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looks like a pretty cool game.

Posted by MormonWarrior

Oh, Clothing Party! I thought this was something else...

Posted by is343

"Great. Let me join your clothing party."

Posted by DarkbeatDK

When I saw the trailer that started with "Double Fine Presents" I immediately said "SOLD!"
After watching the Quick Look I'm even more psyched.

Posted by JacDG

Wow, this looks amazing, actually!

Posted by ICryCauseImEmo

ughh are you joking me, this is a baboing buy <3

Posted by Castiel

Oh I'm gonna get this game. 
I love Psychonauts, it's one of my all-time favorite platformers, and I hope they make a HD re-release of that game.

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Was a tad weary of a non-Schafer helmed Double Fine production, couldn't be more psyched after watching this. A cutesy, funny RPG with Paper Mario-esque timing elements that features a Metroid-styled exploration/area unlock mechanic? This game could not be more "me".

Posted by His_lane

Could the text get any smaller?

Posted by Vinny_Says

Vinny and Ryan know how to make quicklooks!

Posted by Darknight630

I only got up to the part with the Mech and I was sold. Can't wait to pick this up :)

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I was hugely skeptical before seeing this quick look, but the game looks great!!!

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I want this game so bad now!

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Wow I think I have found my ideal game. I can't wait for this.

Posted by D_W

This game looks like so much fun.
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Great idea for a game, especially since it's one I had years ago.  Oh well, glad to see it got made by somebody.

Posted by blacklab

Fuck candy corn, seriously.

Posted by SumDeus

Where the fuck did this come from?! It's fucking awesome!

Posted by Indiana_Jenkins

I had no interest before seeing this quicklook. Come Halloween, I will definitely be playing this game. 
Also, candy corn is awesome.

Posted by cassus

Man, this game is the SHIT! This kind of reminded me of the penny arcade rpg at first, but this is even more awesome.

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Such a whimsical game. Looks really good.

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Double Fine does it again? :3

Posted by WEGGLES

Starting out  
"Aw this looks awesome/charming/cute" 

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@shadyspace: I think you meant "wary"? And everything Double Fine produces is ultimately overseen by Schafer since it's his studio, so I'm not sure what you mean there.  If anyone at Double Fine doesn't share Tim's vision in some way, that's clearly because he wants them there for balance, no?
Posted by CookieMonster

Wow, this looks really good. Could do with a map though, and I hope its 10+ hours of rpg action. 

Posted by TechSamurai

This was an instant purchase until I heard it was only single-player.....it looks like a game built for multi-player.

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this game looks so cool 

Posted by drac96

I already wanted this game, but this quick-look makes me so much more excited!

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This just looks so incredibly good I can't wait to buy it. Day one purchase- this, I vow!

Posted by oneman_nohorse

Candy corn fucking sucks. Its so gross.

Posted by Wes899

day one perch

Posted by TheMathlete

They're right, candy corn is terrible.
Posted by turboman

I really love what this looks like... but it needs voice acting.

Posted by shiro11

This thing looks great, and candy corn is underated

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This looks so rad. Day one for me.

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Looks awesome.

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ok, i want this game

Posted by jozzy

My kids will go crazy over this one, and unlike those pesky lego games, I will probably enjoy this a ton as well!

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Ahh mah Gawd, so many quick-looks today! And they all feature Vinny! Yay! 
Also, soooo many RPGs I need to burn through, but this game looks great, and will get for sure.

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Screw you guys, Candy Corn is great. 3 Musketeers too! You guys have no taste in candy. 

Posted by dvdwalker8

Looks cool. A map and some voice acting would be nice though.
Posted by Onigenko

Wow, this seems amazing. Day one!

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This game looks really awesome and a lot like Earthbound

Posted by Shadow

 FUCK YES THREE MUSKETEERS IS THE WORST!  Thank you.  It's like the shitty part of a Milky Way, but an entire candy bar of just that.

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Clothing party?

Posted by scarace360

Can i play as a slutty nurse?