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Oh god YES. Been worrying if the graphics would lose their iconicism from their 'upgrade', glad i've been proved wrong. EDIT: Boop

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Sweet. I loved the PC version.

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sweet, early ql to start my day.

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I've heard a lot about this game. Let's see what all the fuss is about.

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I'm happy to see this game getting a larger audience, since it's so well made and so goddamn charming.

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LOL the boss just left

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I'd love you guys to play through this entirely. That'd be awesome.

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<3 <3 <3

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Yes, Cave Story Endurance Run GO! :D

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Totally getting this. Great QL!

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Just the music makes me want to go play Cave Story.

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I love quick looks

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Can't wait til I get home, I'll watch this straight away :D

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This is totally how it went down when I played Cave Story too.

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"Oh it's not a big deal that i'm THE BEST."  Nice.  Loved this game on PC, wish I had a Wii to pick it up.

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"The is going to be a realy *brad* quicklook" BOOM, word play

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I am not a number, I am a free-range egg!

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This new music really sucks compared to the original.
and here's a tip if you buy this: Remember that tiny man in the graveyard...

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Lost reference! Worth the length of the quicklook to get that

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Interesting game, can I find the original online somewhere?

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This makes me want to play Spelunky so bad.

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Good grief, this Cave Story game is an attention getter. I've been looking at this since Monday, and I've had such a rough time deciding on whether I should get this game or not. If I did get this game, it would be a step out of the bubble that I'm in. 
I may have contributed to the Wiki, but the only thing I did was check for grammar and fix the layout a little bit.
GAH, so tempting, but I'm controlling myself.

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@xdan0x said:
" "The is going to be a realy *brad* quicklook" BOOM, word play "
Pun win
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This game owns on both the PC and Wii and I'd recommend them both to anyone, but there are some minor problems with the Wii version.
-New music isn't as good, partially because there are some audio issues with missing instruments.
-Old music doesn't loop properly. Instead of being a MIDI where after the intro plays the rest of the music will loop without it, it's like an MP3 (with oddly lowered treble) where it'll loop the whole thing, intro and all. So it's a bit odd-sounding. It also hitches between rooms and when boss fights start.
-Sound levels are a bit unbalanced.
-The new translation, while closer to the original Japanese, is a little wonky and stilted.
-As you can see in the video, the widescreen is actually just the game stretched out of the proper aspect ratio, not real widescreen at all.
I've heard Nicalis is looking to patch the game for the European release and possibly update the NA version as well, so that'll be good.

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Damn, it'd be totally awesome if you guys played through it!

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AAHH! No, it was not a flash game. In fact I'm pretty sure that's part of why it took like 5 years for Pixel to make it. Not to be a huge nerd or anything but it's worth nothing. 
Awesome QL so far though.    

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You guys talked about this on the Bombcast and I wanted to see it in action, thanks for the Quicklook.

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game looks awesome, if i still had my wii i would be all over this

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DeceasedCrab (arguably the King of "Let's Plays") does a full Let's Play playthrough of the original Cave Story.  This made me want to watch it again.
I suppose it's hard to imply sarcasm in text.  My point was that this small taste made me want the full story, and DC is one of the options, like him or not.

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Brilliant way to end a quick look.

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game looks awesome, if i still had my Wii i would deffinately buy it. wonder how long it is

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Yeah this is a nice indie game. It tugs at the nostalgia strings with some metroidvania style exploration. The weapon upgrade system is really unique for this kind of game as well. Definitely worth the price to play it remastered on Wii Ware, even if the original PC version is free.

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Oh God, Deceased Crab. He's not the King of LP's, he a pariah who got shunned from the original LP community on Something Awful because of his annoying style and YouTube fanbase pandering.

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I suppose it's hard to imply sarcasm in text.

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The time it took you to figure out the leveling system...arrgh.

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I'd really love to see an Endurance run of this!

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Between this and La Mulana the Wii is getting some serious indie game love.  These are two of the best games out there that nobody's played despite them being free. Can't wait to actually pay for them and put some money in the designers' hands.

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@Gregomasta said:
" Interesting game, can I find the original online somewhere? "
I dunno. Can you? ;)
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I love it when Ryan curses. He does it with soul.

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I LOVE this game.  I really need to pick this up but that would require me to plug my Wii in...

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Great Quick Look.

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it's a great game. much better than i expected. the story is pretty obvious but the fact that the ending you get depends on your choices and your skill in an indie metroidvania style game is kind of awesome

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Yeah, looks like fun. :)

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Wasn't this on the PC for free? I could have sworn I played this game on my PC before.
If so, what is the point of buying it?

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@Lambert said:
" Wasn't this on the PC for free? I could have sworn I played this game on my PC before.  If so, what is the point of buying it? "
To support it's developers. They need food too.
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Bah, Balrog didn't do his signature "Huzzah!"
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graphics look snazzy (although quote looks fat now) but the music is not even half as good as the original 
also your not sue the mimiga was in the blue sweater