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Posted by KarlPilkington

Audio a bit quiet?
Posted by AllenV86

grtz Allen :p

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Yes, the more QL's the more
Also, I'm starting to think that the Deadly Premonition thing is cancelled

Posted by Oncomouse

These cut scenes miss that sweet spot of so bad it's good and goes into just plain bad territory.  That's a shame.

Posted by gosukiller

I've heard nothing but disappointing this about this one.
Looks like they were right.

Posted by agentgray

I would like to play this game, but alas, I live in a rural area and only have one option for a high speed ISP.
It's not really reliable.

Posted by piderman

Why is this even called Command & Conquer? This class based rubbish makes me a sad panda.

Posted by Kyreo

I've never liked the live acted concept for the cut scenes.

Posted by ToxicFruit

the cut scenes are just PAINFUL to watch !

Posted by onimonkii

she doesn't die on the nod side ryan

Posted by Th3_James

The audio for GB stuff is always quite, I often find myself turning my sound system to -15dB just to have a decent listening level, I usually keep it at -35dB

Posted by Rhaknar

reminds me of halo wars with little base building going on

Posted by Rockanomics

Man this looks less than fun

Posted by Vorbis

Played it quite abit and the only positive thing I can say is that it has Laura Bailey (Rise, Persona 4) doing the voicework for the GDI missions... 
It's just not C&C anymore, I wish i had picked up DoW2 expack and just watched the ending on youtube.

Posted by Myomoto

Of course you would betray the GDI if you could get to hang out with Kane!

Posted by DocColossus

whats with the complaining about the quiet audio... to be honest i hate when stuff is too loud. i don't mind adjusting my speakers.

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The general is just standing behind the glass thats no screen display.

Posted by Jimbo

I think they should just remake Red Alert but make it look as good as this.  They can't possibly fuck that up.

Posted by scarace360

holy shit i think im going to drown in quick looks this week.

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Don't put me through that again, Giantbomb!
God, C&C3 had amazing cutscenes. What happened?
Also, intentionally blatant spoilers all throughout this quicklook, in the rare case you actually want to buy this game.

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It's like they are distancing themselves from normal RTS because........ nobody will buy this over a normal RTS? I don't get it.
Also, I loved CnC cutscenes, why change a great thing?

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

The music sounds like it was taken straight from "Aliens". 
I miss RA2

Posted by august

I hear this is a game.

Posted by masterpaperlink

this looks terrible, what have they done with C&C

Posted by onimonkii

that was pretty painful to watch. there's nothing but dudes who play like jeff online and it just makes games totally one sided, whichever side has more of the dudes who don't play like that will win.

Posted by Cirdain

I got so dam bored

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Yeah, the acting is shit. It's like they didn't care about the quality of the acting AT ALL. One take and done. Intentionally.
I'm sure the god awful wife actress said she could do the scene again better, but the director said "no fucking thanks! people loved the shitty acting of the first ones!"
I think this looks more interesting gameplay wise than any other C&C before. Then again I LOVED World in Conflict.
edit: wtf is your name? <MonsterDank>?

Posted by HaYHaYHaY

hmm.. floating tiberium collected by a walker/tank...  right...   and the music...  sounds like...  star wars-ish...   
So basically this game departed from the original in  gameplay, atmosphere, and music...  some of the best features that made the game so famous back in  the days... 
Changes are good only to the extent that it doesn't departure too far away...  it's like...  making a new Mario game...  but it is the gameplay of... Shadow Complex...  great game (depending on your taste)...  but then what's the point in calling it Mario any more...  it might as well be called anything else...
It might make sense for the publishers to take advantage of the popularity....  but i'm not sure if it would make sense for the old fans to buy the game for the sake of the name of C&C...  For the newer gamers...  it doesn't matter if it's called C&C or called Mario...  as long as the gameplay is great.... since they are not really familiar to the lore... 
ahh i'm typing too much...

Posted by SunKing

The whole unlockables mechanic sounds terrible. Pretty good music, though.
I would normally take a gameble on a game like this (because, you know, it's C&C) but online-only = no sale.

Posted by august
@HaYHaYHaY: Periods. Look into them.
Posted by Contra

I don't think EA have known what we like about CnC for a good while now, and just desperatly try everything trying to find it.
Generals was ok.  
CnC 3 was annoying, and the Scrin were a terrible idea.
RA 3 was tedious by trying to make the Empire.
CnC4 fails because they tried to make a bad Dawn of War 2.
Though it's good to see they are basically ignoring CnC3; in cut scenes not mentioning the alien fleet which invaded and then left cause it god bored.

Posted by MeruFM

The beta just made me so sad... so so sad.

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Full motion video. Back and badder than eva'!
It looks like they were trying to go for a Battlestar Galatica kind of thing, but... no. No not at all.

Posted by Majkiboy

That serious tone is what i remember from early RTS games, including RA and C&C.. u guys don't remeber that? I find it kinda neat :D

Posted by MeatSim

The only interest I had in this game was the cutscenes and they manged to ruin those in this game.

Posted by Ineedaname
@Jimbo said:
" I think they should just remake Red Alert but make it look as good as this.  They can't possibly fuck that up. "
I'd hate that, for me the magic comes from the old engines, I think these engines are pretty dull and generic.
Posted by Shifty_Mcfly
@Majkiboy said:

" That serious tone is what i remember from early RTS games, including RA and C&C.. u guys don't remeber that? I find it kinda neat :D "

   Yup, that sure was serious. Those cut-scenes just seem campy in the wrong way.
Posted by Tordah

Very informative quick look. I can see this kinda gameplay getting old fast. Such a bummer that they had to ruin a working gameplay formula like this.

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red alert 2 was the best 

Posted by MmmSkyscraper

The wife is super creepy.

Posted by DavidSnakes

This is one of the most depressing things I've ever seen

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

The cutscenes are like all the bad movies on the Scifi-Channel. 
Posted by illmatic19

Best week for quick looks?

Posted by Chewii101

Ugh. UGH! I can't watch this anymore. Where's Brad and that SC2 beta?

Posted by AllThatBacon

Hm. Where's the actual... "star" power? Like, at least C & C 3 had Billy Dee and Ironside. This game has got nobody that's recognizable. Did they give up on getting anybody like that this time? That's a real bummer.
Also, gameplay looks... eh. Jeez. It's a shame they're ending the Kain stuff with this one.

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@insane_shadowblade85 said:

" The cutscenes are like all the bad movies on the Scifi-Channel. *Shudders* "

EDIT: Wait....W3N like WGN? LMAO
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Is it me, or does the skinny dude in the suit in that first Nod cutscene they showed look like he could be the Shamwow guy's brother?  They have freakishly similar features when he makes certain faces.