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I played some of this before back when I had a crappy laptop, unfortunately it eventually became unplayably slow thanks to this so I had to stop, looking forward to finally play through it.

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@Crushed: Yeah that. Huzzah.
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I played a couple hours of this on PC and I liked it but it never held me for much more time then that.

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This is an excellent game, but I had to switch the music back to the original because there's missing elements in the redone music. Also, I had to turn down the sound effects volume to about 1/3rd to make it tolerable.
It's great to play it on a TV instead of my PC, though. And with a classic controller.

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This is an awesome game. Loved it on the PC.

Posted by RichieJohn

I really want it! When will it come to the UK! 
Just got Rondo of Blood so I'm ok for now. 
@Gregomasta: You can get it here  http://www.miraigamer.net/cavestory/ but download it on Wii if you have one. 

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"Oh.  Kay.  I'm gonna go back home."
*levetates away*

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It certainly was not a flash game - the guy spent five years writing his own engine.

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I do like how the monsters drop Doritos when you kill them.

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Great game.  Gets surprisingly depressing later on though, story wise.  It's not as happy-go-lucky as the beginning makes it out to be.

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Studio Pickle would have been a better name.

Posted by Chadster

"So the egg is Jacob?" 
Love the Lost references.

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@Lambert said:

" Wasn't this on the PC for free? I could have sworn I played this game on my PC before.  If so, what is the point of buying it? "

New graphics, new music, new game modes, new translation, etc.  Cave Story was amazingly long and in-depth for a freeware game.  Now it's been updated and enhanced, and it's well worth the money. 
And for Ryan bemoaning the leveling system, I know later on he realized that you lose experience when you get hit, but I just want to iterate that it turns into a huge part of the game. The game gets far more difficult later on, and you'll constantly be losing experience and gaining it back.  With much more weapons you're juggling around and earning experience for , it certainly becomes more dynamic later on. 
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Man, Cave Story is awesome.

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Haha its so awesome hearing Ryan yell

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I quit playing Bioshock (even after the twist) because of this game.

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Wow, never knew how bad Ryan's sense of direction is.

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So funny

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Huzzah! A quick look!

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That was good fun lol :D

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I ... I wanna buy this just so I can play as Curly.

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I LOVE this game. What the hell did they do with the music? It's kinda worse

Posted by Olivaw

I guess Balrog had to go back to his home planet!

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This game never was a flash game, and it obviously wasn't Nintendo that decided to remake it... Otherwise, an OK QL for a great game.

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Misery, she'll break your legs and make you write her a book.

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Cave Story. <3

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awww poor door lol...

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Ah, I love this game :)  I may have given up on it at one point, though I don't remember why.  Fun, but a bit difficult for me in spots.

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@Lambert said:
" Wasn't this on the PC for free? I could have sworn I played this game on my PC before.  If so, what is the point of buying it? "
So that Pixel can get paid, and to support the independent developer community.  Cave Story is a great game, but it also holds significance for indie devs.  It basically tells people that yes, it's possible to make a game like this all by yourself, and be better than a lot of games that companies put out there.
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You play as Curly? Oh shit, I need this game.

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At 29:15
Another great moment in quick look history.
I almost spit out my drink watching that part.  Hilarious!

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@Alphonzo said:
" I LOVE this game. What the hell did they do with the music? It's kinda worse "
Totally agree.  The new sprites look great though.
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yay! shadow complex finally came out for the wii :)

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this game is so cute :D

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yehhhh... Good QL!!  its simple games like this that have the best commentary

Posted by Parsnip

The original music is so much better than the new versions.

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Good Quick Look.  I thought we were looking at the original graphics until the very end when you changed them.  Could tell a big difference with the Egg 00

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Man, the new music is HORRID...
Seriously, all of you who buy this(and you all should) do yourself a favor and play with the original music on, oh so much better.

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Nice! I'm glad they covered this game! It's super awesome! :D

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"Hey you wanna fight?" 
"Ok then, I'll go back home then." 

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They made the music pretty sucky and some of the sprites.....ewwww. I think I'll just stick to the original.

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I hate the new music.

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I KNEW that egg was Jacob ALL along...

Posted by CaptainFish

The music is gimped and the graphics look like you're running a filter in a Sega master system emulator. I don't really wanna pay to get a lamer version of a game on a console. I'm not sure if pixel has a donations thing, but at least all that money goes to him and not the team that did this fairly lame port.

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This game.
It is a good game.

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Dude, the Lost parallels run DEEP in this game.

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"She's a hare." lol

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Not a flash game, built from scratch over a number of years until it was commercial-sized.

Posted by jamescheong

Definitely agree the new music sucks, but at least the option is there to use the old music. 
So the Hell level is open from the start at the menu? No need to get the booster 2.0 and etc?