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Posted by bigdaddyjack21

Why did they release this it is a totally different game 

Posted by StefanTheMongol

Quick look is my new "Broken Pixels"! I love these.

Edited by Hughes

PP is Prestige Points.

This game looks like crap. Original DR all the way. Let's wait for DR2.

Posted by ddensel


Posted by Eric_Buck

Obviously it's meant for people who only have wiis and don't have a 360 or ps3...

Posted by Landmine

It's a ginsu knife, it'll last forever!

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Man, I can't believe how much they butchered it...

Posted by quag19

god damn   how does the wii make so much money   it sucks so fucking much  look at this shit

Posted by LuchaDeerFear

lol, looks janky as hell.

Posted by Karmann

Most of my psp games look better than this!

Posted by HatKing

In all honesty it does look like they fixed most of the biggest problems with the 360 version, the clock was pretty annoying, the camera stuff was stupid, the phone calls were mad frustrating and the save system was all but broken.  However it is also super ugly(even by Wii standards), the controls actually look worse than the 360 version which already had messed up control and the entire game has a very strong "you are playing a port" feel to it.

Posted by Gunblader

this was the best quick look ever, but that may be because it is currently 2 AM

Posted by Subject2Change

game looks awful. Reminds me of State of Emergency.

Posted by F1

The game looks considerably easier. I liked the original, but I could not finish it.

Posted by jakob187

This game looks like a bowl of Suck smothered in Sucksauce with Suck sprinkles on top.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Your video is about as much time as I want to spend playing this shit game. LOL. Good, funny remarks throughout.

Posted by SBYM

Jeff: "Can you shoot the glass?"

Ryan: "Augh!! No."
Jeff: "REALLY?"
Ryan: "Yep."
Jeff: "Huh............. CHOP TILL YOU DROP!"

>___< Awesome.
Posted by YukoAsho

Yeah, this game looks way too horrible.

Posted by MagikGimp

Isn't the point of this game that there are a million and one ways to kill the zombies with things lying around or is it just way easier with the shotgun?

Edited by Deusoma

No time limit?
No Otis?
Boss fights are actually managable?
Real inventory screen?

Wow, this actually looks better than the original, minus the 'fewer zombies' thing.

Oh, and by the way, it has the RE4 style controls because this isn't a port of Dead Rising, it's running off of the same engine they made for RE4's Wii edition.

Posted by natetodamax

Aha, I love the way Ryan says "Yep"

Posted by Mrbrandneweverythang

im with jeff you should have killed him
Posted by bulldog300

dude it looks like the pulled everything pertaining to the shotgun from RE4. Seriously shooting, pumping and reloading sound exactly the same and frank has the same firing animations as Leon. and what's with ammo having a red glow and money having a blue one, and zombie dogs that sound the same as they chase you? All you need now is an annoying blond screaming for your help and capcom can sue... itself.

Posted by Jonnyflash80

This game looks like shit!

Posted by RobJ

I like this a hell of a lot better than the Xbox version!

Posted by ConduitFourSale

Was anyone else thinking about that opening menu being ultra-Japanese right before they said it?  So crazy, the collective gamer conscience.

Posted by Agent47
@Deusoma: Yeah except now there is no camera, no environmental weapons, no magazines,or crazy zombie moshpits, and the overall sense of being overrun.
Posted by Agent47
@HatKing: Well I wouldn't say the save system is broken because it works as intended.The whole point of it was to make players make tough decisions, and instead of constant saving they would have to live with their choices.Good concept, but it can get frustrating at times.
Posted by ultrapeanut

Passing up mannequin torsos is anathema