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woo mailbag

also resubbed for a year ! double woo!

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woo mailbag

Woo quick look. Wait...

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I've played Curiosity. It's Cow Clicker or AVGM for phones; It's an anti-game experiment which is frankly isn't very interesting.

I can applaud it for not being monetized though. Imagine if Zygna did this...

I wouldn't mind having Clementine's Hat.

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Woo I love Mondays

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Hey, I found a Quick Look inside this Mailbag!

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It's Peter Molyneux's balls. The final block is cleared to reveal Peter's wisened scrotum, suspended by the Kinect™ energy procured by our collective tapping. His balls are captured in real-time, L.A. Noire-style, by a bunch of Kinects networked together in his toilet so that every time he goes to take a steamy dump, it'll be captured and added to the pile at the center of this cube. It's a deep commentary informed by his entire career as a creator. This is his magnum poopus.

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tap dat cube

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Having a real problem getting the non Youtube versions to work properly lately, guess I'll have to wait.

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Seeing the Menu screen of ZONE OF THE ENDERS really maskes me wanna fucking play ZONE OF THE ENDERS.

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does that green box says yo videogames?

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I get the feeling that Curiosity is going to become a complete obsession for Jeff...

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I don't know why, but seeing that Jeff's iPad wallpaper is the Persona 4 cast made me smile :P

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Is this the first IOS quick look on Giant Bomb?

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Alright, a mailbag. Wait, no, it's a quick-look. What?

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Well I guess Patrick is doing the QL for ZOE2

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This is the video link that they will send you.

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I can't wait until there is one little block left and nobody can find it.

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This video loads really sluggish for me, everything else works just fine. Weird.

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The person who finds out the link will NOT keep it to themselves. In the age of Twitter and blogs and all that jazz, it will get out somewhere for everyone to find. That being said, I need to go tap some more...

Maybe the secret is what Meat Loaf wouldn't do for love

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@gbrading: It is monetized. In the most INSANE WAY.

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Been said before I know, but I just hope it's a video of Molyneux talking about his balls. 

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I would love it if the big reveal is just a looping gif of peter dancing and smiling and the trololololo song playing.

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@Phatmac said:

Is this the first IOS quick look on Giant Bomb?


Also Patrick confirmed for Z.O.E. quicklook, I hope Brad is the one to join him rather than Ryan since he's not familiar with the series and I think it'd be more fun to get a newcomers perspective on it.

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PLEASE do something with Lego chess and/or Lego Island!

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Peter Molyneux is insane.


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I want that Clementine cap!

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patrick have zone of the enders HD?

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I'm bitter that I (like Brad) can't get in on this cube-tapping action, so I really hope the secret is that your iDevice gets bricked

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Oh man those Lego games were really good.

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What if the secret is how to bring your dog back to life in Fable 2?

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Error accessing server is my favourite game!

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It'll be a cube with Peter Molyneux face on it.

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Let's see what's in the box!

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I do not see the point or the fun of this cube tapping game...

I need that Clementine cap!!!!

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I am 100% behind mobile gaming being exclusively done on my phone and my tablet. People keep bemoaning the future of handheld gaming not being on dedicated devices, and then there keep being way better experiences on those devices. Oftentimes for 1/10th the price of their 3DS/Vita counterparts.

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I just have to emphasize:



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It's a mailbag! It's a quick look!


Coming to Giant Bomb in 2013: Ryan staring at bags!

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Also thank you Peter Molyneux.

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@simkas: Lego Rockraiders first.

Also the last cube is just textured with the number 42, and the video link is just a link to the movie The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

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Was not going to bother, but Jeff sold me on it. So, installing Curiosity now.

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Go Big Jeffrey.

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What if a dog is the one who clicks the last cube? How will it be able to tell anyone about it? It's well known that dogs in fact cannot speak, or convey even the most basic information.

People shouldn't let their dogs play curiosity is what I'm trying to say. Not only is it reckless, it's also cruel.

Dogs don't understand technology!!!!!!!!!!


@Dagbiker: Rick Roll oh man that'd be perfect. Anyway, if I happened to be the "winner" then I'd post like a little snippet of that video on the internet just to prove it was me, and show it to my nearest and dearest and then try and sell it for someone.

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