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@NocturnusFatalis said:
" @SuperSambo: Perhaps you misread, or perhaps we simply differ in opinion, I don't know. I said, last gen is when things started looking good, as in, games were 3D, and characters in the games were not blocky. This particular game does not hold up well, but if PS2 games are the standard to go off of (based on what Brad said), Dreamcast was every bit as capable of producing the same quality, and indeed has games (the ones I named) that were on par with just about any PS2 release, and thus would "hold up". Compared to today, of course, last gen's games don't have the same visual flair. "
I totally mis-read, sorry! 
I agree with what you said.
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I used to love the PS2 version. But that was a looooooong time ago.

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Someone made this port in literally 15 minutes.

Posted by Lobst

I literally just hit Goodwill and picked up the Dreamcast version of this for $2. 
If you have a Goodwill near you, I absolutely suggest you take this exact course of action instead of getting this shitty port.

Posted by PAPI_D_187

Why did they re release this hot garbage?

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i love how the October game bonanza just make everyone on GiantBomb happy and enthusiastic again, they are enjoying games again(even the not very good ones like this)! 
my memories of playing  crazy taxy totally enlarge what the games really is

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I used to like this back in the day like Brad and Yeah... this Game does not hold up AT ALL.

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I still have my imported Dreamcast version.

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@ajamafalous: Agreed.
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I'll stick to my Dreamcast and get people to KFC and Pizza Hut while blasting some Offspring and Bad Religion

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I remember playing this game... it was fun. also what jeff isnt doing is the special speed boost that you can constantly do...

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Oh man, the licensed music issue here makes me really worried for a Jet Set/Grind Radio re-release :(

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This version won't cripple my hands like the Dreamcast version did. :(

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What is this? I don't even...

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You want pop-in, I've been playing the original Driver and holy heck, does that have some suddenly-in-your-grill architecture. Seeing whole bridges appear a segment at a time is particularly amusing/scary. Looking back on it, I can't help but wonder how it never bothered me... (obvious answer: nobody knew any better because that was what the tech would allow)

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they should have put more work into re releasing that game i would have payed 1200msp for a verson where the grafix where bumped up a bit and no YEA YEA YEA song WTF that is like what you need to be listing to when you play this game dont make me bust out a dream cast so i can play seaman and crazey taxie 

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Hey Tazzi!

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PSO Ver.2 for Xbox Live. Make it happen SEGA!

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They need to do a shenmue re-release

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Does anyone know where I can find some sailors?

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Nice to know that Brad considers $1300 for three minutes worth of work to not be crazy. I guess Bill Gates makes more a minute. And with no Offspring or name brands I'll stick to my PS2 copy.

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I played this game so much on the Dreamcast, I got to the point where I could literally play the Arcade mode forever; the timer would not run down fast enough. Just constantly pull off Crazy Dashes and you're gonna have some fun
I could never get the timing for the dashes down in the arcades, though. Damn peddles and gear shift.
So I've pretty much had my fill of Crazy Taxi and don't feel a great need to go get this.

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It doesn't seem like Sega has been handling these Dreamcast re-releases especially well. Sonic Adventure cost $10 without wide-screen support and expected you to pay an extra $5 for the DX upgrade, and now they come out with Crazy Taxi with no real updates to the visuals or other features of the game. It's been kind of a bummer.

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I remember really likeing this whwn it was in arcades,but now,meah.
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where is the Harry Potter quicklook?! I demand the Ryan/Vinny combo.

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No Offspring, no sale.

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Ya ya ya ya ya!

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This game was why I was turned off of the Dreamcast. My buddy had it in school, and I thought it was complete garbage.
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What an awful port of Crazy Taxi. The Dreamcast version is a classic. I played a ton of that game. I got spot on with the boosting. This looks like shit and no Offspring: no sale.

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No offspring? No pizza Hut or KFC? Fuck this game. I'll put in my old copy and have a blast.

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They could have at least increased the draw distance.

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Ha! Jeff remembers the Dreamcast bootleg that deleted all but one audio track!

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Another quality release by Sega I see. I think the value of Crazy Taxi was almost instantly negated when GTA3 released and had basically this whole premise as just a side activity with cars that handled better.

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No Offspring or Bad Religion then its just a crappy driving game...

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@NekuSakuraba said:
" I hope they put out more Dreamcast games on PSN and Xbox LIve.  Jet Grind Radio, anyone? "
They better.
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Man, it sucks about all the stripped out stuff from the game. In general, this seems like a very poor port. I might as well just dig out my PS2 copy of the game if I wanna play some proper Crazy Taxi instead of ponying up money for this.

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@NekuSakuraba said:
" I hope they put out more Dreamcast games on PSN and Xbox LIve.  Jet Grind Radio, anyone? "
seeing this and sonic adventure, i hope they don't.
Posted by cooljammer00

Anyone know if the music is from the old game?

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is this a more stable port than sonic?  i've heard complaints about sonic 

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So there making dreamcast games where is 3rd strike.

Posted by yakov456

Ewwww this game does not age well. Wasn't that amazing back then, now, ummm.

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@captain_clayman said:
"is this a more stable port than sonic?  i've heard complaints about sonic  WAIT WAIT.  NO OFFSPRING?  no buy. "

Seconded, I can get that not everyone is an Offsprings fan but it was the music that really made the game for me.
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Crazy Taxi is one of my favorite games ever!  This game is just old school try to beat the clock fun.  I was really hoping we would get a new Crazy Taxi on the Xbox 360, but I guess that isn't happening anytime soon (because sega has better things to do like create more then 2 shitty Sonic games a year!!!).  I also would have liked to see a update that would let Crazy Taxi 3 play on the Xbox 360 (from what I know it does not play on the Xbox 360, if anyone knows different please let me know), but for a Xbox Live Arcade game and PSN this looks like its worth $10 if you really want to play it on your Xbox 360.  Sure they could have given us updated graphics, but at least we got a wide screen setting (again I point out does Sega really put in any work to something that is not a sonic title?), I know the Dreamcast version never had that feature.  So in all truth its not a bad buy, sure it could be better but who would expect Sega to really celebrate there aging gamer series other then Sonic?!?!  
And yes this post does have a unusual amount of Sonic hate, but Sega really deserves it since they have forgotten they have created other classic game series other then Sonic!!  Sega I hate everything that you have become since the Dreamcast's decease.  
With this said my biggest reason to buy this would be just to hope my sale would support Sega to realize that there are other series that they have created over the years other then just Sonic that can sell in todays market, but yea my sale probably would just go unnoticed buy Sega.

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I remember completing the Crazy Box mode on the original Xbox port of this game, which was a pretty decent port back then.

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Offspring MADE this game. Play the 10 minute mode and you will hear "All I Want" waaaaay too much.

Posted by Rodiard

Imagine if this was part of Game Room...

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I enjoy Crazy Taxi, although the controls are a bit clunky, along with the physics.  However, its games like these why I think the Dreamcast is a little overrated.  
I noticed that while this game is widescreen, it doesn't have proper widescreen support; objects will disappear if they're on the edge of the screen. Kind of strange, really. 
So Sega, when can we expect Dreamcast games that don't have a PC counterpart?

Posted by lucas_kelly

What a terrible port.

Posted by Hailinel

It's just not the same without Offspring music constantly blaring.