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 castlevania, nice one    

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I'm excited for this game.

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Been waiting to see this

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I love castlevania.
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Stupid quest..... damn

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I really want to see this.

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can't believe this, just waltzed on in, saw "click here to post the first comment"...Wasn't logged in :/

Not that I care much for the quest but still fairly frustrating

Oh well, looking forward to this, I really want this game so it'll be nice to see how it actually is

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Currently sound impaired, but looking forward to seeing this video later tonight.

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Me gold! Hehehe.

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I won't be Alucard :<

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I've been curious about this game.

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Cool, Castlevania.

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This looks really interesting.  I love the Metroidvania games on the GBA/DS.   And I won't be playing as Alucard.  I like Charlotte and Shenoa.
Well, the QL showed that single player looks pretty mad boring.  I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see any six-player madness.  I suspect that it would be cool as hell.

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I'll only be Alucard.

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i think you kill things in this game?

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it says monocle in the item list. heh heh.

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Ryan and Jeff: I think they mean the HD by how it's in it's true resolution when put into full screen mode. When you zoom all the way out, everything is completely detailed to the same resolution as the original sprites.

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Finally we get a look at this.

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I would rather just buy Symphony of the Night

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Tight, only thing I'm disappointed about is the lack of local multiplayer which you would think would be included in a multiplayer focused game

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I've beeen looking foward to this game. Hope its at least decent.

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not to excited from this, hope the multiplayer is good.

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I "Best" be "Buy"ing this when it comes out

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Alucard is Dracula Backwords...(Mind Blown)

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The minuscule look of the characters is really jarring. It's like playing as a bunch of little toys in a playset.
Hopefully that's just the look. I haven't played enough Castlevania to know if this is what they're all like.

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A+ for Androgyny!

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Looks interesting enough, but nothing that makes me wish I had a 360.

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I want it but I'll wait for a Giant Bomb review.  
I'm craving some 2D Castlevania now, though.

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A bit disappointing that they're still reusing enemy sprites, nah, really disappointing.

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ABC: Always Be aluCard

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Castlevania TIMES SIX.

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@Meltac said:
" I would rather just buy Symphony of the Night "
Yeah, that game is awesome, this looks like.... not so awesome.
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I'll be playing solo. hope it doesn't turn out to be extremely frustrating in the later half. 

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sucks, i hoped this would be good

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I really enjoyed the GBA/DS games quite a bit. Being able to play this on the console will be a welcome addition to my already oversaturated pile of games.
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 The one Summer of Arcade game I'm unsure about...

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Man, this went from "I'm interested" to "meh, I'll save my 1200 points for something else. " Oh well.

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Seems pretty meh.

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@stawnkald said:
" Man, this went from "I'm interested" to "meh, I'll save my 1200 points for something else. " Oh well. "
in the same boat
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Really disappointed in this, it looks terrible, animated badly and the gameplay looks boring as hell! Oh Castlevania why have you forsaken me :(

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Awesome. Will watch this soon.

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Being a HUGE Castlevania fan I've been waiting for a game like this since... forever.
I love how they kept specific move sets for each character. Alucard can turn into the wolf, form into a mist, and shoot his signature spirit attack while Shanoa can use her magnetic abilities to slingshot around. Awesome!
I am a little upset that there is no leveling system and how the loot seems to repeat again and again and again. Jeff  got an extra spell and two earrings he already had while showing this game off. Hopefully the store is elaborate and there's reason to continue playing through the game once it's all over.
Oh and I love how they've meshed together some of the best tracks from the games and did the same thing with the environments. Can't wait for tomorrow!

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It looks ok. I just wish they would have at least shown off another character. 
And I'll probably play as the girl from the last Castlevania game

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Certainly a different way of playing a Castlevania game. No more room transitions seems kind of awkward but probably something to get used to.

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Aw, now it's slipped into "wait for the reviews" hell for me.
No split screen, doesn't seem like there's any of that castlevania traversal progression.
we'll see, i may still get it.

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Music is kick-ass, then again when is castlevania music not?