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I've heard a console version is coming in 2010, but I could be wrong.
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There was a game years ago named "Amber : Journeys Beyond" where you could live out the last moments of the dead. Very cool idea and it's nice to see it implemented again.

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"If that were a lightbulb, we'd be talking" They say, mere seconds after turning on a light bulb. :)

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When they opened that door and the axe came down I screamed like a girl, jumped out my chair and hurt my neck by falling face first on the floor. effing boats.
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I come from the future, this is $3 on Steam now.

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I want to watch a dave endurance run of this.

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oh man, i love the differences of opinions here. Dave is giddy as a schoolgirl, vinny's humoring him, but ryan is just NOT having it. hahaha

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Cryostasis is such an amazing game! Definitely one of the best games of 2009 and one of the most unique ever!

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Wait, I didn't reply to this thread already? =/
Anyway, I love this game <3 It has to be one of my favourite FPSs, definitely top 10 material...