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Tanks love the woods! They go camping all the time!

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@raiz265 said:

Brad isn't really doing the game a favor.

As always.

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Man, Brad's been damaged by Starcraft... All that clicking!

Also here are some kawaii Soviet partisans from Ukraine

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Please dont let Brad QL Rome 2 Total War when that comes out, lest he compare it to Starcraft and give history lessons about Rome invading Canada.

Posted by Knigge

I'm really getting tired of the Quick Looks where someone (usually just the one person) is "learning" the game. I'd think going into these well-prepared would be far more stimulating, not just for the viewers, but for yourself.

As is, it just comes off as lazy. It's one of the reasons I'm not a premium member anymore.

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This was the most frustrating quick look I have ever watched with one exception: the giant bomb interns playing VTMB was freaking horrific and least Brad and Vinny are funny and we got a (somewhat erroneous) history lesson :)

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The Russian army hard an awful lot of female soldiers.

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What framerate are these videos encoded at? Lately videos on the site are starting to give me motion sickness...

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This Quick Look was so bad I cancelled my subscription!

Well, okay, not just this Quick Look. But there's been a trend recently, and maybe it's just me, but a lot of what I love about Giant Bomb just isn't around as much. I used to watch a QL and see the guys not only having fun but also giving a good impression of what a game was. These days far too often it's "I've only played 5 minutes of this" or "How do I do that?" and generally a really negative vibe about everything.

I still like the site, but it's not what it once was.

Posted by Trilogy

These comments are FAR more insufferable than the GB crew's game play could possibly ever be.

Posted by Protome

Fun quick look, I'm still not really interested in an RTS with so many random elements however.

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I never post in the comments but this QL drove me to.

The problem is, this video was posted along with two great videos by Jeff and Vinney which had me in stitches. It shows the huge difference in quality when Brad is at the helm.

Brad managed to make this game seem the most uninteresting thing on earth and seemed to have no idea what he was doing. Watching someone play a game badly and in a state of total confusion is nothing but pure frustration.

Not to mention it seemed like Vinney was working his arse off trying to inject some energy into the QL but couldn’t save it from Brads apathy.

Couldn’t we have had Drew and Vinney for this one?

Posted by Rowr

"i don't know that i have patience for these games, they're so slow"

Meanwhile brads units are getting trashed because he isn't moving or micromanaging them at all.

I've never played this game and ever felt like things are happening slow, but then again i was PLAYING this game instead of whining about how it isn't starcraft.

Jesus Brad, i really don't feel like you can criticize some of the elements of this game that you do while only seeming to have to most basic understanding of how to play it effectively. Something the campaign that bores you so is actively teaching if you paid attention.

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Proper Giantbomb Style Company of Heroes 2 Quick Look:

... for serious strategy fans, I recommend "Flash of Steel" & Three Moves Ahead Podcast. It's your Shawn Elliott level of CoH and then some.

Posted by RadixNegative2

I would love to take a class with Professor Shoemaker.

Posted by ThreeRoneC

Looks like a cool game. Didn't really get into the first one.

Posted by Fearbeard

Wow, one of the worst quick looks I've seen. Would have much preferred to see Vinny play the game. Let's let Brad stick to Starcraft when it comes to RTS games. Honestly I'd wish they would just scrap this whole thing and do it again with someone who is actually paying attention to how to actually play the game.

At least the multiplayer portion was mildly entertaining. Seeing the tank in action and Brad actually do something right by having it break up entrenched enemy positions was definitely the highlight of the quicklook (and also the only time Brad was playing the game at all intelligently.)

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All the Dawn of War 2 talk made me sad that we never got a TnT for it. Last Stand especially would fit

quite nicely.

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"If I know anything about tanks, they love the woods."
Oh Vinny. *swoon*

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@endlessmike said:

@thedudeofgaming: We entered the war in 1941 and fought constant battles against the Japanese in the Pacific (distracting them from attacking Stalin and allowing him to move troops from the Manchurian border to the western theatre). Furthermore we invaded North Africa with the British and then, also with the British, invaded Italy thus effectively removing Hitler's strongest ally in Europe. Combined with massive bombing raids across Axis infrastructure and industry (The US produced more aircraft than both Russia and the UK combined) and the D-Day invasion which led to the recapture of France and then the invasion of Western Germany (Yes I realize it was a combined operation of all the allies, not just the US). Furthermore from even the early days of the war we were shipping massive amounts of munitions, supplies, and industrial equipment to all allied countries, including almost 4 million tons of goods to the USSR (which was sent free of charge btw). I understand that its easy to hate on America and try to limit their importance in the war but their impact was massive.

From the Russian perspective i could see how most of the American war effort in the west prior to d-day seemed unimportant as it failed to draw a significant amount of german ground troops away from the east. The African and Mediterranean theatres, did however cost hitler a large part of his luftwaffe and help drain Germany's oil reserve which in turn was a big factor in wining the eastern front.

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Watching this started giving me motion sickness. So much quick panning from area to area.

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@dezztroy said:

All the Dawn of War 2 talk made me sad that we never got a TnT for it. Last Stand especially would fit

quite nicely.

Hey, DoW2 is still around. Why not have a TNT? I'd love to get in on that action.

Posted by PlaydohCutter

I like the history talk

Posted by AllenGeralt

This QL is terrible, thank you Brad!

Posted by LauriPoika

Ugh. Deep breath. I'm really glad CoH2 got a QL and thus a little bit more exposure since I think it's well worth people's attention at least (flaws and all). I'm well aware that the format is supposed to be more of a first impression than anything remotely definitive or a display of glorious multitasking skills. But this time it all got dangerously close to not even giving the slightest fuck about checking out a game and giving it a fair shake. You're already aware of the significance of cover yet you show no signs of actually utilizing it, you're aware of the massive focus on tactical saviness and directional positioning but you're not even trying to get into that (favorite derp moment: "let's send the mortar to the frontlines!!!"), you call the MP slow-paced when you already fought and lost 3-4 major early game skirmishes within 5 minutes of play etc.

This is not an oldschool, generic RTS with a WW2 skin by any stretch of the imagination. It's fair to dislike it for that - I'm actually the same way in the sense that I have a hard time getting into SC-esque, base-building-heavy, spammy RTS games nowadays. Few people love both variants at the same time I think.

I hope I don't come off as too much of a whiny bitch and I'm not trying to hate on anyone but it saddens me a little to see such a focus on mainstream games like SC2 and DOTA that really don't neccessarily need even more exposure and other slightly more obscure games like CoH2 getting pushed to the sidelines (even on GB) despite being unique, interesting and well-made in many respects as well.

Good on you for giving it a shot at all though and, to be fair, you clearly stated your lack of experience with it and actually reached a nice, level-headed conclusion in the end. Hopefully that'll be enough for some potential fans to get some more info on the game.

So much truth in this post.

Posted by Humanity

@thedudeofgaming: Late reply as Notifications aren't working but you're kidding right? The US involvement in the Middle East both now and during the days of Bush senior are in no way comparable to the atrocities committed by Soviet soldiers at the orders of their government in the Eastern Front after and during the war. Also saying that the German POW's had it coming is ridiculous. The one thing that should distinguish the "good" guys from the "bad" guys is an ounce of humanity in how they deal with the opposing side. Russians both directly and indirectly killed thousands. A lot of German soldiers were simply young men drafted into the army and forced to fight a war they didn't even want and they certainly didn't deserve to die by being packed into trains like animals and being forced to drink their own urine as they were transported to inhumane labor camps where a majority of them would die regardless.

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Nice quick look. Pretty sad people are getting upset for someone 'not playing the game properly'. They didn't shit on the game and had a fair conclusion at the end. Loved the history talk too

Posted by MelficeVKM

I've never played an RTS before but this looks kinda neat. Not a big fan of the WW2 setting though

It's true Brad was iffy in this quicklook (which is a pity because I usually enjoy his content) but some of the comments here are a bit melodramatic. Also, tanks love the woods.

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Posted by Skeletor9000


I feel like this review kind of did a disservice to the game. As many others have stated, it's not his RTS cup of tea and it felt like he was really phoning it in. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but as a longtime fan of Relic-style RTS games, I hope CoH2 succeeds financially despite what I perceive as a lukewarm media response.

Otherwise I'll never get Dawn of War III. :(

Posted by dox

I think Brad's opinion on this game is "uhg it's not Starcraft". That was annoying to listen to.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Vinny getting his history larnin' on in this.

Posted by KDR_11k

Yeah they had to evacuate a motorway cross here because of a WW2 dud bomb.

Posted by MeAuntieNora

A tank cannot be killed...


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Soviet Union faced at one time around 200 German army divisions on the Eastern front, whereas Americans and British faced at most 15. Germans were invaders and left many scorched ruins with hundreds of thousands of casualties instead of rescuing people downtrodden by communism. I understand that atrocities were committed on both sides and history written with large redaction by the victors, but a lot of Germans were enthusiastic supporters of Nazism and fascism and brought Hitler into power, and at best indirectly associated with plunging the world into another war and murdered 6 million Jews. To say otherwise is whitewashing history. They wanted retribution and war to avenge humiliation of losing world war 1 and Hitler gave them one.

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@nekuctr said:

Brad please, less time recalling your extensive Wikipedia knowledge, more time focusing on the Quick Look.

Please Brad, disregard this post. I like hearing about video games, but love it when Brad and Vinny go off cuff and talk about science and history.

Posted by Fiyenyaa

Why would you put the mortar in the front? Why Brad, why? :(

Posted by porousshield

Wow. The comment section for this game is crap almost to the levels of the Persona Endurance run where everyone was telling the guys how to play the game the "right" way.

Also, The Eastern Front, and The Second World War has been done to death in games and I cringe a little every time I see that it's the setting for a game.

Posted by MrJorOwe

Now that Patrick is gone we're going back to "Brad is bad at games", huh?

You either get QL's like Motorbike and occasionally a 'bad' QL of a big game, or everything is rehearsed to a tee and is boring as hell. Don't wach Brad quick looks if you don't like him, plenty other footage of this game.

Posted by Scubasteve1974

This defiantly wasn't a good game for Brad to quick look. Vinny sounded way more interested in it. CoH is probably going to be a hard game to really get until you try it yourself, but its the best RTS there is.

Posted by SuperTess

I think the Informative Drew Chime-In is becoming my favorite Quick Look feature.

Posted by leebmx

Hey @brad if you want some good books to read about the Russian front or the war in general I really think you can't do any better the Anthony Bevor's books Stalingrad and Berlin: The Downfall. The really manage to give you the big picture along with a sense of people's personal experiences. Stalingrad is one of the most harrowing books I have ever read. So amazing.

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This defiantly wasn't a good game for Brad to quick look. Vinny sounded way more interested in it. CoH is probably going to be a hard game to really get until you try it yourself, but its the best RTS there is.

As someone who have never played any of the CoH games I would agree on the Brad part. Isn't the whole point of a quick look is to get a good sense of what the game is about? (systems and ect) I Understand that they have to produce content. but for a 46 minute quick look, I literally didn't learn anything about the game (aside from, oh it's like the old one) Brad might have played a round or two of skirmish matches, but he seemed just as oblivious.

Posted by n0nametaz

Why do giant bomb videos keep pausing and repeating a few seconds every once and awhile?

Posted by courage_wolf

I wish this game had been Dawn of War 3 instead of Company of Heroes 2. I love these mechanics in DoW2, but the World War 2 setting kills any interest I might have had. Hopefully Games Workshop didn't pull out the rug after THQ fell apart and Relic gets to make Dawn of War 3 soon.

Posted by danimal_furry

In Soviet Russia, women served side by side with men. It's not fiction. There was a lot of war nookie going down in that time.