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Posted by ThePantheon

Quote Of The QL: 
Vinny:  "Mass Effect 2, eat your heart out."

Posted by Jedted

"You need to kill that scrotum." 
LMAO, Vinny! :) 
Posted by Sephiroth9997

The dialogue in this game is priceless
Posted by beanZfury

GB's new video player is horrible. It doesn't load when you pause and you can't skip forward. Plus, I've had it reset itself quite a few times and have to start a video over. It's a pain in the ass when you are trying to watch a 40 minute video. Please fix this one or bring back the old version.

Posted by Baggykins

"Knees or GTFO" oh Vinny...

Posted by MrHammeh

This game definitely has a great soundtrack. 

Posted by Gamer_152

Wow, this game looks sweet.

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Posted by flawless988

If only they kept "Huzzah!" instead of "OH YEAAH!". Ehh.. I guess it's not that big of a loss.

Posted by DeepSpaceJesus

Best game ever.

Posted by MysteriousBob

This looks like the most boring game ever made.

Posted by Bollard

I can't believe how blind these guys are sometimes URGHHH

Posted by ScreamingFist

Lol "AW DAMMIT!" @ 29:15