not have to feel his pain.

Posted by SlackerMonkey

I think it's obvious where the humans are in Cars.  There was obviously an apocalyptic Turbo Teen event (google it kids!).

Posted by StoffInator

Nice selection of cars at least.

Posted by Soviet666

Patrick, stop making sense in quick looks.

Posted by coakroach

This will be some kids Crash Team Racing. 
Thats kinda awesome.

Posted by Godzilla_Sushi

Gosh, that looks pretty fun!

Edited by fox01313

Reminds me of the last Toy Story game that came out on the 360, in the category of being a kids game yet like the Lego games, fun regardless for something to play for a weekend.
Edit: while adding this to the gamefly list I was rather surprised to see that there's actually 4 Pixar themed games out for the 360 (two movies & two others), wonder if those others follow in the crappy kid game category or cheap weekend fun like cars2 looks like.

Posted by dcgc


Edited by bricewgilbert

Motor Toon Grand Prix mention!

Posted by ImBigInJapan

satellite laser = blue shell

Posted by DocColossus

This game looks really fun....what is this world coming to.

Posted by emem

Looks like fun.

Posted by IClavdivs
@HairyToeKnuckles: Please keep your fucking kids off of Giant Bomb. I really don't want this place turning into Nick Jr.
Posted by DougQuaid

My uncle owns the car from Cars! 
@HairyToeKnuckles said:

My kids would have enjoyed this quick look. Too bad the Giant Bomb crew never exercise any restraint with their colorful language.
Eh, let em watch it anyway! It'll put some hair on their chest.
Posted by Winternet

It looks alright.

Posted by Pop

Looks  pretty fun, I'm glad they're making better kids games and movie games.

Posted by jorbear

Cars go to heaven. Trucks go to hell.

Posted by probablytuna

Looks like a decent game. I remember playing the first one, that was pretty fun also.

Posted by TheKing

This looks like fun. I'll have to pick it up when it gets a price drop.

Posted by senschuh

It's a land where cars evolved from men!
Posted by thirteenyahs

This is kind of awesome, finally a game I can play with my nephew that's not a terrible Wii game.

Posted by Swoxx

I see what you did there, they rendered their thoughts..pixar...animated...rendering. Pretty clever!

Posted by Suraph

I was avoiding this title for a long time because I suspected it'd be awful, but it actually seems okay.  May give it a look (hoping for a demo)

Edited by JackSukeru

Really like the animation on the cars, and the look of the game is great in general.

Posted by VegasAceVII

Looks pretty good, I'll be renting it :)  Thanks for the Quick Look!

Posted by Solh0und

This looks......decent. Looks better than the movie at least.

Posted by ShaggE

Looks like a decent timewaster. I don't like how slowly the cars move along, though. I know it's "for the kids" and so it has to be forgiving, but that's just painfully slow. 
Besides, I grew up with some brutally hard games. Suck it up, kids. Suck it up. 

Posted by mattjam3000

anyone else feel like this game needs to be like, 1.5 / 2 times faster? seems a bit slow, otherwise awesome

Posted by natetodamax

It looks alright. Pretty derivative of other games but hey, what isn't nowadays.

Posted by Draxyle

Knowing nothing about the game, I opened this video expecting it to be brutally torn to pieces. That actually looks.. halfway decent though. I wouldn't actually buy it, but it looks more fun than all the recent editions of Mario Kart.

Posted by rmanthorp

This looks really good! MY MIND!

Posted by PimblyCharles

Have any of you noticed that the voice of the car Ryan is playing as is voiced by the same guy who voiced Johnson in Shadows of the Damned? Everytime I heard that voice while watching this quicklook, I kept expecting a funny dick joke to proceed, and it never did... :(

Edited by ProfessorEss

Just poppin' in to say: Fuck all y'all Cars (and Cars 2) haters. 
If you're a childless, grown-ass man who gets good feelings from dissing Cars on the internet with other childless grown-ass men you should heavily contemplate your own personal value as a person before you even start thinking about questioning the value of Cars as a movie.

Posted by DeeGee

I hope Patrick was talking about Speed Freaks, that game was dope.

Posted by iSAW

The Friday the 13th/Heavy Rain idea mentioned in this Quick Look would be great. For a taste of what that would be like, try the Taxidermist Add-on for Heavy Rain.

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