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Zombie killing will never get old.  Also, broken video.

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@UKSamwise said:
" first "
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Spam for first. Then look dumb because it broken.

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borked: Fixed!

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42 minutes F YEAH.

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damn i had to log innnn

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Its back

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I seem to be getting less and less excited about this game.

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Payquel is pretty good.

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Have this DLing on my 360 now. Will probably skip this QL since I have already bought it.

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Dude, wanna pick this up now!

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Daddy can fix anything!

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He looks like a pimp.

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You got some red on ya.  
Also, so if I buy this, I don't have to get Dead Rising 2?  Awesome. 

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42 minutes? Isn't that pretty much how long it takes to complete Case 0.  
Concerned that there still seems to be a lot of janky issues with Dead Rising.

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Sweet, two good QL's today.
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I had very little interest in DR2
...but then I saw those zombies slippin' around on those gumballs.

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I thought Katey's last name was Zombrex.

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40 minutes...why?

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Nice Party Down reference in the caption

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Wait, since this game is coming out before the first game, isn't Dead Rising 2: Case Zero a Paylogue?

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So,. can you play this as a standalone or do you need a copy of Dead Rising 1? I might be willing to pay 400 MS for a demo to decide whether to buy this or not for my 360 come September 28. I didn't really dig the original. Hopefully, more than one save this time around?

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Nice, seems like a good deal for 5 bucks.  I already put it in my queue for when I get home from work.

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I can't stream past 14 minutes.

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Great QL.  I love how batshit insane the combined weapons are.

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ive been watching this for 5minutes and brad still hasnt killed a zombie... dude come on kill a fucking zombie

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wow, nice long one.
@UKSamwise said:
" first  
EDIT: Dammit, I try for that quest and 3 people beat me to the punch. haha "
You wouldn't have gotten it anyway - posting "first" blocks it I believe.
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"Find Katey Zombrex".
That is some seriously Engrish looking stuff from a western dev.
How about "Find some Zombrex for Katey" as Brad translated it to...

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why didn't you fire the shotgun ??

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shotgun plus pitchfork.

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Dude, I'm so excited about Dead Rising 2. Any news on the PC requirements? With less than a month for the release, I'm surprised they haven't been posted online yet.

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Brad missing that headshot and Vinny saying "You are the worst" Made me laugh more than it probably should have.

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Long ass video.

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Oh man, I was so excited for this, until Brad said it was Xbox exclusive. Totally forgot about that. That fucking sucks.

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@Mumrik said:
""Find Katey Zombrex".  That is some seriously Engrish looking stuff from a western dev. How about "Find some Zombrex for Katey" as Brad translated it to... "

No dude, you have to find Katey Zombrex!
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Nails and a propane tank is totally a real combination that Vinny guessed and Brad wouldn't do it.

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I forget how much fun it was just to screw around in Dead Rising.

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Want play.

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What happens with the shotgun?? MUST KNOW!

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of course there's a paddle in there. Psh Brad. 
And he was close to combining an item and then in usual Bradmanner: Pfft, that wouldn't work

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Despite what he may think, Brad had not found all the combinable items yet. He found the shotgun right at the end, and I know of at least one more in the game that he's not come across. 
Also, nails do combine again, and Vinny guessed it right...

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