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This should be good.

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Please look sexy please look sexy please look sexy!

Edit: Man, that is so WEIRD. Looks like it's playing in fast forward. Still, SOLD.... AGAIN....!

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Yay! I made it home just in time!

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I had better see footage of all the graphical options!

That chromed look on metal really stands out.


This QL has quite a few spoilers, BE WARNED.

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I'm excited to see what this looks like.

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Whoo! Only a couple more weeks until it drops! So excited for this!

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Doesn't look that much better and framerate wasnt that bad on console versions.

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60 fucking frames

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This Quick Look is dark like my soul.

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Video not working for anyone else?

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Interesting... so what were all those Youtubers playing during those demos? This doesn't look as great as I'd have expected.

...not to repeat certain sentiments from a month ago. I really thought the "disingenuous preview" hubbub was unfounded... but the proof is here. Kinda lame.

That being said, this is still of course much better than the consoles, and I may have to re-buy it after I pick up a better graphics card.

edit: @vinny Yeah, I noticed the item descriptions in the loading screen being more robust, as well, when compared to the actual item. Could be intentional; could be that changes were made. Specifically a couple boss soul descriptions.

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@honkalot said:

Video not working for anyone else?

Yeah, not working for me.

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Avoiding spoilers for the game (which in Dark Souls is just about everything) for 6 weeks until the PC launch has been a test of skill in itself. My body is ready.

EDIT: 5 minutes in I get the first spoiler for a partially hidden item bonus. I guess I can only blame myself. I'll check this out later.

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not working for me...

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You are not alone. Not working for me either atm.

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not working here either

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Can someone please show me the mouse and keyboard interface that they were boasting about in their previous articles? Makes me cringe every time I see PC footage with damned X360 controller.

EDIT: I know they showed a bit of keybindings and what not in the QL, but I wonder if they changed the tutorial and all that for M&K accordingly when you plug your controller out.

PS: The game looks pretty good, but I am really bummed as to why they took out the lighting from the E3 trailer..the PC can handle it without any problems..why would you give parity with a version of 8year old hardware? Come on!

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60 glorious frames per fucking second.

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Not working here too,can't see the video,pls fix it!

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Works with progressive High setting. Not with streaming.

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@t3chyt0m said:

Works with progressive High setting. Not with streaming.

I don't have the option to change any settings.

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The real Dark Souls 2 is on the PC! Glad I waited...

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Huh. Definitely looks sharper and clearly runs well, but not as much of a leap forward as I was hoping it would be. Granted, hoping for the PC version to look like the old E3 footage was always going to end in disappointment, I suppose. I'll still be picking this version up, if only for the prospect of reduced lag since my PS3's connection to my router is less than stellar.

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Only Brad would describe a PC port as buttery smooth.

Bless him.

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Kind of less excited about this than I'd hoped, visually, but I'll still buy this game again, if only for the prospects of modding down the road (and the accompanying high-res textures and such). And it's about time for another playthrough.

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Still having troubles with the video? Watch on Youtube - http://youtu.be/t2xPah553Ew

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Those who cant watch: go to another vid and change settings from streaming to progressive then try again

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@mundanetd: But you can't see the 60 frames per second on youtube.

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The framerate on the consoles hasn't hindered me in any way or has it bothered me. I've seen it literally *chug* less than a handful of times. I wish I could play on PC, but I really don't think it is as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be.

I am jealous of the load times though...

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Bearer of...




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I wonder if anyone knows if this game can support 8:5 monitors. My poor 1920x1200 set.

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hollly shit

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My favorite thing about that firebomb guy is that you can actually blow open a hole to that bonfire for a sick shortcut. It was so random the first time it happened, but it isn't at all random. I bet half the people never see it if you didn't happen to get hit by that guy at the right time near those explosive barrels.

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Looks fantastic

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So smooth.

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Now that I'll have all the frames and all of the p's (resolution!) I think I'm ready for my first Souls game

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FYI the end of the video shows a pretty big spoiler if you haven't played the game. Just a heads up.

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Not going to buy this game again. PS3 version served me well enough and I'm almost done with it so I need to move on anyways. Too many games to play. I have re-bought a few pc games in the past for "teh pretty graphx" alone and i need to stop doing that.

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@narujoe93 said:

Doesn't look that much better and framerate wasnt that bad on console versions.

I've played it on console in person and even in this compressed video, the PC is substantially better looking and even if the framerate wasn't that bad, it's still not going to be a smooth 60.

It's not the difference between Xbox 360 and PC Battlefield 4, but it's still big.

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A love that crushes... like a mace.

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@nickhead said:

The framerate on the consoles hasn't hindered me in any way or has it bothered me. I've seen it literally *chug* less than a handful of times. I wish I could play on PC, but I really don't think it is as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be.

I am jealous of the load times though...

Yeah 360 version is fine, never noticed anything really. Also I'm pretty sure the effects that brad was impressed by are in the 360 version too :P It seems the PC has a nice resolution and cleaner textures.

Also wtf was that bullshit about Dark Souls 2 having lower lows than Dark Souls 1? Did they forget about blighttown? Tomb of the Giants? The great hollow? Anor Londo snipers? Dark Souls 2 is a much more consistent experience.

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If you can't watch it here go to Youtube

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@therabidfrog: On youtube you can't enjoy the smooth glory of 60fps.

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Question: does a controller work if you have multiple controller drivers setup on your machine? I know for DS1 required that you only have one controller driver setup on the machine otherwise it wouldn't recognize any of them.

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@masterrain: I believe hes talking about environment art specifically and not gameplay experiences. Some places looking stylistically worse than the worst of the previous game.