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I enjoy that the natives can correctly use words like "external" and "barricaded" but they sometimes forget how basic verb tense works.

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"Let's get in a truck and drive outta this quick look" well said Vinny.

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@jasondesante: http://blog.jeffgerstmann.net/post/48672831348/im-between-premium-membership-payments-for-a-couple#notes

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I find this version/game runs a lot better than Dead Island. Even after all the first ones patches. I am enjoying Riptide so far. Just sucks that the way point system doesn't work well at all.

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Really disappointed with this, especially after playing the first game only a few months ago I'm not ready for more Dead Island, especially when it hasn't even changed that much.

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Dead Island just got deader

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I'd give this a go for $10, just to flesh out my builds a bit more.