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God quick looks everywhere!

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So many Quick Looks! I love it!

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It good I'm not fussed about the FIRST quest, cos you lot are quick. I'm interested in Costume Quest though.

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I'm loving this friday upload madness!

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YAY!  I love this game.

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Ok this game looks fantastic.

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Quick Looks, Quick Looks everywhere.

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lol i'm loving the comments more than this QL

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Right when I have to go to work there has to be some awesome looking QL's. 
Tonight will be a special night!

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Wow, QL galore today!

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Ok, I'm going to buy this game. 

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Oh god so many awesome quick looks today :O

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This is probably the best Friday ever.

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WOOOHOOO YEA best friday

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Makes me think of the Penny Arcade game, which is a good thing.

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2 minutes in, fuck this game looks awesome

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The battle system looks like the Sonic RPG.  Sweet!

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This game looks awesome. TIm Schafer making an RPG? Sold. 
EDIT: Ok, even though Tim Schafer didn't make this it still seems like his game.

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man, i love Halloween

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Now give me Game Room QL and I'm done for the week

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Random Encounter: Throng of Quicklooks 
Engage?: Yes/No

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I want this game so bad right now.  I can't believe how good this game looks. 

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When is this out? I want it!

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This looks super awesome. When does it come out?

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Lotta Quick Look today! Thank you, Giant Bomb. You're my favorite.

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I love these Vinny/Ryan quick looks. Best team up in my opinion.

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Yo wikipedia tells me that this game is, in fact, being released Oct. 31.

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@august said:
" Yo wikipedia tells me that this game is, in fact, being released Oct. 31. "
So does the game page on this very site.
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This actually looks interesting.

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This looks amazing. Looks like DoubleFine's move towards developing four simultaneous smaller and varied games is already paying off. I can't wait to see what other awesome idea's come out of there. Despite what you think of their past work, I'd think people would agree their past games were based off some fucking awesome ideas, and this new strategy should only let us see some more badass creative stuff. Always excites me to see fresh games, as opposed to seeing clones of other games (like Medal of Honor ripping Call of Duty) and endless sequels, although those can be pretty rad too.

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Thank god a good quick look, i was getting scared after the pet, wii, def jam and the nxe QL's, game looks incredibly fun!

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I'm so glad to see Vinny quicklooks again!

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Damn, this game looks dope as hell. :)
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I WANTED to hate this because I felt scammed by brutal legend and HATED the writing in deathspank but this looks awesome.

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Didn't think much of it when they first announced it, but I actually qant to check this out now.

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Wasn't sure about buying this before watching, but now I'm day one.

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Oh my god, it looks fucking fantastic.  Lack of a map seems a little annoying, but not enough to put me off a purchase.  I love the idea of a bite-size RPG, and it's sooooo adorable!

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this game is adorably awesome.

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As long as Doublefine doesn't turn this into a RTS halfway threw, I am in.

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WTF they hate candy corn?!?!
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Finally a game about one of my favorite holidays as a kid. I still love Halloween and the Autumn season. Can't wait to download this! I'm glad that Double Fine is making up for the complete failure that was Brutal Legend.

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"It's just gonna keep going forever, until it ends" 
Deep, Ryan.

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Is this video not working for anyone else?

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Ryan and Vinny tastes in candy are somewhat questionable. 
But this game looks preety tasty!

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eat-more is the wrost, hands down