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oh hey

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 this game sounds amazingly bad.

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@Leadcat said:
"  this game sounds amazingly bad. "
Amazingly badASS!!!
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This game sounds like the most awesome thing ever. 
Too bad it didn't work out too well.

Posted by Erik

This is going to be AWESOME, in a very bad way :-/

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So aparently this game's good.

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The talk on the Bombcast about this game has made me rather worried going into this Quick Look.

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@Scooper said:
" So aparently this game's good. "
define "good."
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@Seedofpower said:
" @Scooper said:
" So aparently this game's good. "
define "good." "
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I played the demo off of Steam, and actually enjoyed it quite a lot.
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Remember on the bombcast when Vinny wanted a Civil War game and Ryan said that the guns of that time period suck.  Yep.  This game proves it.

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Every game should start with a picture of a gun.

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I hope they get further than you can get in the demo in this..

I guess you can ignore that because they load a game :)

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Huh, and I just played the demo of this earlier. It was pretty terrible.

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This game is like really nasty Fried Chicken....just put it in the garbage.

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Oh god, one of my new favorite quick looks

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Now I have a craving for fried chicken.

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Endurance Run: Darkest of Days, NOW!!!

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"Not this way." 
Gosh...that's just awful.  I didn't even think invisible walls existed anymore.  :P
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That was an excellent QL.

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"He's a hot shot!" 
*Ryan sighs the most exasperated sigh ever* 
This is one of the greatest Quick Looks, if only for all the laughter that goes on between Jeff and whoever was in the background (I'm assuming Dave). This game is . . . incredible for all the wrong reasons.

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ugh!!!!....i heard this game really sucks 
wow even starting up darkest of days is hard to watch....once again thank you giant bomb for playing these terrible games so don't have to lol

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@10:49 - the blood all over your face disappears when you bring up your map...and then reappears when you lower it. Quality!

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They didn't really give the game a chance, they just pissed around and made it look worse than it is. 
Kinda harsh on people who spent time trying to make it.

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Holy crap, that AI is amazing.

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Fantastic Quick Look, Very funny. Keep it up! 

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Oh God, the shaking dead bodies.
Quality. Product.

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Why are you ripping on this game so bad.  It has it's flaws, but the concept is something new, and the fact that there is no start up screen and the realistic map, show that at least tried to do something different, and that gets points in my book.

Yeah, this reminded me of gods and generals also, mostly due to how the character models look and how they have no personality at all.

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Hilarious. The game is certainly bad, but it has the hilarity factor because of it. The bit when Jeff was continually hitting a guy who had fallen over, and then shot him made me almost fall out of my chair.
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also i loved how dave was jst lolling in the background

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So... how does this compare with, say, Gods and Generals?


I took a look at some of the PC screenshots and it seems that most of the graphic stuff you guys are complaining about is just an issue with the port to the 360, as they're much higher res on the PC. 


Looks like around a 6-7, you guys seem to be a little too harsh on it.  

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Endurance run or any other way we can see you guys play it from start to finish.

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funny review, loved the guy standing in the fire at the end.
you guys did shit on it though.

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Wow, that's a really girly shriek at 15:53 XD

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This is a perfect example of the good kind of bad. The kind of bad where you get together with a few friends and have more fun than any good game out there can offer.

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It looks so good my eyes are bleeding.

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I love the way the time agency or whoever don't like you having modern guns, but they're totally cool with giving you crazy arse flying time balls. Those wouldn't be noticed at all.

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This game proves that bad design makes bad games.  This game could have machine guns, rocket launchers and laser turrets and it would still be bad.
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I don't know about everyone else, but I can't afford those fancy games that come with the night vision goggles.  This however is a bargain at a mere $50.  Looks like Darkest of Days has some real pulse-pounding, exhilarating action using those single-shot muskets.  And did you fellas see those eyeballs on the future-display?!  I thought I was lookin at Mass Effect 2!  This game's got it all!

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that was hilarious. i would watch an ENDURANCE RUN or ATTEMPT of this game
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This game looks so wonderfully shit, I cant wait to play it.

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They really messed around with this game. And why show one of the most boring levels? 
It's quite  misunderstood to be honest . I have good standards in games, and after playing through this properly twice, yes, twice, I can safely say it's insanely underrated. The final level in particular is awesome.

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it's odd in that they aren't incapable of making good graphics, just in using them., or not  using in the case of menus.  
says hurried development and or/ running out of money. 
i also like fried chicken, so i'm with Dexter on that.

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That was pretty fantastic. It totally reminded me of Gods and Generals, too. Classic Quick Look.

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This was the most hilarious quick look since Dragonball Evolution. I was dying of laughter nearly the entire time, fucking awesome!

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at 15:53 someone freaks out (I think it's Jeff). I just love that Dave appears in the middle of the QL and stays there, laughing the entire time. Now that's time well spent.
This QL was hilarious. Every time Jeff run with the pistol I couldn't control myself. The guy in the ground, invisible wall in the middle of the road, Dexter, yoga man and the guys in the last camp were GOLD!