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Posted by DoctorWelch

QL of CoH you say? How about History with Professor Bradley Shoemaker?

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More Vita quick looks please!

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Hey guys I just want to give you a shoutout for exposing me to Hardcore History, I've been listening to some of those podcasts and they're fucking great :)

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Posted by BisonHero

I've never had to say this before, but this isn't even really a Quick Look. Brad just seems to assume the audience must have played the first Company of Heroes. Zero explanation of the game, zero discussion of the game.

Man, Brad, if you really want to just prattle off a bunch of World War 2 history factoids, then make a "Brad Prattles off World War 2 history factoids" stream, so I can skip it. Then have someone who cares actually do a Quick Look of Company of Heroes 2.

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*hey I really should pay more attention to the game*

*proceeds to ignore talking about the game*

Oh Bradley.