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So para para paradise HD huh?
Honestly I think this is way more interesting than dance central even though it looks equally as broken. 
Combine the two ideas and you have a winning formula.

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So close...

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I wish I hadn't stopped watching the live stream now. Sure, these are fine, but I've missed the in between shenanigens. Oh well. 

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Closet one yet :) Love these quicklooks - its why I keep coming back for more ;)

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As a fan of Para Para Paradise, I am SUPER EXCITED to see if this is any good. PPP never had a good home version, and never even had A version in the US.
EDIT:  Man, showing the person on the screen is a huge bummer. Other than that, it's PPP. If I was getting a Kinect, I'd probably pick this up.
Because, honestly, ANY game with Night of Fire is a game I can't hate too much.

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dance dance revolution without the mat? check that only the music reminds me of ddr

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I will take any opportunity I can to hear stupid DDR music.

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Like a lot of people have already said, it looks like Para Para Paradise: Kinect Version. And it doesn't look too bad. Saw a few vids from TGS, and it looked good there; it's just a matter of learning the routines. If I got Kinect, I'd pick this up. To be fair, Naoki's presentation from E3 made me want to pick this up, but I'm not getting Kinect.  
I guess it's Dance Central for picking up and playing it at any time (one player), and Dance Masters for a DDR / PPP experience (two player).
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Thanks for the laughs!

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I have never laughed so hard in a quicklook. But jeff standing on the stage seemed like he is the most out of place person ever. People dancing around him and him just standing look out at the crowd. Haaahhahaha

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I enjoy watching the ladies dance.

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@MooseyMcMan: you can watch all the archive on their jtv page
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I like the idea of "Elite Beat Agents except with your body"  Just get rid of that weird projection crap on the screen.  Get a more varied song selection.  I don't mind the para para stuff, but a wider range would be nice.

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Super excited? Don't you mean BERRY BERRY EXCITE?
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Uh oh. Another quick look that I have to comment on before it even starts. I was watching Dance Central and thinking how much fun it looks, if only it had a soundtrack I cared for.
Then this. L'amour et la Liberté? Exotic Ethnic? Sakura?! It's freaking DDR for the Kinect! I hope this works.. I hope this does something... I hope...
EDIT: Yeah, I kinda figured as much. Thanks, Konami! Well, this oughta be fun to watch at least. And I still have my Cobalt Flux for when I need to keep on movin' on my own. 
EDIT AGAIN: Yeah... I wonder if you can turn off all the jank. Then this might have some ParaPara charm. It's difficult to tell how accurate the "controls" are. If they're good enough, and you can turn off the.. well, the horribleness, then I can see this appealing to some Bemani fans. But it's so not for me. Oh, there it is. Yeah, some of the jank can be turned off, that's good...

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Gameplay looks awesome, but the crappy composite version of yourself HAS to go!

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That's pretty funny ... Dance Central has an amazing intro, and then there's this mess. 

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You can see in the OPTIONS that it says Live Action: On/Off. You can turn off the video of yourself in the game. These guys didn't explore the game thoroughly enough.

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I find this dance master lady highly alluring....

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What the fuck. All of this Kinect launch stuff is so incredibly bad. Makes for some great Quick Looks, though.

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I think the animation is pretty impressive, but the game play seems kind of impossible unless you memorize the whole routine.

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Dance central is better, i think

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That last option screen looked like you can turn off "live action" - I'm guessing (hoping) that's your on screen image. There was also a "mask" option for both characters which could be even weirder.
The problem with the EyeToy / Move games was that you could see your ugly pale ghost frantically waving back at you from a badly lit room. These games are shameful enough to play (with or without alcoholic beverages), you definitely don't want to remind yourself that it is you playing them. 
Love the music and Dave's right we need Ulala back on Kinect - well if they can bring MJ back from the dead, she should be easy.
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@Mesoian said:
" So para para paradise HD huh?  Honestly I think this is way more interesting than dance central even though it looks equally as broken.   Combine the two ideas and you have a winning formula. "
Hell yes.
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@MisterSnig said:
" I will take any opportunity I can to hear stupid DDR music. "
you win! :)
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This girl reminds me of Lili from Tekken 5/6 - 

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Looks like the "Live action" option would get rid of your composite in the dance. That said, how the hell is this coming out alongside Dance Central and expected to make a dime? Brand confusion I guess, the case art is pretty similar to Dance Central.

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I like the music and visual style of this better than Dance Central, but I'm not so sure about the game play.

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@Gizmo: His speaking type is the 'turtle type'  Plenty of lip and tongue action.
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I like how many times "Perfect" appears over a pose where there is clearly room for improvement.

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I said "Castlevania: Judgment" just as Jeff said it.  That tickles me.

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This game looks horrible. The song selection is all techno-trippy raver-ish dance crap, the gameplay looks bad, and the way they've "added" the player into the game is just plain ugly. Just from seeing it in action here, I'd never want to play this game. RUN THE HELL AWAY.

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Jeff needs work on his gentle pressure.
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I got Dance Central with mine, and my room mate is going to get this.  We are both straight males in our early to mid 20's.  There is...something wrong here.  I liked the way DC did stuff more (set list, how it's played, etc.) and he's huge into DDR stuff and this appeals to him a lot more.  Straight up case of different styles appealing to different people.

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The gameplay here actually seems ok. It's a good evolution of DDR into a real dance game, but it's less helpful than Dance Central and that's a shame. Adding the player in is definitely the worst idea. That kills a lot.

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You know, I'm probably gonna get all kinds of shit for this, but I prefer the music here over the DC stuff.  It's ridiculously uptempo and feels like it was designed for crazy ass dancing, instead of being a cobbling together of overused pop music the way Dance Central is.

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I agree with you. Personally, I listen to the radio and go to mainstream clubs as much as anyone, but I am all about uptempo music. I, myself, produce electronic music and also rap, and although this is a little euro for my liking, I still find it to be more in my wheelhouse. Also, to the person who said this is techno raver ishy style crap, maybe you should understand that some people think mainstream pop, soulja boy and his pure lack of any lyrical skills, and anything played 100 times a day on the local radio dial, is pure garbage. Im not arguing the fact that people like what they know,  and yes I listen to it, but I also enjoy multiple genres. Do not be so close minded.
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Agreed. It takes a while to grow on you, but since I let it do so many years ago, I'm now a huge fan of everything that sounds like it came out of DDR or Beatmania. And hey, this did! An interesting thing is that these songs were made, from the start, to be put in video games, so some of them have naturally rising intensity within the song itself. Exotic Ethnic and Sakura are great examples of that.
It's also a great example of music that no one will ever hear on a radio, and that most people will go "what the heck is this?!" upon hearing. But just so happens I love that junk. I kinda hope this does well and encourages Konami to bring out some more obscure/hardcore Bemani music... I guess TaQ and DJ Simon don't make for great para para dancing, but there's some heavier remixes of eurobeat songs that would fit well here, I think. And since Naoki Maeda is the first name you see upon booting this up, the chances are good. He made, like, half of the songs in the entire Bemani series, after all.
Give me Dynamite Rave, at the very least!
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shame this looks so weak mechanically; I loves me some goofy J-pop dance jams.

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@YukoAsho said:
" You know, I'm probably gonna get all kinds of shit for this, but I prefer the music here over the DC stuff.  It's ridiculously uptempo and feels like it was designed for crazy ass dancing, instead of being a cobbling together of overused pop music the way Dance Central is. "
I agree. Up Tempo music is great for this stuff. I love it. Such a great intro. Love pretty much any music with elements of almost any Electronica in it.

Hmm, great songs, pretty good dances and animation, weird-as-hell implementation though. Now to watch the intro again.
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Look at Jeff watching the intro. He's probably thinking "I aint doing that shit".

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Oh dear god  O_o;

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@Branthog said:
" Wow. This dance game is filled with even more douchiness than the last dance game. "
Hey, at least there's no Angel. 
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I think that it's really creepy that all of the animation and models are pretty much the Deadly Premonition stuff with a higher resolution. 

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During the SMILE dk song I thought the lights in the background said "Dance Hamsters" for a bit.  I decided that might be a better game.