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I still haven't played Dead Space 2. It on my to-do list. Is this QL spoiler free?

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Another day, another thing I loved killed by EA. Ugh.  
At least I saw it coming this time and I guess I'll still play it...

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It still blows my mind that developers can somehow fuckup third iteration games in a series. Haven't been very motivated to check this out anyway since they started marketing it an action game but ehhh I think I'll wait till I can get it cheap.

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EA sucks!

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I've played it for a few hours earlier and it still seems pretty much like Dead Space to me, I just don't see any of the ways they fucked it up, it just seemed more of the same with a couple not so major changes to me. At least from what I remember of Dead Space 2, I don't remember 1 as much.

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Even though I will play this eventually, I can't wait for John Ricotello to be fired, I get they are making over 100 million dollars on the card packs on each FIFA per year, but maybe don't try and attach that business philosophy to every game you put out, you think with all that extra cash they make off the Ultimate Team for really developing no content in return they would just put some decent effort into their other games. Kind of like how Transformers 3 made 100's of millions of dollars, but that extra money helped the studio fund a lot of over low budget movies.

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@Atwa said:

@IronHam: How is it anything close to Dead Space? Dead Space was a horror game, it had Isaac completely isolated on the Ishimura. There was very few times he actually interacted with other people. It was a game about an engineer trying to find his girlfriend, alone. That was the best part about Dead Space, the isolation, the feeling of helplessness and having no idea what is going on here. The game did this while unraveling a bittersweet tale about the fate of Isaacs girlfriend and the people of the Ishimura. Dead Space 3 on the other hand has constant interaction with other people, the sense of isolation that was so prevalent in Dead Space is nowhere in this game. Instead we have constant interaction with other people, through cutscenes and radio chatter. We have a completely forced love triangle, we have a story that isn't in any way subtle and takes a front seat to the atmosphere. The focus here is to craft the biggest gun you can find, hopefully while laying down some cash to get it even better, and then mow down enemies. Dead Space wasn't like that, at all.

Play this game and you might see that the way you've described it is nothing like how it plays. You totally still have that isolated, alone feel. Sure, they've added some "interaction" moments but they're not as much as you'd think.

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 "shades of another EA release" 

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This EA game looks the same as that other EA game...

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Here's another take on the game.

I absolutely love Dead Space, I've read all the stories and watched all the movies, beaten Dead Space and Dead Space 2 over ten times. I really hope the story's great. While I don't want to get mad at anyone that says the story's bad or the moments you're with characters is 'hammy', I really hope I disagree. When Brad said it wasn't great in two either, I already knew I may disagree with this because I loved what they did in two. I'm buying this game today, I hope I love it.


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Game looks great. Shame it's riddled with all the online pass/DLC/Microtransactions. I played both previous games on Xbox, is there any bonus weapons you get for having previous save game files?

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Calling it now; Isaac Clarke turns out to be "the chosen one".

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@LackingSaint said:

Calling it now; Isaac Clarke turns out to be "the chosen one".

Can you tell me more stories about the engineer Granddad?

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So, 3 Stars from Brad?

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10 minute timer to collect items that can be bought with money in the EA shop? you can buy something to speed up this timer? When did Dead Space become a phone game? What the eff is going on?! I ain't buying this shit. Don't wanna encourage them.

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Wait, where are all the defenders of the 'new direction' and 'bold re imagining' of the series? I thought we were supposed to dump on the guys who liked the themes of the previous iteration. I'm really confused, could someone tell me what's going on?

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God dammit. Despite Brad trying to justify still liking it, this game from what they showed looks awful. 
I'll have to wait until it's cheap. I still feel compelled to play it but not at full price. This appears as much "not" dead space as they could've gone. 
Mainly disappointed because I was holding out hope it would be better even though I expected it wouldn't be.

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I'm glad EA moved all their shit to origin, makes it much easier to ignore.

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Like I always say the best reviewer is yourself. Rent it, borrow it, buy it, trade it, but play it before you rip it. I for one am happy I at least get another dead space.

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The game looks amazing, but I don't feel comfortable buying this third entry right now. The second one is by far one of the best games I've played over the past 7-8 years. Yet, I was still hesitant to even buy that one at the time.

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Seems like more Dead Space, which is fine by me.

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Only thing I didn't like about from what I saw in the QL was that scope. Everything else seemed ok, the micro transactions I'm not going to buy so I don't' care if they are there or not.

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@smeddly said:

Everything in Space is DEAD!!


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I love the Dead Space series so far and this one looks pretty good too. That said I've got so many games in my pile of shame that I'll hold off on getting this till it drops in price.

Good QL guys!

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"Can't wait for more people to finish it so we can talk about"

Yeah, but there's always some jerk who intentionally doesn't play it for like a year and stops all his friends from spoiling it just so he can be weird"

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Gross. I feel bad for anyone who buys this.

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Am I the only one to become physically ill from trying to play Dead Space? I only played the first one for awhile, until I realized it was making me sick. Not sick like grossed out, but motion sickness or something. No game ever did that to me, and I've played a LOT of games over the last 25+ years. I think maybe it's the tanky movement.

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After watching this and hearing Brad's thoughts I'm not that excited to play this. I played the first two games back to back and I thought they were fantastic. It feels like they totally done away with the pacing especially if it's now like DOOM's style of monster closets. I guess when you've run out of ideas, introduce a crafting system like every other game, mark my words Dead Space 4 will have some sort of Tower Defence gameplay thrown in. T.T

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The fact that Brad is running around with 250 potential Rocket Launcher rounds and was just firing off entire clips like it wasn't even a big deal makes me really depressed.

The first two dead space games were the best horror games I've played since RE4, and now they did this.

EA has created their own genre of Generic 3rd Person shooter. I mean DS3, ME3 and even DA2 were just the worst sequels to some of my absolute favourite games.

I honestly had a lot of good faith in EA when they started putting out tons of new IP's and Activision had taken over the big corporate asshole moniker, but I feel now that EA has gone right back to their old ways.

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I bet this game only has co-op because EA wanted an excuse to put an online pass in, I guess they gave up with adversarial after how shit the multiplayer in 2 was.

edit: oh Brad played it on normal too, how weird, normal mode in Dead Space 2 was easy to the point of it being game breaking for me, far too much ammo, nothing posed a threat.

That sounds like something EA would do. They really enjoy killing genius.
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The only next logical step for the franchise is Evil Dead Space starring Bruce Campbell

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I'm certainly less excited about this game than I previously was, but I'll see for myself how well it pans out. I played the first two games and loved them and I have resolved to finish the trilogy.

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Yep., that looks like a game I played. Twice. pass.

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I couldn't be more on the fence. I loved Dead Space. I really enjoyed Dead Space 2 and wasn't as put off by the story as most. I still couldn't be more on the fence about this game. Argh!

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Well, I thought the story in 2 was terrible also, so...I don't know. The weapon crafting seems cool though.

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Dead Space 2 is one of my all time favorite games.

Yo. Fuck. This.

EA rivals George Lucas in terms of ruining good things.

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Well. Pre-order cancelled.

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It's most likely either the headbob when moving or the FOV.

Some people have been known to get physically sick when FOV in a game is too low, which is why PC gamers find FOV sliders so important. There is a nice youtube video somewhere that goes into detail about it and the science behind it, but it's a legitimate thing so when people claim that anyone who gets sick from low FOV should just "get over it" they're being kinda dumb.

Anyways, yeah excessive camera shake can also trigger motion sickness, which again, is why PC gamers like to be able to toggle it off if it's included in a game. Unfortunately most developers don't like to give you choices like that and they consider it a completely non-issue.

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The over-designed menus are neat.

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Seems like they took a good game and gunked it up. I will want to see different reviews after this QL. Think I will own D.S.3 at some point.

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@FZackM: The weird thing is this is the only game to ever have that effect on me. I was playing the first one on the PS3, and I was really enjoying it. Then I started to notice I always felt sick after about 20 minutes and didn't feel better till I quit playing. It's a bummer, I'm still always tempted to give it another go. Maybe I should try it on PC instead.

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Think for me this series stopped at the 2nd one, between the stuff Brad talked about where the single player has plenty of spots where it's designed for co-op & not for single player as well as the coin doubler on the crafting gathering just seem odd. I might rent this at some point to try more of it out but just seems like a lot of odd decisions are made while making this game.

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Time to death, 5:18.

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Condemned 2 is the only game that has made me physically sick. I've had no problems with Dead Space. Love the first one.

I smell a three star review from Brad incoming....

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Only watched the first 6 minutes until they got to listing all the complaints with the game. Not because I refuse to hear them but I don't want my experience to be tainted by outside negativity- gotta go in clean! I'm sure I'll agree with Brad's issues though- dude is a sensible reviewer. Since I only watched the beginning, I'm glad he pulled a Brad in the first five minutes. Don't wanna miss that!

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The fact that Brad is running around with 250 potential Rocket Launcher rounds and was just firing off entire clips like it wasn't even a big deal makes me really depressed.

The first two dead space games were the best horror games I've played since RE4, and now they did this.

EA has created their own genre of Generic 3rd Person shooter. I mean DS3, ME3 and even DA2 were just the worst sequels to some of my absolute favourite games.

I honestly had a lot of good faith in EA when they started putting out tons of new IP's and Activision had taken over the big corporate asshole moniker, but I feel now that EA has gone right back to their old ways.

This, so much this! This series has now gone full action, and it's pretty hilarious watching the borderline plant commenters here furiously defending the game.

When the gameplay (as it's presented here, with Brad just casually rocketeering the shit out of everything) mostly all reminds you of THAT sequence in Commando, you know you done fucked up.
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So i was gonna buy this on thursday when its comes out and marathon thru it on thur-fri, since i go on holiday on Saturday, but after watching this quick look im not sure if this sounds more or less appealing now.