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This is gonna be good!

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edit: and mate!

edit edit: and fail

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Check and Mate! Never even heard of this thing until I Love Mondays.

URGH those blue circles!

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King me!

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I hope I understand chess after watching this.

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@GyozaHog: Ha.

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Formerly? Still called Battle vs Chess on steam. Hm :/

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I had an intense game of chess yesterday. First time I played chess in years. Nice timing with this quick look then.

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chess, now with boob jiggle


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@lightsoda said:

Formerly? Still called Battle vs Chess on steam. Hm :/

I haven't watched the QL yet but this confused me immediately. RPShad their piece under the 'old' name as well. I wonder what happened here.

Edit: Perfect moment for Drew to chime in considering the use of TNT music. Though in this particular case the answer sadly is: I'm not ready at all. I really fucking love the weirdness of the game and the delicious irreverence towards a very respected discipline but I have to say I'm not quite 'with it' yet. I don't love chess as a strategy game because it is so well established and ritualized. I don't like having to learn a significant amount of predetermined strategies just because every fucker on the face of the planet can read up on them. I personally want to have at least a little more chaos, unpredictability and thus improvisation in my strategy games.

To me, all games that can be broken down almost to a science get more boring once that happens in a large scale way. That being said, this game's solution of introducing purely twitch-based QTEs and the like is funny, respectable but not ideal by any means I think. Either way, I'm glad this crazy little game exists!

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Oh man, that was hilarious when the music kicked in.

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Spoilers, but Ryan's reaction to TNT music was identical to my reaction...That's just too funny. Now this game is awesome.

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I think this is called Battle vs Chess...

Also don't get so mad at 'different' forms of chess, Bobby Fisher one of the best chess players of all time designed a form of random chess called Chess960 that was designed to remove any advantage from the memorization of opening variations, as he said modern chess was boring memorization and not creative.

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Battle Vs. Chess for TNT!

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Hey guys check it! Video games.

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Haha loved it when Drew all of a sudden chimed in.

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TNT music????? :o hahaha

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Vinny: "I am using a 360 controller..."


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Oh God that Bill & Ted talk was amazing, Bill & Ted Podcast!

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I always end a game of chess with a boob jiggle.

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Man, Battlechess was so awesome.

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I don't know about you guys, but as soon as I win a game a chess I am sure to flip to the table and cup my manboobs.

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well she's the evil succubus queen

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Bobby Fischer is my favorite Grand Kleagle!

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ahaha that ai winning animation

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watching other people play chess is worse than watching them play Tetris

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It's still called Battle VS Chess on Steam for me...

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TNT music, lol.

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Ryan "The Grand Dragon" Davis.

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@ThatPrimeGuy said:

Ryan "The Grand Dragon" Davis.


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Huh, I guess the TNT music is license free...

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I think the weird non-chess games are cool and I like this game, I wouldn't buy it but I like the way it looks and what game types it has.

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I totally had this idea for a computer chess game when I was 10

The whole pieces going into a separate battle screen when you attempt to take a square thing that is

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QTE buttons, that's some pro controls =D

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LOL at TNT music!

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Something about mid-20s Ryan saying to himself one day "OH! WATERLOO!" makes me laugh.

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@OffKilter: There totally was that idea for a computer chess game when you were 10. It was called Battle Chess.

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@shadowdrone: That's why I had to clarify myself with an edit

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Tried the new Archon game & was somewhat mixed about it, might go back to try it again as the original Archon was quite fun. I think that if the idea of chess is somewhat brain hurting for the GB crew, the large boards of Shogi (Japanese chess) would just repeat the famous brain explosion from the movie Scanners (wiki link to the 36x36 board). Glad to see games like this bringing back older pc games like Battlechess to an update though played enough chess to know it's not for me, which is why I played Archon instead. Still wouldn't mind seeing a pc game like this that goes after the multi-leveled chess from Star Trek as I always wanted to play that.

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Battlechess was awesome back in the day because it implemented just what chess needed: violence.

@gladspooky said:

Vinny: "I am using a 360 controller..."


Why not?

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@OffKilter said:

I totally had this idea for a computer chess game when I was 10

I totally played this when I was 10.

m, you edited. nvm

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Double pow combo in chess if OP. If your shi are blocking your shuai, you're screwed. GG.

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I have a question, and it's something of a dealbreaker for me:

Can I play as the ratmen the CPU use in this QL?

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Is this just Battle Vs Chess?

E: also playing this with a controller seems utterly pointless, wtf.

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I still want the TNT Music as a ringtone :(

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Drew in the control room chiming in, video's out of sync. Ha!

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@JoeyRavn said:

@gladspooky said:

Vinny: "I am using a 360 controller..."


Why not?

That's a good point. But... why?

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@gladspooky said:

@JoeyRavn said:

@gladspooky said:

Vinny: "I am using a 360 controller..."


Why not?

That's a good point. But... why?

Vinny has his PC at home hooked up to his big screen TV and has said he plays PC games with a 360 controller on the couch, so I think he generally uses the 360 controller unless he thinks it's significantly worse than the PC controls. It also might be so him and Ryan can sit next to each other on a couch while doing a PC quick look.