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Starfox with Dragons!?

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If you can't shout "Dracarys" into the kinect, this is a wash.

Edit: Nope, wait, it's a wash either way. Man, I miss Panzar Dragoon.

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Generic comment.

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Dragons and fire and myspace

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@pondwhale: Hahaha, I love it. I wish people would be as honest as you in their comment strategies.

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Looks like garbage

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It occurred to me that the only time I've seen coverage of this game was the E3 reveal and that didn't have any sound during the presentation so... this will be the first time I've seen this game with sound?

Edit: Something about the graphics really bother me. I know it was originally a 360 game but the image quality is just trash. Just screams "releasing this on the XBone for the sake of releasing it on next gen systems!"

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Wow, it took Microsoft a LONG time to get a port of Lair.


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This looks like a great Xbox 1 game. As in the console that came out in 2001.

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This just kind of looks like crap.

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Oh, that's bad.

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This might be the saddest Quick Look I've seen.

Selling extra lives in an arcade shooter is indefensible.

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@deadpan said:

Looks like garbage

What a well thought-out comment.

How about explaining why it looks like garbage instead of crying on every X1 quick-look.

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God... this is such a terrible shame. This was the one game that made me think about getting an Xbone around launch. I loved the Panzer series. I expected this to at least live up to it's predecessors at controls wise.

Between this and Killer Instinct, Microsoft should have had my money at launch, but neither being on disk and only KI being any good, albiet, completely unfinished... It looks like I'll be waiting until Quantum Break to get an Xbone.

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How to train game devs/publishers not to put microtransactions in games people have already paid money for, is the instructional video that actually needs to be made.

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Oh. They finally patched in the sound, eh?

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This looks really quite poor - the sound design is something that really sticks out to me, the bullets especially sound very muted.

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Small fees gate dragons

from blurry forests, "Are you

really going to play this?"

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I'm really starting to feel comfortable about not buying either new system and just keep enjoying 360 and Steam games for now

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Wasn't Panzer Dragoon a pretty great Panzer Dragoon style launch game? :P

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you know whats cool: When Patrick let others talk, pretty cool when it happen.

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One games aren't looking too hot.

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Dragons? Totally real. The prospect of a great Panzer Dragoon-style launch game? Still a myth.

Ethered, ice burn, stole their soul, etc.

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Panzer Dragoon is bad, Crimson Dragon is Panzer Dragoon, Crimson Dragon is bad. People say it's circular logic, wrong, it's the circle of life.

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this is the kind of garbage that gets a 1/5 in my book.

we've seen these attempts before but i never thought we'd see one based on a cult-classic that's being released day & date with a new console.

this isn't a video game, it's a slot machine disguised as one who's sole purpose is explicitly designed to encourage you to keep feeding it coins, never mind the fact you've already paid $20. you can hear the disgust from Jeff loud & clear throughout the video and i couldn't agree more.

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This just looks plain boring. For an arcade-style shooter, the game doesn't manage to generate any action on-screen. The music is oddly calming, these weird blobs they call bullets barely make a sound, there's no impact or feedback on damaging enemies. Child of Eden seemed more exciting.

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Finally a good looking 360 launch game!

Wait... it's 2013 now isn't it?

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Just to put things in perspective, Gamespot Xbox One reviews so far:

Dead Rising 3: 7/10

Crimson Dragon: 5/10

LocoCycle: 6/10

Forza 5: 9/10

Personally, I'm happy Crimson Dragon is getting negative reviews by most reviewers. Sure there's something to be said about them trying to bring back on-rail shooters, but at the same time, ITS NO Panzer Dragoon.

Forza 5 seems to be the launch title to get before any others on the Xbox One, but that's no surprise since the series has been gold from the first game.

Dead Rising 3's 7 makes sense to me based on my opinion of the QL. And bad frame-rate does matter, especially for a so-called Next-Gen console with an 8-Core CPU, powerful AMD graphics, and 8 gigs of DDR3 Ram. Gamespot called it out and properly took a point away for it.

LocoCycle I would still play, regardless of the low score--simply because of how crazy it looks.

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One games aren't looking too hot.

The reviews are making most of them look a LOT better than PS4 games.

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This looks like a phone game in the worst possible ways.

Not only do the visuals (dragons, levels, UI) leave a lot to be desired, but the multi-currency shop and general game design are a HUGE turn off.

I wonder how long before this is offered for free for XBL Gold subs? It seems like it was made for that purpose.

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Nooo thank you. You're crazy Patrick,

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Why do they seem so surprised that most of the Xbox One games have terrible micro-transactions? We're talking about Microsoft here...

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Micro-transactions are the woooooorst.

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This looks bad. Im a huge Panzer Dragoon fan, and this looks bad.

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I was looking forward to this game but hearing about all the different microtransaction bullshit has totally put me off it now. Sounds awful.

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I am an Antibody Antichrist myself.

The game looks disappointing, my thoughts go out to @gregkasavin.

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What the fuck is this travesty? Panzer Dragoon series is your point of reference and you come up with this? I love Panzer Dragoon and this just makes me sad. And angry. And it's not even the microtransaction stuff pissing me off. It's the whole game design.

Boo. For shame.

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I am an Antibody Antichrist myself.

The game looks disappointing, my thoughts go out to Greg Kasavin.

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Iron Galaxy really helping get that Flash up and running on next gen hardware.

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@jedo said:

This looks terrible. You can tell that they are using extreme contrast to try and hide shitty textures, but I think I would prefer shitty textures to the terrible contrast.

Isn't the Xbox One set to ridiculously high contrast by default though? Every comparison shot I've seen between PS4 and Xone versions of multiplatform titles have had ridiculously high contrast on the Xone version.

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Thanks for showing all the micro-transactions and grinding elements... Gamespot didn't touch on them at all in their review...

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this... is... not very good...

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Those achievement notifications are really long, I think "Hold button for details" is not necessary...

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Hot damn this looks like hot burning garbage.