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Oh so pretty!

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PS Move game where you interact with things using a giant hand, named after a hallucinogenic and deadly flower? OK then...

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I'm not sure I'm any closer to understanding what this is after having watched this.

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Dat (s)ura is a game

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I'm feeling handsy today.

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This looks...different :p

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Seventh! YEEES!

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it's a website about...?

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It's nice to see Giant Hand found work after Year Zero.

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@Ventilaator said:


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@DemiGodRaven: I was more concerned that he'd be typecast after all his gigs as a Super Smash Brothers boss.

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not on youtube? :O

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Looks curiously like a bunch of demo effects around a Dear Esther-type dealie. Interesting atmosphere.

Edit: Actually, this reminds me of 7th Guest a bit. Maybe its the hand..

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Wow, this is Polish. It flew under my radar.

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This just looks boring, not trying to "diss" the game but it just is missing somthing. Like journey, i cant quite explain why journey was fun to play, but this, meh

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this looks...weird.

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It's okay cop you can get a disembodied hand.

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I think i'm gona pass on this.

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Very pretty :p

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This looked of interest, but back to mindlesscraft.

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At the very least this looks like more of a game than Dear Ester

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Potatoes? Wouldn't truffles make more sense?

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I love all the weird stuff that comes out on PS3. Sometimes you just don't feel like playing a typical game, so it's interesting to have something like this available. Reminds me that I really do need to get around to playing Journey soon.

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I love that the PS3 has all these weird games. I don't wan't to play all of them but I love that they are there.

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yo. better listen to daturah.

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This game...

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They should have called the game "Jimson Weed".

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This looks pretty boring!

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This feels like a video game version of the movie "Flatliners", so keep your eye out for a boy in a hoodie, he has an axe to grind/rocks to throw.

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Do more drugs.

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I always hoped someone would pick up on the weird, janky grabbing stuff gameplay groundwork that Trespasser laid down.

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All I can think of watching this is the Addams Family. Also, Trespasser modelled the whole arm with amazing results.

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Weird and pretty, I probably won't play it.

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Datura - "Eight hours of staring at pig ass" - Jeff Gertsmann

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that gameplay looks like shit.

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Bought it, been liking it so far with the controller, but man is it clunky sometimes.

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Imagine playing this game....after dropping a fuckton of acid (looks like the dev already did so).

We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying something like...:

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What is this? I really like how it looks but I don't really know what it's for.

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Man, sure hope I get to throw potatoes at a pig when I die.

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God DAMN that looked bad.

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Yea.....Game looks like complete ass....

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i think if this game cared less about the beauty and a little more on how the hand works it'd be quite a shock, but the i guess it looks beautiful for a reason.

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Pig Hitting Simulator 2012

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How many times does Patrick say "contextually" or other permutation of "context" during this Quick Look? Answer: Lots! It's like his crutch word for when he has nothing insightful to say but wants to sound smart.

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So you just wander from cut-scene to cut-scene? That seems pretty boring. Even that driving sequence was just moving forward in a straight line.

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Man Patrick really needs to take a closer look at the demoscene. That beginning description was almost intolerable.

Posted by theimmortalbum

Just.. no.

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