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Early Quicklook win!

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edit: god damn it!

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This takes me back.

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I feel like hooking my dreamcast up to the tv now for some Crazy taxi and powerstone

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I hope they put out more Dreamcast games on PSN and Xbox LIve. 
Jet Grind Radio, anyone?

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hmm another "awsome" dreamcast game

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Didnt they already do this?

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LoL, the river is the faster way.

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How many Crazy Taxi QL's are we going to get?

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Time to make some CRAAAAAZY money

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something seems familiar
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Hell no.

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Oh, wow. I kinda want to get this because it's something I never really played properly. At the same time, though... It is pretty janky.

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Crazy Taxi was awesome. I had it for my PS2 and remembered the bike taxi and using the chick and picking up fares who were under water.  
And EFF to that Crazy Box mode! I spent so long as a Kid trying to prefect that business. 
I<3'd Crazy Taxi, though.

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I sure do love them lazy ports.

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I was watching this QL and thinking "I could swear I've seen this before in GB". And I was right. There is that QL throwback. And for what I remember, both versions look pretty much the same.

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No "All I Want"? 

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Man, no more YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH at the start of every game you played :( I learned to both hate and love that song.

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No "All I Want"? Eff this game.

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Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi... Fuck that shit, port over Jet Grind Radio and I'm in.

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I love Craxy Taxi! Was thinking of picking this up with the 800 points from the spend >2400 promotion, but who knows, maybe i'll just stick to PS2 and PSP versions.
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@Smiley26 said:
" Early Quicklook win! "
Haha.  Yeah, Jeffs sound effects in the first minute was awesome!  To this day, what makes this game for me, seeing that I have it both on the Dreamcast and Gamecube is kind of the music, and the advertisng.  Yes, it sucks usually and hate any form of it, but in this game with the KFC, Fila, the record store, Pizza Hut, ect; it just worked.
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I thought I had de-ja-vu when this popped up again, but makes sense if its a DC XBLA rerelease.

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@TechnicallyProficient said:
" No "All I Want"? Eff this game. "
This times a million.
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No YAH YAH YAH YAH = no sale

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Think I'll stick with Bloody Good Time on the 360 Live Arcade for about the same price as this flotsam.

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I use to be able to play this game for over a half hour with the arrow and destination markers turned off.  I don't remember it looking this bad. I was really looking forward to getting this game. Don't know if I will pick it up now that I have seen it. 
They need to bring out Power Stone!

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Holy shit, I just realized something. What with Sonic and this and comparing that to the throwback QLs, I was thinking, what other game could we possibly see showing up on XBLA? Aside from the obvious things like, you know... Jet Grind Radio... And you know what?
What if we get Chu Chu Rocket? For real this time? XBLA, online multiplayer? Can anyone see any reason why that couldn't happen, after Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi? It's all in-house Sega, right?

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Gosh, I can't wait to play some Crazy Taxi! My nostalgia certainly is attached 100% to the currently-busted game mechanics and not to the music at all!

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What? No Offspring?
edit. technically DC is same gen as PS2

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No Offspring no sale

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No Offspring and Bad Religion?  Fuck. Off. 
I stil have a Dreamcast and a copy of this!  I ever want to play, I'll the take the 10 minutes to get everything set up.

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I'ma pour one out for YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH

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Haha wow, odd to think we have two Crazy Taxi quicklooks out there.

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Wait, they took out that Offspring song?!

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Yeah, hearing YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH every time I poured in another few quarters and started up the game was kind of key. 
I used to be able to go for like 10 minutes and get an S rank in this game in the arcade - it's all about knowing the shortcuts/destinations and having a route to get everywhere.  But I don't know if I'm up for a crappy port of it - slamming the wheel around and into drive/reverse was also a big part of it.

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No Offspring, no Pizza Hut ,no KFC? More like.. Sane Taxi

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This version of Crazy Taxi is actually worse than the Dreamcast version.
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i think i would buy this for $2.

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Janky re-release... No Sale!

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Oh come on Brad! PSX games look timeless!

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Man, things brings back some good memories.

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One of my favorite games (actual arcade).  If you don't like playing games for score, this probably wouldn't be worth the buy.


I've tried to like Crazy Taxi before but alas it still does nothing for me. Take out the 'Novelty' of Real Life Company Logo's and god-love-em Offspring then it's is even less appealing.

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It should be amazing, but with no offspring and no bad religion...boooo

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Lack of two Bad Religion and two Offspring songs is really disappointing! 

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Crazy Taxi didn't need another quick look. It's not a great game by today's standards.

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Yup, this is still Crazy Taxi alright.