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Surprise Monday Quick Look!

Posted by san_salvador

Surprise QL? O.O

Posted by TrafalgarLaw

Hey! Looks cool.

Posted by noizy

Whooo. The Incredible Machine Encyclopedia Bombastica.... Oh.

Posted by Winsord

Quick look on a Monday!

Posted by Marz

used to play incredible toon machine for a good portion of my youth! this looks alright.

Posted by forteexe21

I actually get to watch something at the start of the week?! YAAAAAAAYYY!!

Posted by magicwalnuts

I fucking LOVED The Incredible Machine when I was a kid.

Edited by mlarrabee

Psh, flashlight through the magnifying glass to light things is, like, basic TheIncredible Machine stuff.

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Oh, I bet this isn't supposed to be posted right now. Works for me though.

Posted by cb1115

quick look on a Monday? Jason doing work outchea.

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@noizy said:

Whooo. The Incredible Machine Encyclopedia Bombastica.... Oh.

that's what i hoped it was too.

Edit: some of the same guys eh? Cool!


Neats - Man, watching this has me wish for a new version of Armadillo Run

Edited by cooljammer00

Isn't this technically an Unfinished? The game is still Early Access.

edit: guess not. carry on.

Edited by TruthTellah

"Oh, yeah, oxygen does the fire thing." is my favorite quote from this.

Also of note, Rube Goldberg was a real man who famously used overly elaborate systems which did simple things as part of entertaining people and satirizing the government.

Posted by SupernormalStep

afraid to watch, too nervous. I did all the character designs on this game.

Posted by Domineeto

The 'phew' at the end of a level sounds exactly like Drew.

Posted by JordanaRama

afraid to watch, too nervous. I did all the character designs on this game.

Hey thats super rad.

Posted by Vuud

I spent hours and hours playing the Incredible Machine so this looks alright by me.

Posted by Jeverage

This is a strange time for a Quick Look what's happening I'm scared

Posted by TruthTellah

afraid to watch, too nervous. I did all the character designs on this game.

Spoiler: They seemed to dig it.

Posted by 49th

Content on Monday!? Huh

Posted by fisk0

I also loved The Incredible Machine as a kid. Not sure if it's something I need in my life at this moment, but I'm happy the genre is still around.

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"Turkey baster."

Posted by DorkyMohr

This is no BAD RATS, sir.

Posted by Nigthguy

Boy did I play the hell out of The Incredible Machine when I was younger. Definitely gonna be getting this.

Posted by MeatsofEvil

Am I the only one who thought the title was: "Contraception Maker"?

Posted by someoneproud

A new Incredible Machine!? Get in!

Edited by HerbieBug

I keep reading this game's title as Contraception Maker also. And then I start thinking about DIY contraception with handy household items. Why pay for expensive brand name condoms when you can get a giant box of medical gloves and some vinyl tubing and some scissors and tape you could and so on and so forth disastrous sales pitch. :p

@supernormalstep No worries! You did fab!

Posted by myrealnameisdj

"This is my home improvement fan-fiction."


I just saw this on an old Unprofessional Friday from last year that I just so happened to watch. Vinny was playing it.

Edit: Nevermind. Just started watching and they mentioned playing this before.

Edited by Mr_Creeper

Not for me, but there's some creative stuff in there.

Posted by IcyEyes

afraid to watch, too nervous. I did all the character designs on this game.

That makes sense. You worked on the mobile version of the Incredible Machine, right? What exactly does character design in a game like this encompass? I don't think I've seen any "characters" in the video so far.

Posted by GoombahMIke

I read this as "Contraception Maker" not once but TWICE.

Posted by arx724

I feel like this would be a better game if it gradually taught you more tricks and introduced new items in tutorials in between normal levels. Being front-loaded with several dozen 20-second puzzles just doesn't seem very fun.

Posted by SupernormalStep

@icyeyes: the little dude and all the animals. And yeah I worked on the mobile incredible machine too doing pretty much the same thing.

Posted by ShaggE

"MAAAAATH!" - "DJ Jazzy" Jeff Gerstmann, Giant Bomb.

I haven't played a game like this since Incredible Toon Machine, but this seems awwwwwwright.

Posted by SpaceRunaway

@dorkymohr: I came into comment just to make a Bad Rats reference. Should have known I needed to be quicker than that.

I too played a lot of the Incredible Machine, and much more of the Incredible Toon Machine. I don't know if it's a genre that still appeals to me, but I have a lot of fondness for those games, so I'm glad someone out there is still doing it.

Posted by sub_o

Contraception Maker. Use goat intestines.

Edited by MeAuntieNora

@fisk0: Haha totally!

When I was 7 or 8 I spent the night at a friend's house and we pulled a video game all-nighter (my first but certainly not my last...) Super Mario RPG, Uniracers, PC bullshit... I think the biggest chunk of time was spent playing The Incredible Machine. When I first saw that game I was completely taken in by the concept. It was the sort of game I felt like I could play forever.

But deeper on in the game (I dunno, 20? 100 puzzles in?) the designers got nefarious. My friend was a legit genius and made short work of some tricky puzzles that I had barely even absorbed, but soon enough we were both raging at how byzantine and difficult they really get. Like, later puzzles looked like screen-filling nonsense and the framerate went in the shitter and I'm still not sure if they were just trolling people who played that far.

Yeah, I'm definitely not touching this one with a 10-foot pole, but I'm also really into it existing.

Posted by Scotto


afraid to watch, too nervous. I did all the character designs on this game.

Don't be. They loved Toolman Tim.

Posted by evilboy2000

This game doesn't look bad, but I don't see why it's not free to play. I distinctly remember playing a similar game with my niece from some website she goes to for free games. It definitely looks like a free HTML game or like something for a tablet...

Posted by WrathOfGod

Surprise Stealth-Vinny sighting!

afraid to watch, too nervous. I did all the character designs on this game.

You did great! I love that cat.

Posted by csl316

I read this as "Contraception Maker" not once but TWICE.

I read it as Contraception basically every time I see the title.

Posted by bybeach

No call of duty ghosts, I just want the good stuff........

Posted by drockus

The Incredible Contraption Maker? It's been a while, but what makes this different from The Incredible Machine? Looks cool anyhow.

Posted by Pozo

You get two copies for $14.99 on Steam. Wasn't mentioned in the Quick Look.

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