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It sucks this game wasn't saved till the next gen. I may have been interested, as I've only played DS2 once with plenty of play still to be had!

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@galloughs: That's your opinion. The first game was a classic, even by review scores, and the second was pretty darn good as well. I like the third, but I understand how some people have issues with it.

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Throughout this video Brad used 8 words from my AP English vocab list from school... Way to have a refined vocabulary, Shoemaker

Posted by Kezmer

I am enjoying it, not as good as the last 2 but it's still fun

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@bunji: Huh? The clips are the only things, there is no pieces. Part of why the you can stack up a ton of ammo. Each weapon consumes a certain number of clips. For example, you'll lose two clips with each load of the Plasma Cutter. Thus, if you have three stacks of 25 clips apiece, it means very little to lose two.

Anyway, I've been replaying the other two now that I'm done with 3. I just finished one and... Yeah, not that scary. If you dedicate yourself to maxing out the Plasma Cutter early on, you're not gonna have a lot of difficulty in the first game and have enough nodes to fully upgrade the pulse rifles, which you really only need at the end missions. The jump scares just don't do it. Playing through 2 right now, I don't feel fear either.

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hey giant bomb i havent watched one of your videos in months....now I see that I have to be a subscriber to click the youtube button in your video settings.

Pay a yearly / monthly fee to watch your youtube videos? Or I could just go on youtube and never come back to this site again.

Good job idiots! You will get more traffic to this site by alienating your audience!

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@beachthunder: This is probably too late but about an hour and a half.