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Have been waiting for this bad boy 

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I love this.

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I'll never get the first post :'(

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I'm in the BETA for this but have yet to actually play it...

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I've decided to go back and finish the first Dead Space before this comes out.  Looks good, can't wait. 
Well, the single player looks good at least...

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It's like playing Starcraft 2 as the Zerg.

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Doesn't look like that much fun, but the multiplayer is not the reason I'm buying this anyway.

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That Demon baby just needs some love.

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I hope there aren't too many MP only achievements....

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yeah drew!

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looks like this game needs a little tweaking so we'll see once it releases

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Never played the original but always wanted to from reading all the praise it got. I'll wait and see if Dead Space 2 will be the Bioshock 2 of the series where the majority say the original outweighs the sequel. 

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Another video for the collections of quick moments of characters played by Brad dying gruesomely. Nice to see this beta but it's still a title where the multiplayer seems unneeded like Bioshock2. I'd rather have tons more single player stuff or maybe co-op over multiplayer.

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This doesn't seem to let the necromorphs be scary at all.

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Left 4 Natural Selection?

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The pulse rifle is an actual gun, not mining stuff.

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I am missing The Dismemberment Plan too, Ryan, me too.

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This looks really REALLY sucky!

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Seems very... early? 
Hitting people as a monster seemed to have absolutely no impact to it.

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The monster animations looks horrible. They just glide all over the place.

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I hope that the single player is longer or around the same length of the first one. The first Dead Space was pretty long game by todays standards, and if it's shorter than that thanks to the multiplayer I'll be upset.

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Doesn't look all that interesting.

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It's a beta, dudes.

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@Branthog: They probably were given a multiplayer and a single player budget. This probably isn't  taking away from anything in the singleplayer portion.
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Dead Space was awesome. Ergo, Dead Space 2 will be awesome. 
*hides face as DMC2 walks past

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I would have much preferred they made a horde style game instead of going for tired competitive multiplayer. I mean what happened? I though co-op was the new competitive.

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Doesn't look like something I wanna play.

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I wish I'd known about the beta earlier so  I could try this out for myself.  But I will give this the benefit of the doubt and try it when I get Dead Space 2 which will be an awesome game.  They have a few more months to go and they will fix stuff from this beta so I hope the mp turns out good.

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@Gliz9: Don't give up hope!
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I just can't get excited about the Dead Space series. 
I get it, it's scary, it's in space, but I went through that when I was a kid watching Alien.  This is like Resident Evil meets Alien and it lacks originality.  Like I said, I get it, but this just doesn't seem to be a genuinely original game, but more like they are chasing the tail of F.E.A.R. and other horror titles.

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This doesn't look fun at all.

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bummer that the enemy names show up on the necromorphs

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Necromorph movement seems too slippery.
Beta folks.

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Wow, this looks absolutely terrible.   I don't care that it is a beta.  Looks like a very early alpha build that needs a lot more time to marinate.  This multiplayer does look absolutely stale too. 
Hopefully single player is on par with the first game.
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The multiplayer doesn't look like much fun, I just want to play the single player.

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Well this looks shit...not much of a surprise :| 
Campaign should be solid though.

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WOW, that looks pretty shitty.. 

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Looks rough.

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Dead space really isn't a game that needs multiplayer imo  it's all about being alone in the dark with shit happening. 
the multiplayer looks very much like it was an after thought to add replay value but they coould just add more stuff for the single player instead of wasting space with this, I know it's currently a beta and could improve but still.  
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@Branthog said:
" Enough with this multiplayer bullshit. Focus on the game and stop wasting your god damn resources on a game element that nobody will be playing thirty days after the title is released. "
y u so mad bro
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Even if the single player is everything I could have hoped for the existence of this multiplayer mode makes me want the game a little less.

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@Branthog said:

" Enough with this multiplayer bullshit. Focus on the game and stop wasting your god damn resources on a game element that nobody will be playing thirty days after the title is released. "

There is only a multiplayer beta... Plus, they don't get paid to cater to you.
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I have this and haven't been able to connect to a single match. Grah!

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That is one tiny, uninteresting map.

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what's with all the videos not showing on the main page?
(yes I'm aware of twitter and all, it's just a question)

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You seem to have improved your QL skills, Brad :) Since there's no moaning and grumpiness it's a lot more entertaining to watch, even though you die lots. Good job.