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One for the AV Club.

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Another Comic jumper QL?

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It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll. 
This game looks pretty neat

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@dieguy:  The other QL was the E3 demo.
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I'm waiting for the sequel Novel Flier.

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nice this looks awesome

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Got to play this at PAX. Still has the great feel that 'Splosion Man had, was pretty frantic and certainly lived up to the requirements of a game aping comic book style-ings. 
Will sit happily alongside Twisted Pixel's previous two Arcade offering :)

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I'm still REAL unsure about this game. Aha, is this my chance to be converted?

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Anyone else notice that Nanoc also makes the Name CONAN!

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That stats song is amazing.

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Is that the time sled from "Time Cop"?

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House of pain reference = awesome!

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Ewwwwwww Ryan jumping Jeff's comic would be gross

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That run animation is awful.

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I want this

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The smart bomb alone is worth the price of admission.

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I will probably buy it if it's as wacky as Splosion Man which I loved. 

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What?! No! ... But yes!

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Occasionally funny... Absolutely dull to play.
Awesome I totally don't care for it.

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This game looks hilarious!

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I want to like Twisted Pixel games because they're quirky and fun in concept, but I still don't want to actually play any of them.

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I do like crazy stuff.

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 "More of these stupid things. This is all John Hammond's fault" 
And THAT right there makes me want this game.    

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I loved the previous Twisted Pixel games, so of course this is a no brainer to pick up tomorrow.

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holy shit nanoc is conan backwards -.-
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The cut scenes were funny, but the gameplay is just too dragged out.

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I just noticed the way Comic Jumper enters into other comics by means of the time travel machine from Timecop. I'm sold.

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I'm saddened to see that this game...is pretty dull in terms of gameplay. 
I'll wait until it's on sale one day.  =  (

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I must buy this game after watching this video.

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I think I'm sold on this game, I need to see more.

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@PulledaBrad said:
" Is that the time sled from "Time Cop"? "
Yes it is, same effect and everything.
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There's more interesting gameplay in the earlier quick look when we first saw the game. A lot of it is repetitive though yeah, seems to lack the real excitement of something like Splosion Man. 
Still think the whole package that TP provide will be really enjoyable on the whole. Just hope the other sections are as interesting as they looked in the earlier QL.

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Requesting a little more game volume in the future

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I will buy this game for the "Hent High" joke.  That alone was enough.

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the design, comedy and the whole concept are awesome but the gameplay is not on pair  with that  level of awesomeness :( 

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Good god another one? This is like the 3rd or forth one they have done on this game.

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Definitely buying this tomorrow.

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@PulledaBrad said:
" Is that the time sled from "Time Cop"? "
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I enjoyed the Time Cop reference at least :)

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@crusader8463 said:
" Good god another one? This is like the 3rd or forth one they have done on this game. "
More like the second one.
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Love the humour and visual styles, but the gameplay is incredibly dull.

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@beeryayghost said:
" @crusader8463 said:
" Good god another one? This is like the 3rd or forth one they have done on this game. "
More like the second one. "
It's the 3rd one actually.  
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I like how the manga enemies explode with "buumu" (boom).

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Oh man... This looks so amazingly amusing yet boring and repetitive to play. I don't know what to do.

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I think I broke a smile once.

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Man this game is shit. Amped 3 is much more awesome.