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Welcome to die.

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Oh man, so hyped!

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Very good!

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Bought a PS3 just for this game!

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I will watch this when I'm 10 hours in, brb guys

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It's time, it's time, it's souls time!!!!!

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Praise the sun!!

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Get pumped, boi!

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Since I will be waiting for the PC version I guess this will have to tide me over.

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I shouldn't watch this but fuck it. I need to kill a few hours.

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praise the sun

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Surprised GB will cover this game. :P

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Let a tale of floogan begin anew

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<Reserved for insightful comment>

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Floogan? More like Twogan!


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I don't think I've ever seen a comment page fill up so quickly, haha. Man I'm stoked for this!

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My body is ready

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Damn you all. I don't have access to any of my consoles, so I have to wait until late April to play this game. Still totally watching this quick look.

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I just shit.

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So close

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GAHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm leaving in 30 minutes.

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If you light the torches (edit: sconces) in the wrong order you can only get the bad ending.

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yeah...so where is the QL?????????? C'mon, Floogan!

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I feel like this has no bearing at all on my Dark Souls 2 decisions, but excited to see this now that half the site is way into Souls.

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But. But. But. The graphix are so bad you guis!!!!!!!!

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Whatever, if anything, this is the game where I wanted to see the menus shown off. That's actually all I came to see. Looks so much fucking better. Looking forward to experiencing this on my own tomorrow.

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Praise the Sun!!!

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I don't know what is this game.

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Awesome! I can watch this while I wait and hope the Titanfall servers get their act together.

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what's this game about?

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Heh Pate is Peter Serafinowicz. Which is just great.

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Finally! The one thing the souls games have always needed: BEARDS!!!

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F*** You Anor Londo!

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Praising Intensfies

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Cancelled my Amazon pre-order for this because it was gonna be late, went on to PSN and bought it so I will have it on release day... I think I'm sold on this 'digital only future' at this point. But I'll miss having the metal box, and games should be cheaper when downloaded.

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Its finally here....its a Christmas Miracle

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Come a cropper means, for anyone who was wondering, to fail.

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Why is there a Screw Attack to the left of the souls counter?

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Why is there a Screw Attack to the left of the souls counter?

Nooooooooooooo now I'll never unsee it.

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Cool beans. Though, as a PC player, I will avoid everything related to the game until it truly launches on April 25th.

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So the real question on my mind is, buy it now on PS3 or ignore everything for a month and get it on pc? I'm really not hard up for stuff to play right now so I'm thinking the latter.