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This looks amazing I have to say.

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Robot action

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I love me a 3 Musketeer Bar...mmm, nougaty.
This game looks great.  I can't wait for some Double Fine downloadable goodness.

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This is a day-one purchase for me. I love Psychonauts, I love Brutal Legend, and after Brutal Legend I decided I would buy any Double Fine game day one blind.
As for the release date, I asked Tim Schafer about it on Twitter and he said the game would be out before Halloween. 
Normally, I skip games at the $15 price point unless they're really good, but this one...I'll pay any price for Costume Quest. $20? Sold. $50? Sold. My soul? Sold.

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Definitely going to get this. I've had 20$ sitting in my PSN account for some time, now there's finally a game worth spending it on.

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This feels so much like psychonauts. I hope it does much better.

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My MOST looked forward to game this holiday season!

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@BigBob said:
" I was mostly indifferent about this game before, but now I've been swayed.  I need this game. "
Dude, yes!
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Day one! This looks awesome! 

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This looks amazing!
Double fine can do no harm

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Stoked for this

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candy corn is overrated. Old fashioned chocolate bars FTW!

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im all for any rpg with almond joys.

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Yep, getting this for sure.
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oh my god this looks amazing!

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This reminded me a lot of Calvin and Hobbes.  It had the same magical feeling to it, especially in the imaginative fight scenes.

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Day One purchase

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@MithrilMojo said:
" This reminded me a lot of Calvin and Hobbes.  It had the same magical feeling to it, especially in the imaginative fight scenes. "
I love the sense of whimsy that Vinny brings to the table. Not just here either. Then again, he's also the foul-mouthed one. Truly a multi-layered dude.
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I wasn't %100 sold on this, but this video just sold me. I'm buying this TONIGHT!

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what the fuck. 3 musketeers is NOT the worst candy bar.

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played it 
bought it
played it more
continued playing it
eventually stopped at 4am
went to work
co-workers hate me for talking about it all the time
sleep :P

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 This game was short, but I loved it. People should buy this game, simple as that.
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Picked this up on Saturday, finished it on Sunday. The game is outstanding! easily my favorite XBLA game this year!

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god looks quick everywhere
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Looks totally awesome. Need to get this.

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I will download this free on PSN + tonight, you guys have convinced me. And Yes im watching this in 2012!

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I remember watching the QL for the first Costume Quest over and over when it was posted because it was so cheerful and reminded me of the excitement of being a kid on Halloween. However, I developed an intense craving for Halloween candy.