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Finally, I got it.

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@Video_Game_King said:
" Finally, I got it. "
Congratulations on achieveving!
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You took your time.
PS. Dave is THE king.
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cool, was looking forward to this

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Awesome demo.

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These are the two wrong guys to play this demo with both of their hunt and love of orbs.

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On my Japanese 360, the Demo totally boots up as Riot Act 2,

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I just used to kick people in the 1st one.

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Looks like shit

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"Why would you select anything but the head" 
 Brad obviously didn't play much crackdown. If you are not close to the enemies you select tthe body because you hit more and lock on faster.
I hated this demo even if I loved the first game. Feels like they did everything wrong compared to the first.

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30 minutes is way too short for this. I did the infinte time glitch and I enjoyed it way more.

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Crackdown 2 is far too similar to the first one IMO, and the aiming feels worse

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Loving the demo. I've been using the "glitch" to play for as long as I want. :) 
Can't wait for the 6th. 
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A quick look to go along with the glorious feeling of Italy being knocked out?  I'll take it.

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This game *looks* awful.

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Btw, I love the graphics in this game and its art style. I disagree with those who think it looks anything other than awesome. 
It's not a "graphics king", but the draw distance, improved scenery detail from the first (#2 has individual blades of grass), more NPCs on screen each with their own functioning AI. 
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this quicklook made it look much better than the user videos on youtube. That ibber shotgun was awesome

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Nolan North at 14:11!

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Yeah..that....doesn't look so great. 
Perhaps it plays a lot better than it seems.

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OMG this game looks mediocre. One game I'm not sad that there isn't a PC version. It looks so boring!

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@phrosnite said:
" OMG this game looks mediocre. One game I'm not sad that there isn't a PC version. It looks so boring! "
Yeah, that's pretty much how I feel about it. I don't think I ever will really understand Brad's love for the game, or for "orbs". I quite like the announcer, though. :)
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wow, watching Brad play this is torture!!

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I did the unlimited time glitch and like over 150 orbs.
I can't wait for this game, it's so much fun.

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This stupid demo took the 6 achievements that I had already earned away. Otherwise it's pretty good. The aiming is weird but at least in the full game, when it decides to target a car for no reason, you'll have the rocket launcher.

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Brad your like a squirrel with ADD when it comes to those Agility Orbs!

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First one was good. This one is bad. Various reasons accompany my opinion but I don't think you have to hear them because it's quite obvious.

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Why is Seth in crackdown? 
Sonic boom!

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@Vinchenzo: Its actually not that obvious. Please, explain.
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Was not impressed by the demo at all. It felt really bland and lifeless. Hope the retail game is somewhat better.

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I enjoyed the first one at the time despite its mediocrity but this janky engine does not hold up well after all this time. I've played so many good games since then that I don't think I can get into more Crackdown, especially after playing Infamous and Prototype which have much more satisfying movement.

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Lol, "You were spamming missiles up my wazzo all night....and then we played Crackdown 2".

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Crackdown 2? Looks like Crackdown Redux.
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I didn't like the first one at all and after playing the demo, my opinion hasn't really changed.

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The more i see this game the less i want it

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They made a crappy Prototype clone.  That's weird since this basically plays just like the first Crackdown.  Traversal in open world sand boxes still needs improvements.  Demo was pretty fun though.  I was counting on hearing about a Prototype 2 at E3 but looks like Activision is taking a pass on that..  Keep the quick looks coming.

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Oh Crackdown 2, how you bum me out...it's not even the graphics that are disappointing, looking at it from here you could easily just say "graphics suck" like some broken record, but there is a certain heart missing, i played the demo 3 times and had some fun...stylistically it is bland no doubt, but i prefer the colourful first game. I like the Freaks at night system...but i'd rather play Prototype to get that crowds of mutants fix.
Didn't see your post when writing this but, i totally agree with you.

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For some reason, all this game is making me do is want to play more Just Cause 2. Having never played the original, I'm kinda not seeing the appeal.
Also, firster scum. At least have the minimum courtesy to edit your message to something relevant :/

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Wow. This game looks ugly!

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I played the demo. I did not like it.

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Prototype was awful. Crackdown 2 is vastly superior. Also, there were indeed "freaks" in some part of the last Crackdown if you remember, so Prototype happens to be the "crappy clone" here.
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The achievement thing seems like a scam. Other than that, this game looks really...floaty.

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"Oh! You fool! You Fool!"

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I love the add brad has xD so funny.

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Ugh. My biggest problem is his jumping to ledges. I mean, why couldn't they just have it where once he is in range of a ledge, he'd automatically grab on to it? It looks like a PS2 platformer when the character overextends his or her height and then the bad animation instantly clicks to the ledge (flailing his arms in the air then split second later, he's grabbing onto it). Uncharted and Assassin's Creed does it gracefully fine.

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@glitznglam_style said:
" Prototype was awful. Crackdown 2 is vastly superior. Also, there were indeed "freaks" in some part of the last Crackdown if you remember, so Prototype happens to be the "crappy clone" here. "
awful is harsh on prototype. I'm not calling it great, it had little replay value and the story was a dud but it was fun to play for the first 9 hours it took me to complete it.
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@NoXious said:
"Dave is THE king. "
A.) Of what?
B.) No.
C.) What does he have to do with any of this?