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Posted by MachoFantastico

Great Quick Look, loved it and that is one terrible looking game.

Posted by RagingLion

When I heard other sites talking about this game the concept seemed to be going back with in time with awesome weapons and mowing people down, so I don't know if that just happens later in the game.

Posted by ip007

This is, in my opinion, without doubt the greatest videogame of all time, this one should be on Jeff's list of acceptable
answers to the question of the greatest games ever made.
I'm completely sold, well - maybe not the game per se but if you guys came packaged with the game and played
it for me then yes, 5 stars out of a possible 5!

Posted by VilhelmNielsen

Endurance Run, please.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Oh man .... what a fantastic QL, what a crappy game. The PC demo looked a bit better than Giantbomb's QL did, but this game has just too many flaws to be redeemed.

Posted by spiceninja

150 point achievement for punching a horse to death? Greatest achievement of all time in one of the worst games of all time. How ironic.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

Talking to people playing this game, it seems to get better the farther you are into it, with the ability to actually use modern and futuristic weapons in older time period battles.  I may try it out when it's a bit cheaper, it's tough to judge this QL because, really, a lot of really good games start off with a crappy first hour or 2.

Posted by Void_Wizard

Looks like a terrible game it was funny to watch the quick look though.

Posted by spiceninja

I hope the developers are watching this right now and are ashamed at what they did.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

So Jeff, hypothetically speaking. if you were cursed with the option of playing this or Raven Squad for all eternity, which would you choose?
Posted by CoverlessTech

You can make any game look bad with an attitude like that and playing they way they where.

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@CoverlessTech said:

" You can make any game look bad with an attitude like that and playing they way they where. "

It also helps that this game is pretty terrible.
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I have played this game and it's actually really good, not much re playability though.

Posted by Vager

and the fade to black.
Posted by Drunken

This game needs an Endurance Run !!

Posted by Kayrack

ohhh my !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by MetalR

Best game I played this gen.

Posted by Irishjohn

I like the floppy disc save icon.  Nice idea for a game but it seems rather poorly executed.

Posted by RHCPfan24

This is a great Quick Look. Bad quality equals great quality in the world of Quick Looks.

Posted by Turokjunglefogdinosaurinmist

Jeff went bananas when he saw those mounted soldiers on horses.

Posted by Mooshu

This looks like the kind of game you know is awful, but you somehow really enjoy anyway.

Posted by Sunjammer

Motherfucker you're traveling through time!

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@PlasmaBeam44 said:
" 150 point achievement for punching a horse to death? Greatest achievement of all time in one of the worst games of all time. How ironic. "

Are you serious!? I need to rent this game just to have that on my achievements list. It also looks unintentionally hilarious
Posted by borgmaster

man, gods and generals wasn't that bad...

Posted by buckybit

h  i  l  a  r  i  o  u  s 

Posted by King9999

I love the guys cracking up in the background.

Posted by Terjay

Oh my god...

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That QL was awesome but honestly, the PC version is far, FAR superior.
First of all, the graphics are much better; Textures look nice and sharp, the AI is smarter and the shooting feels better. 
Seems like it was poorly optimized for the x360 version.

Posted by nrain

omg the guy in the fire nearly killed me XD
Posted by Th3dz

Definately a must have, but it felt kind of like you guys didn't think the game was good?

Posted by CitizenJP

Hahaha. Jeff and Ryan's reactions to the game make me laugh. :P

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@Plasma said:

" They didn't really give the game a chance, they just pissed around and made it look worse than it is.  Kinda harsh on people who spent time trying to make it. "

Yeah, thought the same thing. It's easy to make a game look bad, when it has a few flaws. Still fun though, but I think it looks like fun game. Cool ideas in i. Oh, and some of Jeff and Ryans reactions are really funny =P
Posted by Ghostiet
@BD_Mr_Bubbles said:
" So Jeff, hypothetically speaking. if you were cursed with the option of playing this or Raven Squad for all eternity, which would you choose? "

Raven squad tops everything with its voice acting.

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I guess the worst games always make the for the best Quick Looks.
 I played the demo for this yesterday, and yeah, this game is total fucking garbage. But this QL was hilarious. That dude that died on  the ground like 3 seconds after being shot was great. It's a high concept game that just went horribly wrong. It's like Turning Point all over again.

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Posted by MetalR

People actually protecting this game? Oh my...

Posted by punkxblaze

I've never heard Jeff laugh that hard as when that dead guy flipped. Holy damn.

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So, for all those people complaining they were too harsh, please follow these steps:
1) Mute the sound
2) Watch the gameplay only
3) Try to convince yourself that the running animation is actually decent  
4) Try to convince yourself that ANY of the animations are actually decent
5) Attempt to convince yourself that the AI is competent, and wasn't thrown together in the span of a week
and never looked at again.
It seems as though people just want to try and like this game because so many others don't like it, which is fine I suppose. If it were, say, $19.99, I think that things would've been looked at in a far different manner.   However, at $49.99, this game makes no sense to purchase, and I think that their criticism of it is more than justified.

I understand how people may sympathize for the developers as well, which is all good. However, the developers should've had higher standards for themselves, as they had a promising concept, but failed to execute on it. Even if it was a small budget project, they should've taken more pride in the final product they put out. If they really didn't have enough money, they should've decreased the scope of the game, and increased the quality.

Posted by AhmadMetallic

what the fuck was that? jeff just being immature and spoiling the game? that was unpleasant to watch

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For an independently developed, distributed game, this game has a pretty decent ad campaign. 
That said, the 360 version is pretty horrible compared to the PC demo. Texture quality,
and framerate seem to have really taken a hit in the port.

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Posted by Yelix

The background laughter of Vinny Caravella is said to bring smiles to children around the world.

Posted by lolgreg

I wanted to see you guys wreck people with random ass science weapons.  Meh, still a good QL

Posted by dagas

The quality of games have really increased. Remember when games like this (and much worse) were released all the time? It's actually quite amazing that there are so few really terrible, unplayable games. If you want to make quick looks of terrible games you have to go back in time, or find them on the iTunes app store. Seems like that is the new place for pumping out crap without any quality control what so ever. The app store look very much like the video game market did before the crash of 1983 with clones upon clones of bad awful games and everyone pumping shit out as fast as possible.

Posted by mrsmiley

i love how everyone sounds like they're talking from inside a metal box. hilarious.

Posted by ATalkingDog

so that's how the civil war was.

Posted by DangerousMovie

These are my favorite Quick Looks.

Posted by zaglis

Too bad they picked the most boring level in the game. The later levels you get kick ass guns and its just more fun!

Posted by Earthborn

Are they drunk? Because I am!