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Counter-Strike on a console? Preposterous!

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All it took was one round in the beta version to know that Counter-Strike is still not for me.

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Finally! Been waiting for a Quick Look of this. I wonder if its any good.

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00:49 - Vinny?

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Brad, Jeff and Drew? A new combination?

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I used to play Counter-Strike professionally in Scandinavia, had our fights with sK who were little babbies on the field when they came, and if you're after the competitive feel and best flow, 1.6 is still the purest most competitive version of it, CS Source is far from it, and CS:GO is basically a spinoff. I don't hate it or mind it but it feels *off* bigtime.
Shame there's still no cs_siege.  Rest in peace n0thing.
e: and wtf was up with the HL2 Steam etc launch in the US? It went flawless over here. Maybe it's a US internet only deal.

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"That guy is wearing... a mask" nailed it Drew

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Synchronized: What?

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I don't know if its cross platform, but on ps3 you have to sign in to steam, and it has mouse and keyboard support.

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Looks like some Counterstrike-ass Counterstrike.

Elo is the name of the guy, not an acronym, by the way.

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For some reason I get excited to hear Drew on Quick Looks. And Bombcast. In fact we need a 200% increase on the site.

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I've commented on this video.

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Go go go!

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May buy this when it's 5 bucks on Steam in 6 months. Played the XBox version and it was awful. Just doesn't translate well to console.

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So much Brad pulling is sure to ensue!

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@RainbowRaccoon said:

I've commented on this video.

Made my day.

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I'm right there with you on cs_assault Drew, it's one of the very best maps in all of CS.

de_aztec is also totally sick.

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Glad that Valve is going back through some of the earlier games like this & making sequels to them, definitely sounds like the mods are the way to go on playing this but for some reason I could never get into the CS over other shooters. Great quick look on the gaming history & game capture of Drew, Brad & Jeff.

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Watch this game take a massive dive in players cause it sucks.

Just stick to 1.6

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Brad: "No sprays in this game"

Drew & Jeff" "Whaaaaat"

Nice falsetto guys.

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My favourite thing in CS:S were the sprays. And the flashlights. Any game with flashlights and sprays is the game for me

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On a console, I would pass on this game unless you REALLY want CS and don't have a bargain bin PC. This game belongs in a museum! I mean on PC...

Also, I remember recording old SNES footage with a VCR for my own viewing/my friends' viewing. Too bad Fraps isn't that great, but they have good capture cards now, you just need money...

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I'm disappointed. fy_iceworld Drew! In my mind custom maps was all CS was about.

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Drew continues to be amazing. Always have interesting things to say.

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Looks fun.

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Great thumbnail as usual

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I'm a fan of the "There are no rules... but here's the list of rules because come on guys, let's be fuckin' reasonable here" approach Jeff describes at around 31:00.

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I totally had that pulse rifle from Aliens as my AK too! Only in like CS 1.3 or something. It was big, block and green. I also had awesome berettas and stuff. Those were the days.

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I am too slow!

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I've put over five hours into Global Offensive and thus far I am enjoying more than Source (48 hours on Record), and 1.6 (only played 1.6 for no more than 10 hours though). Yes there are going to be issues with Global Offensive, but there were issues with all the other Counter-Strike games as well. People tend to forget why 1.6 is even called 1.6, that .6 means the game received a massive update six times. For everyone denouncing Global Offensive so quickly, give it some time and a few updates.

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de_jeepathon2k was the best map

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If this was not under the Counter Strike brand, I think a lot more people would be calling out how average this game looks graphically at least. Game play looks fine.

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They're talking about how console players are playing with controllers, but I know that at least the ps3 version has m&k support.

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I guess nobody cared about cs_italy2, was huge from where i am.

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awp_map_fair, fy_iceworld and cs_assault were my favs!

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I never really cared for Counter Strike. I was a Firearms guy.

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Ha! Electric Light Orchestra! Drew obviously knows good music.

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Man, when I preordered this and played the beta I just got destroyed. I also kinda thought the game would be... More different, I guess. It seems, from what I can recall playing CS Classic back in the day, more or less the same thing with upgraded graphics. I'm sure there are more differences, but I wasn't really able to discern them in the time I spend running around unable to hit anything.

Also since it's launched I haven't been able to connect to a game.

edit: oh, "browse community servers" is a server list. I thought that was some steam groups thing. That should help. Too bad L4D2 still doesn't have a server browser~

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Why would you play CS instead of MW, CoD or Battlefield? I have never tried it before, but tried out the trial. I found it boring and not very "modern" looking. Why aren't the graphics better???? Framerate i quess, huh??!!

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The models should have shadows and nice QL. Drew made me nostalgia all over

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Hey, Brad played pretty well on Arms Race. Or everybody else was real bad. Don't know which.

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I didn't know CS had a huge custom map community....

Wait, what?

With each Quick Look, I realize I'm more and more distant from the Giant Bomb staff.

24 hour fun map servers were all I played on in my non-competitive days. helms_deep, isengard_battle, as_crazytank (1, 2, 3), de_tot, air_fight, ship_fight, ow_cc_even_owyer... the theme is pretty much every Nipper map ever made.

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brad is just smoooking fools on this QL.

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It always seems as if I'm one of the few Germans who never cared for CS. But I still got to play tons of fun maps, gun games and other maps than de_dust on lanparties. You seem to paint a much more reductive picture of the game than it really was.

But yeah, there used to be a huge split between 1.5 and 1.6 players thanks to the inclusion of the tactical shield. No idea what it's like now.

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